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Open Thread || Sunday, August 10, 2014

The open thread is open.


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  1. Well, we can always talk about the weather.

    We had about seven inches of rain yesterday afternoon in four hours. Lots of local flooding.

  2. Here’s an insightful article. I think the union guy has his timeline a bit messed up. Wasn’t education local before it was common core? I can feel the “compassion” for the children in his words. Come to think of it he sounds like a child.

    “If someone takes something from me, I’m going to grab it right back out of their cold, twisted, sick hands and say it is mine! You do not take what is mine! … I’m going to punch you in the face and put you in the dirt!”

    • Thanks for the clip.
      I pulled up CC math problems months ago. It was terrible.
      Instead of teaching the basics, so a student would be able to go to the next steps in math (easier), It was very confusing.
      I Read an article in a local paper last week.
      Cannot carry the 1 anymore.
      So parents have fun helping your small children with their homework this year.
      As far as I am concerned discipline, study, and parent awareness of their students participation in school would be the answer.

      • It is a nightmare! I try but honestly, it is difficult to pull out the specific learning element that being demonstrated. Often I can’t derive the goal of the exercise or rubric.

        Kids know this and in my observation just go along to get ahead. It seems like teachers are saying “… follow the process we didn’t (or can’t) explain and you will get credit for trying.”

        All the while is it getting easier to pay less for things by forcing the cashier to calculate the how much to give you back when hand them $10.25 for something that costs $8.17. It is almost a 100% success rate if the cashier is younger than 35.

  3. Re: Open Border….One thing we can do is to call it for what it is….The Rio Grande Border War. I visited with a 7th generation Texan of Mexican decent this week. He owns a ranch near McAllen which is only 10 miles from the border. He describes it as a war zone. We are being invaded. I believe we need to send in the military to regain control over the cartels who are running things. I believe the innocents caught in the middle of all of this need to be taken care of some way but not be scattered all over the USA.

    To get some insight into what is fueling this please read the blog called La Gringa’s Blogicito”. She lives in Honduras. Read her post “Extorting the lifeblood out of Honduras.” It is beginning to happen here.

    • I read the article. Yes that is horrific what is going on in Honduras. However we have terrible neighborhoods hear already. Every citizen needs to go outside imagine their backyard, patio, has cartel members slipping though their property, yes with guns.

    • Thanks for this. When Obama was talking about the fundamental transformation of Amerika there are many who did not realize that he and his cabal were planning this revenge.

    • Old Timer, it’s been happening here for years with the Mexican gangs in the San Fernando Valley and elsewhere. It’s called ‘rent’. It’s a thriving ‘business’. There are certain ‘pockets’ of Mexican gang activity that are so dangerous, many real estate agents will not even represent buyers or sellers in those areas. The only difference is, we don’t have dead bodies strewn all over the streets. Our gangs are more ‘discreet’.

      It is still no excuse for Obama’s illegally orchestrated ‘refugee’ invasion. As he said about Iraq yesterday, they have to take care of their own problem – we can’t do it for them. Same thing should apply to Honduras. We send them financial aid – but it’s up to them to clean up their own corruption. According to my Honduran gardener, there are no jobs in Honduras, hence no way to pay ‘rent’.

      The Honduran gangs should be treated no differently than A/Q or ISIL – take them out! As with all third world dictators, it will never happen, Problem is…we have our own lawless, third world dictator who is taking us down the same path. A nation without borders is not a nation. We are doomed!

  4. Happy Sunday! Out at MV I am sure it will be a glorious day — after the family attends Sunday services, Iraq Baraq will probably enjoy a round of golf with the usual suspects — give or take.

    Meanwhile throughout the fundamentally transformed Amerika communities are preparing to welcome their new illegal neighbors and the schools are preparing for their new students. And around the world the terrorists are on a killing spree,availing themselves of the deep vacuum that Baraq’s withdrawal of Amerika has opened. Perhaps some field officers will have their pink slips withdrawn and they will be redeployed to assist in the first round of Amerika’s re engagement in the world gone mad.

    For your Sunday reading pleasure here is a linked list of the Watcher’s Council weekly winners. The piece by Bookworm is good as is the one by Michelle Malkin — the former on Gaza and the blood soaked media, and the latter with some more information on the contribution some illegals are making to Amerika. I am sure there are other worthy selections but I have not read them.

    • I read the article: Nice Deb
      O’s Coup D’ Etat scheduled to take place after summer vacay and Labor Day golf extavaganza.
      Keith and WHD in article as well.

    • One point I pulled out from the “When will Obama say something about the genocide of Christians” article in Joshuapundit: ”

      “President Obama has been supplying arms and training to ISIS and the al-Qaeda affiliates covertly for quite some time now, while lying about it numerous times publicly and without bothering to clear it with congress.”

