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Even Osama Could Cross the border

Harry Reid said the border was secure. He needs to see this. Not that it would change his opinion.

11 Responses to Even Osama Could Cross the border

  1. Reid is absolutely correct. The border is secure for every third worlder, terrorist, or enemy of the USA. It’s just no secure for people like decorated Marines who make a wrong turn, border agents trying to protect us, or young couples who stop to jet ski for a couple of hours off our shoreline.

  2. “The Five” were giving Okeefe a hard time for this, which they viewed as a stunt that “doesn’t help.”

    I think it’s a fine thing to do. Let’s see how easily ANYONE can cross our southern border.

  3. I do appreciate this clip being provided. I heard about it the other day.
    “No where to be seen on MSM.”

    I wish I had the talent to be a song writer. “No Where To Be Seen On the MSM”. That would be a could title to start.