As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Statement on Iraq – August 11, 2014

The statement has concluded.

23 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on Iraq – August 11, 2014

  1. Someone in the Vineyard should go out and find Barry one of the vintage Simpsons T-Shirts, they one with Bart Simpson proudly proclaiming “I didn’t do it!”

    • Star, Did you feel he was not looking into the camera?
      In other words He spoke like he was running though a grocery list, instead of speaking to us.

  2. He is only speaking because his advisor told him the General spoke earlier, and you would look better speaking yourself. They argued about. He finally brushed off the sand and debating on how long he will make us wait.

  3. Thanks England and France “and other countries” — this is the second time that I recall he said this. So, what’s with Merkel — I know the Germans don’t branch out much militarily so maybe that’s it. Anybody know?

  4. The consequences of an absentee President of the United States.

    Putin sending “humanitarian ” convoys to Ukraine. News to the Red Cross. And,oh boy, when Baraq Iraq finds out about this! After the fundraiser and golf….perhaps on msnbc, if they report it.