      Connecting the dots is easy on this one: 1. Hillary and Obama establish a program to gather up the weapons and equipment from all over Libya post Benghazi. 2. These weapons are sent from Benghazi to the anti-Assad “Syrian Free Army” via Jordan and Turkey. 3. ISIS grows out of the “Syrian Free Army”, in late 2013 early 2014. 3. ISIS begins its march of destruction and murder through Iraq, armed with American weapons, ammunition, Humvees, tanks, etc. 4. And here we are with dead bodies, people buried alive, crucified, beheaded, tortured all over Iraq. 5. The Iraq Army cuts and runs because they have little to no support from boots on the ground US military personnel in Iraq because Obama, via Biden, failed to get a Status of Forces agreement from Iraq’s leaders. 6. ISIS therefore acquires even more US weapons to attack and kill innocent civilians.

      Meanwhile, all through this mess, the Obama administration, lies, spins and otherwise camouflages the impact of its utter failure in the entire situation.

      Who is Obama really working for? That would seem a question that must be answered and soon.

  5. So what’s the buzz on MV? All golf all the time–no lobster? No do-goody libbie novels (The Interestings, etc)? No bike rides? No basil gelato? No al fresco feeds at Val’s?

  6. I just want to say:
    I remember playing outside with my neighborhood friends until dark. I remember, after the street lights came on, our Mothers yelling our names…telling us to come home NOW!
    I remember trash burned in old oil drums in the back yard, keys left in car ignitions, doors never locked and fearless freedom in our small town.
    I remember my mother saying, ” A little bird told me.” after I asked how she knew I had done something that did not agree with our family moral and ethical standards.
    I remember knowing what it meant to be “in trouble!” after I disobeyed my parents! :-)
    I remember parents who worked every day – no matter how they felt – and who were proud that they could offer us a better life.
    I remember my dear, sweet Mother falling asleep in a chair after she worked all day and then prepared supper…as my father watched television.
    I remember my Father reading the newspaper, watching television and listening to the radio – all at the same time…the original multi-tasker who worked so hard every day.
    I remember learning, learning, learning…all I could and all my teachers could offer.
    I remember trusting that our government -my government- had our/my best interests at heart.
    I remember these things…the better way, I believe. I lovingly, longingly remember. I longingly remember…

    • Forgive all the political incorrectness here — but this will be replaced with what you have seen in WalMart and other places where people who receive not assistance but a lifestyle provided by the taxpayers of the United States. Think of life in villages throughout the 3rd world, dirt roads,indolence, lack of discipline, structure or initiative to do better. Sprinkled with violence and the inevitable grey/black market . And not a word of English.

      With abuse of the constitution and the rule of law and a corrupt government that lies and obfuscates coupled with a government supported invasion of illegals to change the demographics and voting patterns we are on the fast track to third world.

      There is no center beyond the government that is no longer answerable to the people — everywhere else is chaos and this is exactly what Iraq Baraq and his cabal planned.

      But they didn’t think it through. And perhaps they don’t know what or who they have taken on. At least that is my hope.

      • Aileen has identified the memories that I had growing up in a small town, and she reminded me of something Paul Harvey would have said given today’s world.

        I agree with your last paragraph Grace.
        This fight isn’t over by a long shot.

        This is America, and I’ll be damned if I will give Her up to the likes of a Barack Obama and his minions.

        • It’s never going back to Father Knows Best–the actor was a major alcoholic anyhow. I sure remember a lot of dictatorial dads then, too (the belt, the woodshed). But maybe we could have a balance or more of one. More gentility, good will, kindness…The first thing out of the box on Aileen’s elegy was how immigrants in Walmart are ruining everything…

          • Forgive all the political incorrectness here.

            So,speaking plainly and having people attribute all kinds of intent even with a disclaimer is no longer acceptable.

          • I was blessed to have all my grandparents share their memories and childhood as well as my parents memories and childhood. I have taken the good and bad from everyones memories, advise, etc. to balance my children’s upbringing. I have done my best to give my thoughts on what is happening now and what should be to them.
            My two kids are 121/2 years apart, so their childhood and what happened in the world at tht time are quite different.
            I am exhausted keeping up what is happening. I keep wanting to just ignore the news and let other people take a turn paying attention to what is going on. However there a to many that do not.
            I do appreciate Keith and all of you.

          • Yes, I am cynical sometimes — with cause.

            And I very much enjoyed Aileen’s reminiscence. Perhaps it is true you can never go home again, but you can certainly fight hard to hold onto the good.

          • Aileen’s comment does not mourn the dead Star.
            Rather it is a bright and shining remembrance of what we once were.
            Optimism is something to embrace.
            Pessimism is something to abhor.
            I choose the former.

