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Obama Stuck in Sand Trap

That is, he went to the beach with his family.

President Obama, Michelle and the girls are spending the day at the beach in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard.

I think, given his passion for the game, it’s excusable to wonder if he’d rather be somewhere else. I mean, I’m not questioning whether he loves his family. It’s just, he seems a little obsessed.

Anyhoo, the White House was careful to point out that Obama also spoke by phone today with President Poroshenko of Ukraine. He “expressed his strong support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Obama, that is. Probably Poroshenko too. 

15 Responses to Obama Stuck in Sand Trap

  1. “Michelle and the girls”; what girls would that be?
    Sooo, Barack, Michelle and some ‘girls’, a few aides carrying blankets and sunscreen, along with dozens of security agents lurking about the beach, a dozen or so security-sailors floating outside the swim area, and some snipers ready to attack any Repub-shark that dares swim too close to the Ones.
    Sounds really relaxing.

  2. I’m sure the neighbors/beachgoers would also have preferred that he plays golf. The entire beach is probably closed.
    As far as the phone calls are concerned, he sleeps right through the 3:00 a.m. phone calls. Now he has to call everyone to remind them that he’s still in charge.
    Highlight of the week: He said he wanted to make nice with Vlad again….but no mention of Crimea. How do you say ‘wimp’ in Russian?

    PS: Aren’t the Clintons in MV? Must be the opposite side of the Island. Would love to see a photo of all of them frolicking on the beach together.

  3. They do this every year. Sprinkled in with all the golf outings, he does one day at the beach with the family, one casual dinner with MO and the kids near the end of the trip, and the photo op visit to the bookstore with the daughters near the end of the trip.

    It’s not exactly beach weather up there. It hit a high of only 73 degrees today. I’ve been there in weather like that and the water is way to cold for swimming. They could have saved everyone a hell of a lot of trouble and stayed at their rented estate, where I’m sure the pool is heated.

    Then again, they only do this so it’s reported that he’s spending time with the family. Same old BS.

  4. I may have brought up this sniglet before, but I am the daughter/wife (my dependent’s i.d. card has never expired) of career Marine officers, spanning WW2, Korea, Viet Nam and Beirut. Both Dad and Hubby loved golf, but never played the game as often as Obama until after they retired.

    Scratching my head about this. Last “golf nut” we had was Ike, but he was such a workaholic in the WH, his staff and Mamie insisted he play golf to chillaxin’ him.

    Most of our POTUS’ since have used the game for “business” reasons. Probably why I’ve never paid attention to former Prezzys golf habits !