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Obama Issues Statement on Brown Shooting

President Obama today issued a statement from Martha’s Vineyard on the shooting death by a police officer of Michael Brown, an 18 year old African American.

Brown was killed in a St. Louis suburb. The identity of the officer who shot him has not been released, but much of the local police force is white. The killing has sparked riots in the area.

The death of Michael Brown is heartbreaking, and Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to his family and his community at this very difficult time. 

As Attorney General Holder has indicated, the Department of Justice is investigating the situation along with local officials, and they will continue to direct resources to the case as needed. 

I know the events of the past few days have prompted strong passions, but as details unfold, I urge everyone in Ferguson, Missouri, and across the country, to remember this young man through reflection and understanding.  We should comfort each other and talk with one another in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds.  Along with our prayers, that’s what Michael and his family, and our broader American community, deserve.

69 thoughts on “Obama Issues Statement on Brown Shooting”

  1. They will attempt to crucify the PO. Even though an investigation looks necessary, the Justus Department has no business trying to trump the local investigators. Let them do their job 1st. We’ve all been witness to Holder’s selective application of Justus though. More pandering from the demagogue in Chief.

  2. Where is his condolences to the black and white store owners whose businesses were vandalized or in the case of QuikTrip, burned? How about mentioning them and all the vehicles that were damaged? How about asking those in “his community” to let cooler heads prevail? I find it absurd that Obama makes his remarks from the Vineyard, when so many in “the black community” are neglected by him. If it were people of my “color” rioting, I’d be too embarrassed to show my face.

  3. What is wrong with this clueless dolt?
    Why should anyone have any warm fuzzy feelings about a man who attacked a police officer and was killed in the ensuing scuffle, except our race-baiting, divisive President.
    Another crisis of imagined racial hatred used to disguise the criminal activities of hundreds of Af-Ams who considered it an excuse to steal, plunder, and destroy anything they want.
    MrObama has no business saying anything about the death of this one young Af-Am when he is silent about the hundreds of Af-Ams killed in his home town of Chicago every year.

    Unless: unless it’s permissible for Af-Ams to be shot, maimed, or killed by other Af-Ams, but an atrocity of great import if the shooter is an Anglo.

    1. I just got knocked off again. Hope this does not post twice.
      I am am disguted by the looting. I am still disgusted by the looting of people stealing tennis shoes, not milk or diapers.
      He should have come out and said nothing more, than everyone needs to stop looting.
      The companies they broke into, had nothing to do with this.

    2. because of the looting he should say something. And because his dolt of a AG is involved then he should say something. But he needed to be more forceful.

      at least he didn’t inject his opinion on the pending case(s)

  4. the first 2 paragraphs are fine.
    But certainly he could be stronger on the looting.
    BE PRESIDENTIAL, not a diplomat.

    Tell the people that looting is not tolerated. Tell them why.
    Be a man, not a machine.
    People’s livelihoods could be ruined, people’s lives could be in jeopardy, and certainly the fools that riot could be going to jail if caught.

    Put your foot down. Act like these looters were Republicans!

  5. Did our fearless Leader dictate this statement from his golf cart on the course today to a grinning flunkie or did a staffer write it up and issue it under his moniker? Why does the Supreme Narcissicist of the Nation have to run his mouth on everything that happens especially on matters which are best left alone? First Robin Williams and now this. We all know that the criminal masquerading as Attorney General, Eric Holder, is just going to conduct a race based witch hunt on this shooting anyway without any regard to the facts of the case. What a mess.

    1. Until he gets his nightly screaming rant / variety show, simulcast on all major air and cable networks, these multiple daily press releases haphazardly scribed by flacks will have to do.

  6. Now Obama will quietly have someone from Holder’s DOJ leak the name and address of the cop on social media.

    Agitators gonna’ agitate.

  7. It is not the business of the President of the United States. It is not the business of the DOJ.

    The State and the local officials should be able to do an investigation without this through the prism of race assist from Obama and Holder.

    So, this is justice in America. An African American gets killed, there is a huge stir or riot among the African American community, the Chief Executive of the United States and the Attorney General jump in.

    Mr.Brown, his family, the officer,his family and the local authorities deserve the right to follow procedure on this. They have been co opted. As far as I know,and I can be wrong, the officer’s name is withheld out of concern for his and his family’s safety. As soon as Holders shysters descend man’s name will be on billboards and major media everywhere. Justice my ass. Butt out Obama.

  8. “I didn’t bother to make a statement about Naftali Frenkel, the teenage boy who held dual American/Israeli citizenship, who was kidnapped and murdered by Hamas. I mean, he’s Jewish, so who cares? and anyway, he doesn’t look anything like what my son would look like. but any time a black person is killed by a white person, you can bet I will be there to weigh in on the tragedy.”
    -note from our attorneys, etc etc…

    1. How about General Greene, shot in Afghanistan? Or the Navy Seal Kyle? Or the Marine held in a Mexican jail? The only time it gets his attention is if it is one of his “People” or a celebrity.

