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Video || John Oliver Skewers the Commander in Chief

President Obama seems to have forgotten that he is the leader of the armed forces, and as such, needs to lead them.

I know, it’s a complicated job and stuff.

HBO comedy show host John Oliver is a liberal from Britain. But his wife served in Iraq as a U.S. Army combat medic, so maybe that helped him pick up on President Sourface Thursday night leading our troops into battle with all the enthusiasm of a five year old who just found out it’s bedtime.

“Ah, yes, reluctance — it’s always been the best tone for leaders to use when inspiring troops before battle,” Oliver notes.

Here is a link to the video. I have to link to it rather than display it because it loads automatically and will drive you crazy after you’ve seen it.

Reminds me of a swim team coach I once had. He had the same hyper-rational personality as Obama, without that slight air of superiority.

Denny was a great coach, but not when it came to the rah rah sis boom bah part.

Once, on the bus to swim meet, Denny got us psyched up, his way. Yes, it was going to be close. Yes, we would need to swim our best. And if we all indeed did our best, he had calculated, we would lose by two points.

Now that was inspirational.

As I remember it, we of course lost by more than that. Here’s hoping our brave servicemen and women are better self-motivators.

H/T Daily Caller.

20 Responses to Video || John Oliver Skewers the Commander in Chief

    • He was raised a Muslim in Jakarta Indonesia until age six. He went to school in a government provided uniform of blue shorts, a white short-sleeved shirt, black shoes and white knee socks. Under his arm he carried the Koran. I know this to be true.

  1. No thanks. There’s something off-putting about a snooty foreigner making fun of, or ridiculing everything American, or anyone in the US.
    Using their poofy faux upper-class English accent to sneer at our common ways and ideals is not amusing or effective.

    “reluctance” right-o; the gathering crowd of Brits were reluctant to come to the aid of the British soldier being decapitated in the middle of the street. That’s real “reluctance”, limey.

    • Normally I would agree with you. Especially regarding the Brits , the massacre on their streets, and their bowing down to terrorists and radical islamists in their own country.

      However, Barack Obama himself is responsible for the international scorn and ridicule that he is receiving. And perhaps if we did more of it here — there would be less there.

      Public criticism of Obama is just barely and only fairly recently tolerated in the US,. And certainly not at all during his first term.

      • We don’t make remarks about their beloved Queen or any of the upper class mooches on their treasury, so it’s not out of line to expect them to keep their opinions of OUR poor excuse of a POTUS to themselves.
        We can be as tough as we want on our politicos, but having a foreigner do so is just , well, not American.
        How’s that for illogical thinking? lol.

    • It used to irritate the hell out of an art history professor I knew when all the art documentaries were narrated by people with the BBC voice–as if we Americans were not intelligent or cultured enough to produce art documentaries.

      • BBC voice. Yes.
        Even though we claim to speak the same language, somewhere or sometime, American and British English parted ways in so many areas.
        They’re probably still smarting from the humiliating loss to a bunch of buckskin and muslim wearing pilgrims, and the more recent need of American know-how to keep the Nazis at bay.

        (All the BBC dramas/documentaries that I watch must have ‘captioning’ or they lose me as the ramble on.)

    • What is most striking is that the WORLD LOVED OBAMA when he was a candidate. Didn’t we have a campaign in which foreigners were writing letters to Americans (in Ohio, if I recall) to vote for Obama?