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Kerry To Face Down ISIS from Pink Girl’s Bike

This is from a few days ago, but somehow I missed it. Wanted to make sure you didn’t.

Kerry pink bike

Looks like he’s in Nantucket, where he vacations. Here’s the other half of our team, which is bravely taking on Hamas, Isis, Putin, China, and anybody else that gets in their way.

US President Barack Obama rides bicycle

Don’t mess with these guys. They’re not afraid to break a nail.

H/T Weasel Zippers.

33 thoughts on “Kerry To Face Down ISIS from Pink Girl’s Bike”

  1. I’ve see them separately, but when you pair them it’s really funny.

    There was the choom gang, and now the Biker Boys. This plus Julia, and Pajama Boy ……

    1. I love this about George Bush.

      Maybe Obama could make a small gesture — since golf is his game — a wounded warrior tournament — or at least a fast 9 holes. But nope, that is sacred ground for sycophants and scoundrels only.

        1. How about some poor black kids from Chicago… naw, he only plays with 1 percenters.. yet no one seems upset about His extravagance.

          Thanks, Keith, for the two pics. Priceless.

  2. lol
    I hope that Putin, and all those savages do not have this poster in their office are tent.
    Just for thought. I used to ride a Boys 10 speeder when I was 10.
    I hoped on my son’s bike a couple of years ago, and rode around the block. I was exhausted.
    I think they would get more exercise and look a bit tougher if they pulled out an old “Big Wheel” and rode that around.

  3. There’s a reason why older males choose to ride “girl’s” bikes, but I won’t go there.
    What is surprising is that they’re riding any bike at all. Do their security guys run along side of them in case they hit a dip in the road, or are they allowed to exalt in their inner child free of any restraints?

  4. What a bunch of Girlie Men! Where is Arnold and Hans and Franz when you need them??

    Obama could have used them in the leaked weight room tape a few months ago as well!

    Everyone whined when GW went to Crawford and Reagan to his Ranch. At least, they owned the properties and they went home. Clinton and Obama can’t say that. I wonder how many nights Obama has stayed in Chicago since becoming. President?

    1. Obama has stayed in Chicago on several occasions, but none were in his own house as I recall. Why stay in your own home when you can stay in a swank hotel at taxpayer expense.

  5. Keith, seriously…you are on a roll today Dude! Kerry, typical “fat kitty” liberal…..girly bike and man throwback sandals! Hilarious!

  6. WNY_ROC men do not wear sandals – especially on bikes. We wear Allen Edmonds, Topsiders, soccer cleats, cycle cleats, etc.

    We are NOT haughty, french-looking men.

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