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Obama Praises New Iraqi Prime Minister

President Obama today praised the nomination of Iraqi lawmaker Haider al-Abadi to be prime minister, apparently satisfied that al-Abadi is NOT al-Maliki, whom the United States has been working to depose.

“This is an important step towards forming a new government that can unite Iraq’s different communities,” Obama declared during a statement in Martha’s Vineyard.

Maliki, who no doubt will be sentenced to be eaten alive by hyenas if he loses his grip on power – places like Iraq don’t normally provide ex-leaders lifetime security details and nine-figure speaking tours – claimed the selection is unconstitutional. Now, I’m not an Iraqi Constitutional scholar, but looking at things, I’m not too sure he’s incorrect.

But Obama, who long ago demonstrated that the United States is more than willing to interfere in the affairs of other nations at the highest level to get the leaders he prefers, I’m sure couldn’t be any more concerned with constitutional processes in Iraq than he is in the United States.

11 thoughts on “Obama Praises New Iraqi Prime Minister”

  1. Interesting that he did not mention al-Maliki in his rather peculiar statement….the people on The Five all wondered why he came out to speak…to show that he is on duty while playing?

  2. About interfering with other leaders, Shrillary as Iraq Baraq’s Secretary of State said about Gaddafi We came, we saw, he died.

    Also, we all know that it is not true that there are not people deployed in Iraq. I saw somewhere around 600 …. clearly not in a boots on the ground way, more a boots sniffing around kind of way. And someone pointed out that in order for those drops to be made, and targets identified for bombing — ground laser and other assists are in place.

    Maliki. Iraq Baraq’s Morsi, Gaddafi….he’s racking ’em up “cowboy ” style. Maybe Hairy Reid could write some cowboy poetry.

  3. They nominated a new Prime Minister.
    I do not know the rules of their constitution either.
    So my question: Do they have the right to just nominate a new person when ever they choose?
    Al-Maliki said in his speech yesterday that he was not stepping down.
    What are they going to do with Al-Maliki if he stands strong, and don’t walk out the door?
    Who came up with the idea? The people in Iraq, O himself?

  4. How is a country supposed to unite, especially when one group of nuts wants to kill everyone else? I wish someone would ask “the smartest man in any room” that question. It is a tough request coming from Obama, who does his best to disunite all the people in our country.

  5. Like this is going to make a difference in Iraq? Dictator Obama is definitely hitting the ole crack pipe real hard lately. Drugs can create their own weird reality which is where Dictator Obama resides these days. Oh well, off to the next taxpayer bankrolled fundraiser.

    Ahhhhhh! Ain’t life totally grand when you’re a Dictator!

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