          • I was just saying yes, some places people did not lock doors, kids played outside on their own (we were almost feral), you could hold lit fire crackers if you wanted, but there were plenty of downsides then, too.

          • In fact, there is an argument to be made that many incoming families are old school like it used to be–churchgoing, large families, work long hours, count their blessings, loan money within their families, are loyal to their own and put family first, and will do almost anything to get their kids a better life..

          • In the end, we either have immigration –legal immigration only or we open the borders. Illegal is illegal — nice, law abiding, — you just can’t go picking and choosing and this situation we are in now cries out for obeying the laws and securing the border.

            If we continue to countenance illegal immigration then we do a great disservice to those who go the legal route.Might just as well shut that path down.

            Come one. Come all.

          • I got the belt — but never remember it hurting? Nothing wrong with the belt and I was pulled up the stairs by my hair too. That didn’t hurt either. I don’t blame my parents, they gave me everything and taught me to love my country and also made me go to school and work, not lay around and take drugs. They had enough money but I had to contribute a little something every week. Maybe the belt is considered abuse these days but if it weren’t for the belt I think I would never have accomplished anything. Getting the belt is like being in the army, it straightened me out and teaches how to take responsiblity for bad actions so that you realize you can’t get away with everything.Oh I forgot, I got the hairbrush over my backside a couple of times too.

    • I remember my Dad multitasking like yours, however my Dad added napping at the same time. I miss my parents dearly and wish I could have them back, even for a little while to tell them.

  7. My headline pick of the day has to be Hillary, who has taken Obama to task for his foreign policy decisions. It’s a special kind of chutzpah, considering she was instrumental in carrying them out. The Nuremberg defense comes to mind – “Befehl ist Befehl” (“orders are orders”).

    Then there was the Hillary on sat on the stage with Suha Arafat while Suha accused Israel of poisoning Palestinian children. What did Hillary do … she got up and kissed her on both cheeks. Hillary mumbled something the following day that it was a “translation problem”. Yeah, it didn’t translate into good coverage for Hill.

  8. My gripe of the day is the arrest of the Pennsylvania mother of 2 who mistakenly said she had her conceal carry gun when she ventured into NJ & was pulled over by a cop. Her situation is appalling when we look at how many illegal alien invaders – folks that have broken a Federal law, roam free as she faces 3-10 years in PRISON. (Found at NRA ILA updates In the news section)

    • I just got knocked off.
      Will try again.
      We have ILLEGAL people walking in uniform and with gun in/near AMERICAN CITIZENS back yard.
      We also have a fine military man of ours being held in Mexico, and O is on vacation.

  9. This is past disgusting. If you have the stomach, pull up Austrailia Daily Mail On LIne. Take a look what a SEVEN year old boy is holding.
    Our MSM is to delicate to make clear exactly how evil these people are.

    • He sounded like a teenage who got caught doing something wrong and is digging out whatever may come to mind.

      “Really, I didn’t stay out late, that is bogus and wrong.
      I didn’t speed in the car, that cop’s claim is bogus and wrong.

    • He just wants take everyone’s mind off of the real issues.

      Speaking of issue. Just read on Drudge that Kentucky district DROPS lunch program. They will be getting more to eat besides turnips.

    • Man, is he thin! Look at the waistline on his pants- h’s so thin the belt holds the pants up, while the too-big waistline sags.

  10. Cruising around the headlines at DRUDGE — pulling a lot of stuff off of Daily Mail — doesn’t say too much for the American media. Quelle Surprize.

    Over at the Blaze (Drudge linked) apparently Obama had sit down with his buddy Tommy Friedman and had a big whine about the Balkanization of the media. Lots of pot calling the kettle black in that sitdown.

    Obama’s got nothing — he is a total talking ideologue.

  11. This is interesting.Remember JournOlist.Well apparently there is a new secret group. A Media Trackers open records request has revealed a secret Google group aimed at helping liberals influence public policy by driving the media narrative.

    There is a piece about it on AOS Overnight Open Thread and here is a link to Media Trackers. It is interesting– there is a list of members and some email threads. I just scanned but remember how the Tea Party — bunch of crazies, domestic terrorists, etc. Well, apparently there was some mute admiration for what the Tea Party was able to accomplish as evidenced by the partial thread here.

    The pendu]um swingsleft

    To:Lisa Hull

    Forwarded message
    Date:Wed,Oct 9,2013 at11:39PM
    The Tea Party proved that a mission driven politics backed by serious campaigning and electoralization
    of popular sentiment {lmean,populap to mean’mass-based,’not
    necessarily in line with the majority or main of pubtic
    cpinion)in key races can have a maior irnpact.
    Winning elections and moving issues-making progress,
    so to speak– certainly helps….
    It’s all quite pompous and self righteous. Check it out.
    The links inside the Media Trackers piece will take you to members list and also pdf of some emails.