  9. Rabbi Joseph Raksin was murdered Saturday on his way to pray by “several youths” – No doubt Holder/Obama are entirely too busy to investigate more than one hate crime at a time.

    1. I just pulled it up. It happened in Miami. He was there visiting his granddaughter. At the time he was on his way to the synagogue.
      Activist the article stated were calling it a hate crime.
      There was no report of looting after the horrific crime.

  10. “It was with extreme confusion that someone at a lobster shack today pointed out to Michelle and I that some angry white guy in a swagged-up car recently ran over another white guy in a puffy suit.
    Needless to say, we are deeply troubled, as we heard that one of the white guys was unhurt in the incident.

    Michelle, Valerie, Mr. Koskinen and I pledge the full support of the Internal Revenue Service in launching an immediate investigation into the tax evasion of Stewart-Haas Racing over this matter.

    Now I have to go.We’re about to make the turn, and it’s Cy’s turn to buy. More later.”

  11. Why the soap box handling of select delinquent shootings?
    Where is he when there are 30-40 youth shootings in Chicago, LA, Oakland, NY, Detroit…etc. every weekend?
    He just can’t let his stirring up of the divisions of hatred go.
    I was tired of it with “the cops acted stupidly” back in 2009.
    What other CIC has imposed himself in these matters?

      1. I wish he was on comfort his little buddy governor who lost his &&& in the prelims this weekend. Thankfully I’m a 20 minute flight away. Good times:)

  12. His liberal Harvard professor friend has a home at the Vineyard…he probably consulted him for a statement.
    Did he say that the police in Missouri acted stupidly?
    Did he mention Travon?
    I see that Al Sharpton is on his way there now,

    1. And the family has hired the same lawyer Trayvon Martin’s family hired. Speaking of the family, I wonder how many different last names will come out.

  13. OT:
    Heard it on Fox. Pulled article on Newsmax.
    A senior US defense offcial says the Pentagon is considering sending more military advisors to Iraq. The role would be to help determine future course of action for the U.S., based in part on the impact of several days of targeted.

      1. I don’t know. An advisor can also be someone you hire to redecorate your home. I don’t know what they are doing.
        The terrible thing is they don’t know what they are doing either.

  14. If President Obama had a bastard son, he would look like Michael Brown. If Attorney General Eric Holder pressures local authorities to press charges against the police officer who apparently shot Brown in self defense, perhaps we should do a DNA test to establish paternity?

    Pushing black teens to prove manhood by fighting a cop is as like an ISIS beheading. Evil, senseless, cruel and inhuman yet we have peers, mothers, fathers, preachers and other community leaders committing this atrocity on a daily basis right here in America. The tragic case of Michael Brown, the young man in Missouri, is the latest case in point. Travon Martin was his unfortunate predecessor even though the shooter wasn’t a cop. There have been others before and if we don’t show our President the path to manhood himself, there will be countless others. The heartless money grabbers in the Civil Rights movement are not likely to reverse course without some leadership from Obama and he lacks the political and personal courage to get it done thus far.
    If your editor sounds angry it is because I am furious. I have helped coach young black athletes and when a small business I owned had only one paid employee, she was a black lady still in her teen years. I have never had the experience of being young and black but I was once an unwise, impressionable teen who would fight anyone-Except a cop with a gun.
    Much later in life, I served as the unpaid Director of a large Law Enforcement Firearms training program serving a broad variety of police officers, federal agents and SWAT professionals.
    Here is the deal…If you attack a cop; the odds that you will get hurt are huge. If you somehow start to win, weapons will come out, reinforcements will arrive and you will get hurt badly. If you grab for the cop’s gun or produce a weapon of your own, you may die. Right then, right there. No more tomorrows of any kind.
    There are other ways to deal with injustice, bad treatment or being disrespected. You do not have to die to prove a point and you certainly do not have to force a cop to kill you. He just might be that cop who already saved dozens or even hundreds of young black teens and sadly, just did not get to help Michael in time.
    Have there ever been cops who acted badly? Absolutely! Are there far fewer today than in days long gone?-I certainly think so but if I conger up the very worst thing the very worst cop ever did, it is peanuts compared to the damage being done purposefully for political/financial benefit by Obama, Sharpton and the other cowards who seek power and profit off the misery of young, black teen life by goading them to almost certain suicide immediately or later.
    Get some Cosby courage gentlemen. Act like men. Stand up on your hind legs and preach that attacking a cop, any cop, is dumb and quite likely to end your march to manhood. Get help from some of those gutless preachers who sweat the Sunday offering plate and to have a real impact get the moms in the black community to show their courage by telling the teens “there are much better ways to deal with hate and injustice”. People who goad our young to seek death rather than life are no one’s friends. They are the faces of the enemy regardless of how dark or light they may be.

