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Obama on Vacation, Playing Golf


President Obama arrived in Martha’s Vineyard today at 12:41 pm ET, spent 30 minutes at his luxurious vacation home, and then sprinted out to play golf. He landed at the Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, on a peninsula overlooking Nantucket Sound.

The White House reports that Obama’s golf partners are sportscaster Ahmad Rashad, Cyrus Walker, the cousin of Valerie Jarrett, and basketball player Ray Allen.

The president also spoke today by phone with British Prime Minister Cameron, French President Hollande, and German Chancellor Merkel.

It’s his 28th time playing golf this year and the 185th time of his presidency.

Meanwhile, speaking in Des Moines, Iowa, Sen. Ted Cruz, (R-Texas) blasted Obama as an “absentee President.”

“I think the president should actually stand up and do his job as commander in chief, should spend less time on the golf course and more time doing the job to which he was elected,” said Cruz, who apparently missed the irony that he himself was busy running for president in Iowa instead of doing the job to which he was elected.

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  1. Is there a prize that he gets when he makes it to 200 games of golf in his two terms in office? Maybe we aren’t being fair to him by expecting him to put work ahead of pleasure, especially if there is a Cracker Jack box at the end of the rainbow!

      1. Yes, a neck is a peninsula.

        The history of Farm Neck goes back to Mayhew in the 1600s. The quote is from a book called The History of Martha’s Vineyard by Henry Franklin Norton.

        Mayhew spent his last week with his Indian converts. While at what is now Farm Neck the Sachem of Sanchakantackett gave him a big “powwow.” After the dinner Mayhew praised the good split eels for which that neighborhood is famous. The Sachem said: “Mr. Mayhew, him no eels, him black snake from big swamp; no venison, him my best dog me kill for you.” Whether or not young Mayhew enjoyed the feast may be left to the reader. In any event it showed that the Indian thought a great deal of him and the best dog was none too good for him.

        Now, you tell me, how HYSTERICAL is it that Obama is playing golf in a location where founder Mayhew was fed DOG. I fell off my chair when I read that.

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  3. I noticed in his recent public announcements Merkel was not included in the allies and supporters of his Iraq by Baraq policy. Maybe she will join in now that after the phone call she sees how committed he is to the golf course.

        1. I was in moderation jail. It is customary to offer the incarcerated cookies, at least. The champagne was a special request. Alas, I was abandoned by my WHD peeps. Nary a cookie, a crumb ….. and as for champagne.HA! Barely a sip of water.

          1. Well, here’s the thing. I bought you some cookies but got stuck in traffic on my way to moderation and they smelled so good and I was so hungry.
            I couldn’t find any bubbly, but I did buy a bottle of 7-up, but here’s the thing; after I ate the cookies, I was so thirsty.
            Sooooo, I just went back to what i was doing before I did the cookie thing, but I had good intentions, just like every other Dem you know.

          2. HA! You are my favorite Dem. That being said, I am your typical Republican. Despite your intentions that resulted in no action that benefits anyone other than yourself I will believe you and know that you will not do that to me again. You will be there for sure with cookies and maybe something bubbly the next time I am in Mod Jail. Because I know you have my best interest at heart.

            But just in case, I am going to drag a child in there with me!

    1. Exactly my reaction regarding Cruz. Why the dig at Ted Cruz for pointing out the truth? I wish he were president right now because he at least would be taking the job seriously. Dictator Obama cares only about destroying this nation while immersing himself in a taxpayer provided ocean of luxury. He is going to get millions of Americans killed.

    1. No, The Mr & Mrs, along with the oldest daughter, seemed to arrive at the same time on the same flying machine. AF1, helio, dunno.
      No sightings of Daughter #2, nor of Dog #1, or Dog #2. We must assume that FirstGranny is along for the vacay, but she isn’t seen either.
      How many assorted extended family membersm or friendsm are included in this vacay is a state secret.

  4. At 4 hours per round, that 92 eight hour days. And he’s not playing with partners that he can claim he’s “making deals” on the course.

    This is all wasted time he can never have back.

    1. I wish we could kick him out now and get a real President. I am worried about the open borders, ebola, new war with Iraq. And he’s playing golf, he really should be kicked out and beaten to a pulp for all the neglect and damage to us.

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  9. Snide comment about Cruz is out of place, because the senate is in recess. Just as a reminder, the presidency is not, even though the current occupant once again (still?) is.

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