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Golf Game No. 3

At just before 1:00 pm ET, President Obama arrived at a¬†golf course on Martha’s Vineyard. Again.

It’s his third time playing in four days on vacation.

My wife would kill me. Especially since I can’t play golf.

She’d probably suspect I was up to something else, like maybe SMOKING. Even though I don’t smoke. But you catch my drift here . . .

Today he is playing at the Vineyard Golf Club in Edgartown.

Vineyard Golf Club


Today’s lucky players are Obama”s Chicago pal Eric Whitaker, former do-nothing U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk – didn’t strike a single free trade deal in four years on the job – and Cy Walker, a cousin of Valerie Jarrett’s.

For those of us keeping score, it’s outlying number 30 of the year and 187 of the presidency.

CORRECTION: A previous version of the post incorrectly identified Cy Walker.

25 thoughts on “Golf Game No. 3”

      1. Hahaha, well there is a little bridge that leads from Edgartown to Chappaquiddick Island and we all know what went on there in the summer of 69 (I was only 2y/o)

  1. Nobody but pros spend that much time on a golf course. How can it be fun or relaxing to do the same thing day after day, unlesss….it’s not really about hitting the little ball around the grass.

  2. I’m trying to laugh at your jokes, Keith. Really, I am. Actually, you did give me a chuckle. BUT

    What spoiled the day for me was watching a video of the rescue efforts on Mount Sinjar. The thought of Obama busting it out on the links while those poor people are suffering such atrocities. On top of that, I read somewhere that Obama said he put off sending aid because he wanted to put pressure on Maliki. No words…

        1. …. and it’s truly sickening to know what those poor people have suffered through. They made it out only after 500 were killed, including women and children buried alive, as well as 300 women and girls taken away to serve as slaves. That’s hell on Earth.

        2. But I am also hearing/reading that ISIS is now burying themselves into the community — less difficult to locate them for bombing without boots on the ground and greater chance of collateral damage if they are pursued.

          We’ve seen this before. Good luck Obama with that no boots on the ground. Pretty sure he’s going to be getting real specific about those boots — size, color, pull ups, laced liked those known as “combat boots’, a loafer or two known to be the choice of Jean Francois. This will be a disaster.

          Obama will not make a decision and we will be sucked in. Not allowed to fight the military will suffer.

  3. Keith, I think you are correct. The question is, what is the “choom gang” leader smoking? I’m guessing there is something mixed into his tobaccy.

  4. This family just doesn’t like each other very much. And the girls always have a guilty look on their faces, as though their young consciences haven’t quite come to terms with the way their parents are pillaging an entire nation.

    1. Guilty? I think they just look bored and uninterested. Never a smile, never any sign of appreciation for the great opportunities they have been handed. That’s why I call them the Surly Sisters.

  5. Excellent, hilarious article Mr.Koffler. Especially the part about Bronco Bama hitting the links so he could smoke away from Mooch.

    1. “Laser-like focus on jobs.”
      “Recovery Summer”
      “We Don’t Quit.”

      Nothing says “I truly don’t give a sh-t” better than intentionally wasting time on someone else’s nickel.

  6. Keith, this oh-so-exclusive ‘meh’ golf course has membership fees of $350,000 plus $12,000 annual dues. It also claims to be the only entirely organic golf course in the country. And they’re not just referring to the arugula greens they’re serving in the clubhouse dining room.

  7. 18 more rounds this year would give him twice as many rounds this year alone as Bush played in eight years.

    Not only does he have this vacation, he’s still got a few more weeks in DC, and then there’s Hawaii in December, plus any odd junkets he cares to squeeze in after the GOP wins control of both houses of Congress.

    Yes, I’m going there: right after the mid-terms, Obama is going to sneak out of DC for several days of non-stop golf. Mark it down. Once Sir Golfsalot knows Harry Reid can only protect him for less than two months, he’s going to hole up on the links as if Congress will confiscate his putter.

    Which might not be a bad idea, come to think of it…

  8. Obama is at the bottom of the barrel in terms of golfing buddies.

    It’s a funny thing. It has been said there are some things money just can’t buy….there are some things that Iraq Baraq will never have. And it is so glaringly obvious — all the trappings.

    He’s like an entire Potemkin Village all to himself. Kind of like a presidential Howard Hughes. Creepy.

  9. I love to golf but never get to play anymore and in twenty plus years of family vacations never took my clubs with me. I was on vacation to spend time with my kids. Even if I were to play, once, maybe twice would be more than enough.

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