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Why Has Obama Already Taken a Side in the Brown Case?

Here we go again. It’s very depressing.

This was supposed to be a president who united the country and helped heal racial divisions. Post-racial, post-political. Of course, he’s been anything but.

As he did in the Trayvon Martin case, President Obama is jumping right into the fray of a racially charged incident with an opinion about what happened.

Sure, in a statement released Tuesday, he called for calm, but only indirectly – i.e. we need “healing” instead of “wounds” – and only as a sideshow to his main point, which was empathy for Brown and the clear suggestion that the killing was wrongful and racially motivated

“The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking, and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to his family and his community at this very difficult time,” Obama wrote, adding that Brown and his family need “our prayers.”

Let me be clear: I have no idea why Michael Brown was shot. BUT NEITHER DOES OBAMA.

The police say it was self defense. A witness says Brown was shot for absolutely no reason. An investigation by federal authorities is underway. It’s very important to find out what happened, because we can’t have police shooting black men for no reason, OR, we have to allow police to protect themselves.

Actually, if we truly live in a nation whose judicial system and culture is predicated on a presumption of innocence, then once this officer’s name is out, it’s going to be him and his family who needs our prayers, you can be sure.

But this doesn’t occur to Obama. Because Obama’s race apparently defines his worldview to a far greater extent then he let on.

I don’t begrudge Obama having emotions and passions derived from being a black man in a society that can still exhibit racism – and that certainly did during his youth. Walking around as a young man in black skin, you are defined by many, often negatively – even by those who are not racist – before you’ve even open your mouth. Although he did grow up in Hawaii, which I imagine was a far more benevolent place than most others.

What I object to is Obama’s failure, both as president as the chief enforcer of laws, to put those passions away and take an objective view that represents everyone and at least awaits EVIDENCE before making judgemetns.

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  1. Funny, he waited until after the NAACP, Black Panthers, Sharpton and Jackson showed up in Ferguson to make a statement and….picking a side. What kind of dog whistle message did he receive from them?

      • Also, keep in mind that Eric Holder was flown there by the 89th Air Wing, Special Air Mission, on a C-37A, to us peasants known as a GV or Gulfstream 500, at a cost of $10,000.00 per hour – which we worked for and paid for!! Criminal

  2. It was just on the radio that the police department is refusing to release the officer’s name because of attacks on the department’s website.

  3. Here’s my question to Obama and Holder, and to the press who are too afraid to ask:

    The media, as far as I know, has not released the name of the police officer. Hence, the public isn’t really sure if the officer is white, Hispanic, or light skinned black. Bi-racial, Tri-racial. Purple. So, one has to assume, Holder called the Ferguson PD and asked only one question:is the cop white?

    Details of the incident are inconsequential to an AG whose entire office is about hating whites who kill blacks.

      • That is to me one of the worst of Holder’s offensive tactics…Chicago is on fire and he ignores it.
        Blacks can kill whites and he ignores it.
        Black looting of stores is ignored.
        Do you ever see whites looting?

    • A reporter from a St. Louis radio station was interviewed on my local station this morning. He said that, while the population of Ferguson is, I think, 40-some percent black, they are very much in the minority on the police force. Statistically, the officer involved in this shooting is probably white. I would love to see all the so-called eyewitnesses to the shooting questioned individually and see if their stories come close to matching up.

  4. Just where and how exactly did MrO (and MrsO, too) find their lives constricted by racist attitudes of the White establishment?
    It wasn’t in their childhood that seemed as normal as any White child’s, there weren’t racist objections to either of them as they entered the finest schools in the US, nor did they suffer for a lack of employment as adults because of the color of their skin.
    Of course, MrO was elected by a majority of Americans, and that majority is still White, no matter what the experts say. To say that his election was post-racial is to assume that no other Black person has ever been elected in the US until he appeared on the scene.

    We’ve been bombarded for years about “racism” and “anti-Black” attitudes that simply don’t exist in the way the Black community says it does. We have intergrated schools, neighborhoods, racist-free hiring laws, and except for the individual choices, our country has been post-racial for decades.
    What the Blacks complain about, what keeps them down at the bottom of the economic barrel is their own attitudes towards education, their insistance on not being lined up along with “white” manners, dress, and deportment.
    As they choose to live in self-segregated neighborhoods and with their silence, allow a lethal atmosphere of killing their young, the only ones who show outward and abject hatred for the Black race are the persons looking back at them in the mirror.

  5. My 2 sons are white. One even has blue eyes & blond hair! As young teens through their 20’s they have been marked as trouble as are all their friends (some of ‘color’) here in Tucson. If they are driving to a movie or food, or a friends place the police pull them over, cuff them all (and because they feel they can’t speak up) their vehicle is searched. Damn them all if one does not have his AZ ID or DL on them. They are told you can’t leave your house without your ID: That is the law! They end up being released, yet they had nothing illegal & did nothing wrong other than driving while being a teen/young adult, yet have been targeted as trouble makers. Why is it only a big deal when black or mexican youth are subject to this same harassment??
    My stupid point is that you don’t have to be black or mexican to be hassled by the cops (here). It seems the police go out of their way to harass white young men.
    (On the other hand) This past Sunday an illegal was pulled over by TPD (Tucson Police Dept) for an illegal R turn. He admitted he didn’t have a DL & was illegal. The protesters came out immediately & slid under the Border Patrol car to keep them from taking the law breaker away. (An other BP vehicle came to their aid.)
    I know I’m rambling. But from my years of experience with my own white kids they are hassled just as much as teens of color. My kids & their friends are alive and well because they don’t feel the need to push the cops & charge or anger them into an unnecessary shooting.

