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Obama to Take Remakes

Ah, the perils of iPhone autocorrect.

From Martha’s Vineyard, a pool report today by Katie Zezima of the Washington Post:

President Obama just completed a statement on the situation in Iraq (report to come very shortly). At 5:24 we are rolling toward a fundraiser at a private residence where the president will take remakes.

I assume that’s make remarks.

We of course never make any such mistakes here at White House Dossier, as my regular readers can attest.




33 thoughts on “Obama to Take Remakes”

    1. So sad. Demons. He was brilliant.

      And another headline for Baraq Iraq — Putin sending “humanitarian” convoys into Ukraine.

      He’ll probably comment on Robin’s death tonight at the fundraiser. And, after golf tomorrow, someone might tell him about the convoys — or he might catch it on msnbc. If they report it.

    2. I am long in the tooth enough to remember Robin Williams as Mork from Ork. I am sorry for his family’s loss, but I was never a huge fan. Perhaps it had something to do with his pairing with Whoopee Goldberg, whom I find to be a generally disgusting human being.

      Having said that, my favorite Robin Williams performances probably came in either ‘Good Will Hunting’ or ‘RV.’ He had his moments. I do recall that he was particularly brutal toward GWB and that he poured cash into the Al Franken campaign, so one can only presume that he was an Obama supporter.

      Perhaps it was the disappointment, or the hollow promises. Perhaps his conscience just couldn’t handle being that wrong about someone.

      1. As a screenwriter–now that you have interrupted the hagiography–I find it amusing that people cite their favorite scenes and so on that were not him riffing off–screenwriters wrote those–like Mork getting pregnant, etc. I was the opposite–not a fan of the syrupy serious puppydog parts. But he did love the language–and have no shortage of it!

  1. Let’s not be too hasty here:
    make (something) again or differently.”
    Perhaps the Preezy plans on making the same whiney speech to new donors that he’s made to others in the past, but this time with different words.

    1. Remember when the nation breathlessly awaited Obama’s ‘Epic Jobs Speech’ as Dear Leader finished out a two-week vacation? I’d like a remake on that. Such good times.

    1. When my child took typing in high school, I was so surprise they did not start the year with typing: AAA AAA AAA
      BBB BBB BBB, etc.
      I can still remember that class like it was yesterday. :)

    2. As someone who has made spektacular errers while typing my profund thoughts, I can understend how spelling errers can be agrivating.
      I now have the attitide that if it makes sence, deel with it and I just leaf it alone.
      (not reel good on punkuatoun either)

    3. I was a book editor for years and our rule was that no one can proofread their own typed text. As you say, Marjo, your eye fills in what the text should say and at least some of your attention is taken up by gauging the effect of the words.

    1. I agree. Watching my income decrease 55% from 2010 to now makes me nauseated. The customers that I typically work for have money, they just aren’t spending it. Thankfully, we have very little personal and business debt and have coped by picking up work that I would have turned down before 2010. Work that is outside my area of expertise but work non-the-less.

      My business has a long “gestation” period of at least 1 year first contact to signed contract. Based on my quote requests this year, 2015 is looking better but not by much.

      A few of my regular clients are left leaning and to a person they say that things aren’t going to improve until O is out of the WH.


      1. I can totally sympathize. The last six years have been the worst of my life, an absolute living hell all because this fcking loser from Chicago won a g-damn election. My husband was in IT in the banking industry, one of the big banks. Best job in his career and at almost 55, things were going great. He has three degrees, decades of experience, and more than paid his dues. He was laid off two days after the ahole’s inauguration in January 2009, The last six years have been a series of temporary contracts, with at least a half dozen periods of unemployment in between, with one short term job back at the bank at a $45,000 pay cut. Even that shit job only lasted 17 months when the bank cut back yet again in January. Laid off twice from the same company in five years, unbelievable. Back to being unemployed again for four months, finally got a contract, and was just cut again last Friday after only three months, despite the fact the contract was supposed to last for longer and maybe become perm. At 61 years old, he is screwed beyond belief. A wonderful career totally ruined and in the crapper, retirement savings have dwindled, college fund doesn’t exist, and life sucks shit. Now we can’t even afford the health insurance anymore and to add insult to injury, we’ll be fined for that next year. This dirtbag dictator hates this country and has done a great job of ruining it, destroying millions of lives in the process. If I turned on the news tomorrow and heard that the evil dictator loser dropped dead on the golf course I would celebrate. Sadly, in O’s new Amerika, it’s fcking brutal out here and this is what I’ve devolved to.

        1. This is tragic. And unfortunately so common among many of us no matter the industry. I’m 62 and just wanted to work a few more years in my healthcare job, not have to start a new career at my age. Stories like yours and mine are why I get so angry when they try to tell us how much better things are, that everything is turning around. BS. They don’t have a clue what it is like out here in the real world.

          1. The new normal, it’s so sad and awful. I just wonder if this country will ever return to what we once knew. I’m starting to feel like it’s a lost cause.

        2. I lost my job three years ago when all the contract people were laid off–something that had never happened in the past. I was less than a year to a pension. I have never found another job and have given up. Who wants to hire an older person? Luckily, my husband was employed.

          1. Sorry to hear about that. So many people have had this happen while this punk from Chicago hit the jackpot by winning an election. Instant millions per year for life. Must be nice. While the rest of us had all our plans and everything we worked for go up in flames.

          2. I agree–I have never had a single person I never met change my life so much for the worst. Like a force of nature. And the insulting scoldings, intellectual failings (people say etc) and lies…just terrible. And I have to pussyfoot around relatives and friends who do not follow the news and think he is doing his best. Yeah? Well, his best is pretty bad! But you can’t say it.

          3. Star, I have to pussyfoot around my very best friend, who voted for this man 2x, would vote for him again if she could. She loves Michelle. She does not watch the news. She believes every single talking point they put out (“it’s the Republicans fault…”) It is not worth losing my friendship to argue with her. All I can do is try to enlighten her in a roundabout way… saying things like, “because of the healthcare act [Never calling it Obamacare]… such-and-such had to be cut, and that directly affects me and my job”– trying to show her the consequences of what he is doing, without sounding like I am directly blaming him. Just trying to make her Think and use her noggin! lol…

          4. I try things like that. Usually to limited effect. One of my best friends was a CNN lover when she did watch news, but now thinks Al Jazeera is more accurate. What can you do but sew your lips shut. She actually thinks Republicans all hate women, for instance. When you say, well, a lot of Repubilcans are women…crickets. She is a Jew who now stews over the Palestinian pictures and hates Israel.

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