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Obama Schedule || Monday, August 11, 2014

President Obama is vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. Obama will hold a fundraiser today on the island for Senate Democrats.

23 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, August 11, 2014”

  1. I want to see some enterprising D.C. journalist dig into the travel records and find out if any tax dollars are subsidizing the Senators travel expenses AND if the DNC is paying for the meeting space up there.

    Then again, it’s the WH press corpse so I don’t expect any real journalism any time soon. (sans Keith and a couple others of course)

    1. I tried to guess how much it was going to cost to fly him to WH for a day or two this week, and than back to his vacation.
      He always raves about being able to be on top of everything while he his traveling for his golf games, fund raisers, and vacations. Right now he wants to appear to be on top of ALL the problems. So we’ll pay for the flight, when he should have postponed his vacation and SAT behind his desk.
      As I tried to explain the other day, there are many people with jobs that keep them from just dropping their day time job and running on vacation. Sometimes they have to postpone their vacation.

          1. Nice thought, but vacations have been sparse since Obama’s been president. I think we’ve taken 2 trips – both camping ones, so being on the “more affordable” side.

  2. One thing about Obama is obvious, he is the Democrat’s most successful fundraiser. My question is…what is all that fundraising buying him?

    What is in it for him? It has to be more than just buying the loyalty of liberal pols. Obama would not do it unless there was a big return for him somehow. Is he setting the stage for being a “king maker” after 2016? Is he somehow getting a kickback, a return of favors for when he leaves office? Is it just to inflate his already robust ego?

    There has to be something more.

      1. I wonder about them too…I’ve met a few and in one case googled an odd name of an acquaintance (Moonfrog! I kid you not). This person had donated $37,000 to 0. This person was a generation’s old Socialist. They have old money maybe feel guilty? & want everyone to give their hard earned money to those poor, poor, pitiful poor.

    1. Probably all the reasons you list for Obama’s incessant and unrelenting fundraising play a role for him. It’s also what he likes to do best. Obama needs constant approval, applause and attention. He has a long standing need to be the center of positive adoration. That’s what he gets at these fundraisers. He operates on the personal pleasure principle–does what makes him feel good, avoids what makes him uncomfortable or antsy. Hence, all the fundraisers.

  3. Can’t post the link:
    The Daily Caller has a post from James O’Keefe (Project Veritas), who crossed the Mexican/US border, dressed as Osama bin Laden. No border agents within miles.

    1. Did anyone else catch 0″s comment about the delay in starting the air strikes on ISIS being due to “bad intel”? Good going, 0, through the CIA under the bus. Getting mighty crowded down there.

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