    1. They showed a school picture of him, looking like a nice high school kid. Next to it was a picture of him showing a gang sign. Can’t remember where I saw it. Had to be a conservative site.

    2. I saw a picture of him last night.
      He looked like a big dude to me.
      We will have to wait for the “real story”.
      All of the details have not been released.

      If a police officer feels it necessary to question me, I will not confront him and try to take his weapon.
      That’s just how I was raised.

  16. Officer Brown is toast. DOJ will set a high priority on this investigation to assure it is white against black crime. Who said skin does not matter. Poor MLK Jr. must be crying in his grave.

  17. I just listened to a Foreign Affairs Reporter: Jonathan Rugman. He had film of the top of the mountain. Showing the people suffering. Showing Food being dropped. They filmed landing and allowing 25 people, did get aboard. People in tears.
    He said the pilot of the helicopter died in another run of dropping food, when he was taking off after picking up more people. The helicopter crashed. He died, and the lady reporter with N.Y. Times was injured in the crash.
    God Bless them.

    1. The people on the top of the mountain are a humanitarian problem.
      The major problem are the people at the bottom of the mountain that need to be destroyed.
      Our Navy and our Air Force can eradicate them easily.
      They are stoning women, beheading children.
      I am sick of the ROE that this administration has forced on this military force.

      I say, send the heathens to Allah.

      1. Someone made a comment that they should have done something while the murderers were climbing towards the mountain. They would now be harder to locate.
        They are always working on or investigating everything.
        Rescuing people is suppose to be an immediate thing.

        1. Lee, here’s what I would do if I were in command.

          I would send in some Navy F-18’s, some Air Force F-16’s and tell the pilots to break the sound barrier over the heathens.
          Just to get their attention.
          Then to follow, A-10 Thunderbolt II’s, (aka A-10 Warthogs), to destroy the ground vehicles that they took from the Iraqis.
          Next send in the AC-130 Specters to clean out the cockroaches that are determined to destroy the Christians in that area.
          B-1 bombers and B-2 Bombers could be in the wings just in case they don’t get the message.

          Problem is,….I am not in charge, Obama is.
          A feckless timid CIC that will allow those poor people over there to suffer on that mountain for who knows how long ?

          Yes, I have submitted a bloody scenario, but I see it as more humane than stoning people, burying them alive, or cutting their heads off.

          1. I am not making fun.
            I am seriously asking, Do you think that he is at least discussing such matters, if not anything else on his trip.
            I heard this evening he is flying back, and than attending a party.

  18. This “president” has learned nothing in six years, and he hasn’t gained wisdom either. It’s almost as if he’s been programmed and the software can’t be updated. He’s like an automaton with a very limited intelligence.

  19. Call me stupid, but how is this incident the business of the President or the Attorney General? Surely the investigation is a matter for the local police? This is just an excuse to blow the unfortunate death of a young black person into another guilt fest for whitey.

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  21. Now is Obama’s opportunity to address the growing problem of alienation between L.E. and the general population. Every day we read of questionable shootings of citizens country wide. Over a quarter million pet dogs shot in a year. Innocents being killed daily from police chases gone wrong. Whether its a chase or shooting or the relentless hunt for contraband, the cops look more and more like a bunch of high school boys with erections. People are getting sick of this and it’s time for the president to address this serious problem.

  22. People say the dumbest things and act as if they have no education. Why is there so much disconnect when it comes to being sympathetic towards someone who is not of your ethnic background, why is there so much hostility toward a people who has never really done anything to you. There is a misguided hatred do in part to the media, it’s just like the monster underneath your bed, nonexistent

  23. As a former Sheriff, we have protocols that we must adhere, or be faced with criminal and civil prosecution from our wrongdoings; yet on this particular incident, its obvious that multiple reliable witnesses were able to clearly observed the “Murder” shooting from the obvious racist cop.

    What’s more amazing, its the Department’s cover-up of the unjust killing of an unarmed civilian, and the lack of concern by the Governor, the State Attorneys Office and apathy from a black President to properly interfere. Nonetheless, Its now the direct responsibility of the FBI to investigate and to arrest the multiple officers who also illegally arrested several journalist, while violating their civil liberty rights. If the FBI’s outcome is politically oriented and none transparent, then a potential social pandemonium may arise as a direct result of their continued injustices.

    Whatever happened to freedom of the Press in America? Its exactly this type of social oppression from law enforcement and governmental prejudice, which ignites ferocious “Riots” by citizens who are seeking justice!!!!.
    Charles Del Campo
    Freelance Investigative Journalist

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