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Four Hundred Fundraisers

President Obama’s fundraiser Monday evening on Martha’s Vineyard was the 400th he has held as president, according to CBS News White House reporter Mark Knoller.

That’s just about one every five days.

Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs once told reporters that Obama hates asking for money. Well then, this makes him quite a masochist.

Knoller, who is known among reporters for keeping better records of presidential activities than the White House itself, reports that at the same point in his presidency, George W. Bush had done justĀ 224 fundraisers.

Monday night’s event was a rarity in that Obama took a break from vacation for some political panhandling. But attendees made it worth his while, forking over between $15,000 and $32,400 each to benefit Senate Democrats.

Yes, Martha’s Vineyard in the summer is a smart place to raise money.

From the pool report:

The DSCC fundraiser is being held at the Tisbury, Mass., home of Roger H. Brown and Linda Mason. Brown is the president of the Berklee School of Music in Boston. He and Mason founded Bright Horizons, a child-care provider. Mason is also a chair of MercyCorps.

The couple’s home sports a large back lawn with sweeping water views. Three yellow Adirondack chairs faced the water and looked like a perfect place to relax. President Obama walked under a white tent to a singer belting out “Signed, Sealed Delivered.”

Obama said the musicians were from Berklee. Guests including Sen. Ed Markey and Sen. Michael Bennett sat around round tables with green tablecloths and centerpieces of yellow and white flowers.

Across the street from the site were a few Lefties who think Obama isn’t doing enough to cool the planet.

13 thoughts on “Four Hundred Fundraisers”

  1. Gibb’s is just another liar.
    I’ll bet O hates playing golf too.
    At what point do they not realize that the intelligent people in this Country see through their insane efforts to pull the wool over our eyes ?

    Hillary is another.
    Does she think that we believe her at this point ?

    Politicians are all snakes to some degree.
    Our job is to destroy the woodpile and get them out in the open.

    1. Yes Denise.
      He may have to make a call to the EPA and tell them to back off all this global warming stuff.
      I would imagine that Obama requires a nice warm bath.

    1. there’s a name we haven’t heard lately. So I checked… she is still criticizing Republicans, and also running for governor of California! Apparently too busy to protest anything.

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