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Obama Golfing Relentlessly on Martha’s Vineyard

President Obama is giving the metaphorical finger to critics of his excessive use of the golf course, playing for the second time Sunday in two days on Martha’s Vineyard.

In fact, the president as of Sunday evening had spent 33 percent of his time – we’re including sleep, meals, bathroom visits, and so forth – on the golf course, playing for roughly 10 of 30 hours since landing midday Saturday.

And Martha’s Vineyard, vacation paradise for Fat Kitty liberals, loves it.

From the the pool report describing the trip from Obama’s vacation home to the golf course:

The drive across the island was an uneventful ride past wooded hills, cedar-shingled homes and a farm stand. A woman on a scooter honked enthusiastically as we rode by. One man, a beach towel hanging around his neck, thrust his fist in the air.

Ah yes, these are Obama’s people. The community organizer’s true community.

Obama Sunday was at the Farm Neck Golf Club, same place he could be found swatting away Saturday. It is his 29th round of 2014 and his 186th of 2009-2014.

Robert WolfHe played once again with Cyrus Walker
 and Ahmad Rashad
 and, this time, Robert Wolf, a wealthy investment banker. There he is, over to the left. Looks like a non-self-loathing type of guy.

Wolf serves on two White House “advisory boards,” the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness and the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

Both have obviously been giving bad “advice.”

27 thoughts on “Obama Golfing Relentlessly on Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Pretty sure any of the businesses in Wolf’s portfolio are safe from the government’s prying eyes and punitive penalties and regulations.

  2. Oh, I’m sure Obama and Wolf are using their time on the links to brainstorm and plan the next economic council meetings. Let’s see… the last PERAB meeting was in Oct 2010 and the last PCJC meeting was in Jan 2012. Yep.

  3. President Obama and everyone he surrounds himself with give a colossal metaphorical middle finger to almost everyone who isn’t them, with nearly every one of their actions.

  4. Yeah, and/but only the Brits reported on the size of his motorcade, with two, count ’em, TWO snipers hanging out of the trunk.
    Thanks, Washington Press Corps.

  5. I’m beginning to believe the tabloid stories about how is marriage is in trouble. No husband can ignore his family that much on vacation (as well as every other day of the week) and get away with it.

    1. Some believe that the “marriage” has been a sham from the start, arranged by the “Reverend” Wright so Barry would have a beard.

  6. And with this round of golf, Cyrus Walker has undoubtedly locked up the job as Executive Director of the Barack H. Obama Presidential Library.

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  8. If Obama is trying to prove a point…we get it. He does not give a crap. It is now entering overkill territory. What next, photos of him with a gold club on the course while on the phone with whomever?

  9. Major Obama fundraiser, golf partner and confidante, Robert Wolf, hitched his wagon to a falling star. He was basically fired from his 20 some years at UBS because of his ‘uncomfortable’ relationship with Obama’. He left to form his own investment company two years ago.

    Not to worry, Obama is probably paying him very well to manage his (Obama’s) multi-billion OFA/DNC portfolio.

    As for the fundraiser, Oak Bluffs has a huge niche of super successful AF/AMS who own homes on the Island. They’re going to get all of their fundraiser donations back in spades from Obama’s ‘stash’. It’s just an excuse to party.

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    1. Fudge, as a former city desk editor and M.A. (English) I have to issue some stern corrections to your post:

      “5 hours [of golfing,]”
      “underaged boys”

      Try harder next time, but I’m fine with the rest of your content.

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