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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 12, 2014

President Obama is vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard. He has no publicly scheduled events.

15 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 12, 2014”

    1. And maybe after he does that, he will state that if he had had a son, the son would have been just like that kid who was shot in Missouri.

  1. I don’t care about Obama’s Family Vacation…!!!
    .I want to address Robin Williams passing.
    God Bless You, Robin Williams ……you gave pure comedic relief to American’s and most of the Free World … for decades..
    You made it easier to….
    Laugh and Love…
    Thank You..
    Rest in Paradise….Mork !

    1. It’s so sad that a man who brought so much laughter to so many should be such a tortured soul himself. He was a rare genius, and I hope he is up in heaven making God roar with laughter.

    1. What a creepy interview on all levels. Just the way he slouches back in his seat, legs crossed, acting like some big-shot pooh-pah….All of it is sickening.
      When the interviewer asks: “Have you made the decision (to give yourself to the world), it reminds me of the Bachelor tv program at the end when the host asks the bachelor: Have you made your decision?” YES I HAVE!
      What an arrogant, uncouth SOB!

  2. I nominate “Sitting on a Dock by the Bay” as Dictator Obama’s theme song. Perfect description of this Affirmative Action, democrat party Communist Dictator. I’ll bet he had the crew of Air Head One install a hammock in the main cabin.

  3. Obama approaches his responsibilities as POTUS as though being President was a hobby he is no longer interested in. He’s bored, says Valerie Jarrett. Bored?????? He should issue a disclaimer after every one of his smarmy speeches: “I’m not really the President of the United States. I just play one on television.”

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