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Milbank Slams Obama for Devotion to Golf

Oh, the humanity.

Even liberal Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank thinks President Obama is shooting too much golf and might not be paying enough attention to the job we gave him.

Milbank, fortunately, is not your typical liberal. His impishness and insight sometimes get in the way of Party Line adherence.

Why isn’t he as forceful when it comes to say, getting unemployment insurance through, when it comes to getting more of his domestic agenda through – gun control – all the other things where he seems to give a speech and then tiptoe away from it.

If he could be as stubborn as he is about continuing his golf game – about some of his domestic policies – I think we might get some more results.

Well, okay, in that case, keep him on the golf course.

BTW, we’ve been watching Obama’s slavish embrace of his putters and drivers for years around here, and took some crap for it.

Now everybody from Peggy Noonan to Dana Milbank is getting the point: Obama doesn’t understand that appearances matter – that there’s something wrong with feverishly engaging in what is perceived as a rich man’s leisure activity while claiming to be one with the underclass and while men and women are dying for us overseas.

And, given the hours he spends on the fairways, he doesn’t seem to have his priorities quite straight.

40 Responses to Milbank Slams Obama for Devotion to Golf

  1. No matter what he is doing, Obama always has one foot on the golf course while the other foot is hightailing in to fundraisers on AF1. Without his putters and his ‘wings’, he would be curled up in a permanent fetal position.

  2. People don’t seem to understand that The Won, wearing the Emperor’s new clothes while on the fairway, does not care what other people think about him. If he, or any of his underlings (except for ValJar who runs things in the WH) had half a brain, they would see and make a change. Expect none of that in the next 2 1/2 years, unfortunately.

    • The one silver lining to his petulance is that it gives me hope there won’t be “compromise for the sake of compromise” bills that do more harm than good.
      AND we get the added bonus of knowing every day he continues to behave in such a childish manner and let Valerie continue to screw things up is another day historians will rate as FAIL.

    • Very true. With only two years to go in his presidency, he’s just looking ahead at his legacy…nothing more.

      He knows that, no matter what he does, 30% of voters will think that he’s the greatest president that we’ve ever had. That will never change.

      The only other thing that matters to him is that he will hit the post-presidency jackpot, giving speeches at $500K per in between golf outings at the most exclusive clubs in the world.

      And he will forever be a god among the Hollywood leftist elite.

      So, who cares what the majority of Americans think? He’ll get what he wants with no problem.

  3. I was happier when no one in the lapdog media was giving him flak for paying too much golf. Lately, seems O has taken the criticism to heart so we are subjected to daily comments and daily face time to prove he is connected. Ugh. I much prefer to see no evil, and hear no evil.

    • His daily chit chat is getting old. I mentioned the other day, he sounded like he was rushing though a grocery store list, while he was discussing the issue in Iraq.
      A grade school student could have done a better job of reading that to their class. Eye contact, he had no eye contact unless he is raising money, or as pointed out selling the O Crud.

      • See, i love it. he so obviously hates doing it. And the absolute transparency – that he’s reciting lines written for him, and that he completely lacks engagement.

        We need more of this, not less.

        • Thanks for the article. Yes the difference is very obvious.
          The concern for the Country. Reagan a fine president, once a movie star, and could speak into the camera as if he was speaking to you one on one.

      • He’s always looking down reading his chit-chat. Its so annoying and so boring, I can’t listen to him never could But still I was hoping he would have told the wilding protesters going dumb crazy about the Brown kid to stop stealing and looting. He never did and never would say anything smart or CARING for our country. They burned down stores and stealing as usual going on. How are these people raised?

  4. Maybe if the “bad guys” (can’t call them terrorists) bombed the golf course, he would take action and a leadership role for this country. Sad, very sad.

  5. LOL, I see that an early 2008 Obama campaign video is making the rounds with Obama promising “if you give me this job, I’ll never take a vacation, I’m all yours”.

    It’s the hypocrisy and lies that drive us crazy, not his vacations or golf. Add fundraising trips with empty speeches to pay for those, Obama really sucks at his job.

  6. So, any guesses for what we get from the slavish press today? Is today the “ice cream outing with the girls” day, or the “annual bike ride”.

    I get a kick out of the fact that the bike ride is so very short .

  7. “Obama doesn’t understand that appearances matter.”

    Respectfully, Keith, I disagree. He DOES understand; his whole wicked political career, like that of Adolf Hitler, was built upon photo-ops.

    What he is saying to America is : UP YOUR NOSE! I’ll do what I want.

  8. I saw the news like most of you. The sheer brutality that ISIS is not shy about publicizing as well as its promise to bring that here is fierce. The juxtaposition of Barack Obama golfing and fundraising on the tony enclave of MV with the energetic but disciplined savagery of ISIS is stark.

    Obama believes he and Eric Holder can control the US through edicts and class warfare. I suspect Barack Obama has no idea of the reality of war and what is needed to defend this country. That, coupled with his National Security Advisor’s fondness for ilk like African dictators and willingness to cover up the murder of an American Ambassador with a video tape, and the overall weakness of his team, does not bode well.

  9. Here’s the thing that gripes us:
    A President is elected for only four years, not a lifetime. We, the people, expect that he and his family will deport themselves with dignity and propriety at all times, that he will devote every waking hour to the affairs of the US, and if he does take a day or week off, that he at least goes “home” or rather NOT to a fabulous, posh and expensive vacation that hardly any of us could afford.
    We expect that the whole family be concerned with spending taxpayer’s hard-earned money on their personal enjoyment, and be modest in their travels and entertainment.
    For the four years, we, the people, have provided the President and his family with the most lavish and well attended home, and for their relaxation, a most lavish and well attended home outside DC.

    Requiring the taxpayers to pay out massive sums for the security agents, for the cost of flying the airplanes to and fro, and to set up communication centers in many different private rental homes is excessive and not in the country’s best interests.

    Golf: if the purpose is to be outdoors (to smoke or whatever) then let him sit in a small boat on a lake somewhere pretending to fish – a pursuit that even the poorest American can indulge in.

  10. Why now? Obama has been doing this for 5½ years now. Yet Milbank has been carrying his water the entire time.

    Even when the order to take out bin Laden was issued by some anonymous military commander, Obama was on the golf course totally detached from the nuisance of work.

  11. Milbank, Noonan, et al are far too late to the party…they turned a blind eye all these years and deserve no praise now. Many of us had him pegged from day one.

  12. He acts like he has emotional and mental problems, always running to the golf course like a teenager. All those drugs may have affected him. And Hillary better look who’s in back of her and whose in front of her –watch out for those mafia advisers in e White House.