  6. Well said Keith. Mr. Obama is fully entitled to his personal thoughts, views, and even his bias if it does in fact exist. But from a purely professional standpoint, he repeatedly commits foul after foul, interjecting himself in to local race related events. He would be better served to reserve his comments, but he cannot help but chime in on any perceived injustice, particularly with race related inquiries.

    Too bad he does not think that black on black crime in Detroit, Chicago and New Orleans merits the same focus.

    Now, back to the back nine….


    • And if the words are slightly altered…

      “POTUS acted stupidly…”

      “empathy for brown and the clear suggestion that the 2008 election result was wrongful and racially motivated…”

      Just as realistic?

    • He thinks he is helping the blacks by his comments; He is not. since he has been in office, he has caused more hate for them. He just panders to the blacks, he can’t criticize them because they won’t listen or take it, if he says anything truthful to them the will hate him and he’s just a politician pandering for votes all the time, he cares nothing for black people or any people, its just votes for the communist abortion party.

  7. Obama’s primary objective as POTUS is to re-enforce the ‘victimization’ of blacks by the white man. It’s in his DNA.

    In other news, golfers at the MV golf club were gobsmacked when Obama showed up unexpectedly and they all had to be frisked. One golfer asked the SS if he could finish his soup before it got cold. The answer was ominous.

  8. His fancy dinner last night was with his own race and many of his golf partners are.
    I am fearful of the Black Panthers being on the spot in St. Louis. They are spooky people and Holder forgives them for any infractions of the law.
    This is all to promote Democrat black turnout in November.

  9. “Today, racism is regarded as a crime if practiced by a majority—but as an inalienable right if practiced by a minority.”

    Ayn Rand

  10. No wonder Obama hasn’t released any of his college transcripts.

    In law school, there’s no doubt that he failed the class where they teach you that, under our constitution, one is innocent until proven guilty.

  11. “If the victim is black, we’ve got your back!” (chorus) Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson

    Note: according to our lawyers…

  12. Gun sales are double, triple and in some store quadruple in St Louis as residents pour in to purchase guns and ammo for protection due to the riots. Buyers are men, women, black, white, Asian etc. Full story is on Breitbart.

    • I am surprised they were able to buy the little things. Most places are sold out, most of the time, for the last several months. That is noted from places all over.

  13. Why does President Obama instinctively empathize with the Brown family rather than the police officer who apparently was compelled to shoot him?

    Simple. If President Obama had a bastard son, he would look like Michael Brown. (This of course presumes that President Obama actually has functioning testicles which is doubtful given the conspicuous absence of any discenernable bulge in his mom-jeans.). More pointedly, President Obama and AG Holder understand that the FBI’s crime statistics document that a grossly disproportionate number of the people who commit murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault look like Michael Brown. The FBI’s homicide statistics confirm that while Black’s comprise only one-eigth of the American population, they commit over half of all murders and nearly two-thirds of all gun homicides.

    While it would be absurdly racist to argue that the shooting of Brown was justified merely because he is Black, the crime statistics lend credibility to the police officer’s account of what happened that night.

  14. How is he going to have the time to call and comment on every other person in this Country is heart by someone else? sarc
    Is he going to call all the people who had their store, etc broken into and robbed. Is he going to call the cops family who are now living in fear?
    Enough of this, There is so much going on around the world. Why doesn’t he go back to work AT HIS DESK, and do his job?

  15. Like Sharpton and Jackson, Obama’s quick out of the box to speak about the Ferguson MO situation or rattling on about some professional athlete coming out gay. There he is holding press conferences, jawboning, speechifying all over the media.

    But when it comes to the absolute catastrophe of thousands of Christians and other religious minorities being slaughtered by ISIS, Obama’s on vacation. He’s basically silent. He does as little as possible to destroy the threat. He’s otherwise occupied with fundraisers. It’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest time in the White House. Who does this guy really work for? Who’s side is he on?

  16. I assume that was a rhetorical question in the headline, right Keith? because I think we all know why Obama has already taken sides.

    Obama and Holder are really only interested in one sort of crime, and it always involves a black man “unfairly accused” and a cop (or cop-figure) “acting stupidly.”

    Obama acts like he’s the Herbert Marcuse Professor of Grievance Studies* at some liberal arts college in Ohio, not the president of the United States.

    *and a faculty advisor for the LGBTQ Sociology Students for Palestine group.

  17. He can’t do that — he just can’t — too dumb and too selfish and hateful to be fair to both sides but as a President doing this, he sucks. No excuse for him to just take the side that he likes better. He’s not a real man, no real man would talk the way he did about this case without knowing the truth.

  18. “The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking, and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to his family and his community at this very difficult time,”

    Could you ever imagine him saying that about the Rabbi that was shot in Florida? The answer is no and that’s a big problem.

    • Obama will never say anything about the soldier in the cruel Mexican jail being held for nothing and/or the Rabbi that was murdered. He just doesn’t care about them, its only about black people, no one else.