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What’s the Plan, Stan?

President Obama Thursday ordered supply drops for Iraqis trapped on a mountain by ISIS Islamists and said he would order “targeted” airstrikes against ISIS if the terrorists moved on the Kurdish capital of Irbil, because he said it would threaten Americans in the city.

But Obama, who spoke during a prime time address to the nation also ruled out the reintroduction of armed forces into Iraq:

I ran for this office in part to end our war in Iraq and welcome our troops home, and that’s what we’ve done.  As Commander-in-Chief, I will not allow the United States to be dragged into fighting another war in Iraq. 

And so even as we support Iraqis as they take the fight to these terrorists, American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq, because there’s no American military solution to the larger crisis in Iraq. 

I understand why we are doing this. I just don’t quite get where this is going. Worse, I don’t think Obama understands where this is going either. It seems we are dropping manna and missiles from the sky without any kind of strategic sense of what we’re doing.

This is classic, haphazard, incrementalism. First we put some “advisors” on the ground. Now, we’re going to start bombing. And then . . . who knows? We’re eventually going to get into a situation where we have to choose between escalating our involvement further or not escalating and allowing thousands of deaths, ISIS control of the country, and another black eye for American credibility.

Um, the time has run out to “train” Iraqi forces. Targeted strikes are not going to change the situation on the ground. What I’m seeing is a reaction, not a strategy. Tough questions are not being asked, such as,

  • Can we tolerate ISIS and an Islamic state or not?
  • If not, then what are we going to do about it?
  • Are we going to take future actions that prevent 40,000 people for being stranded on a mountain, or just wait and drop food once they get there?
  • Are we prepared for potential retaliation by ISIS on American soil?

This is yet another poorly thought out operation, like the one in Libya which got rid of Qaddafi but left the country in a state of chaos. And – let’s be bipartisan here – the one in Iraq that got rid of Saddam with little notion of how to keep a lid on the place once he was removed.

I can’t tell you I know right now what to do. I generally know my own mind, but I acknowledge to you that in this case I haven’t studied the situation carefully enough to offer you an opinion on such a grave matter, involving commitments of American armed forces.

But I do know that the way this is being carried out, it’s not going to end well, for anyone. I’m not sure Obama has thought it through much more carefully than I.

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  1. Not really a plan. It’s a reaction to “the polls will drop. Humanitarian crisis. Do something”. And so he announced that I, I ,I,I will do something. I will do THIS!”

    It took him forever to shift from “Iraqis” to religious to (big gulp) Christians.

    Bad.Not a plan.Now I just pray that ISIS doesn’t take us out because gutless wonder refuses to allow us to bomb them — they are using out left over war material of course.

    And his ratings will go up. Sad. Dangerous.

    Putin decides to move into the Ukraine now — and we’ll have to look in the closet in Martha’s Vineyard to find Obama.

  2. If I have this as clearly in my head as possible from President Fuzzy, he’s dropping “manna and missiles” with an option to drop “red lines”. Of course, it’s a desert and the winds can blow and blur those red lines within moments, only to be buried under a ton of sand, which will give him the wiggle room he desires more than anything else.

    How does he rule out troops when we already have 700 on the ground in Iraq “advising”. I am not suggesting more troops, I am just asking the obvious.

    • A couple of people on Fox tonight, made the point that he will bring food but what happens after that last meal. Those people will still be in trouble.
      This is what he does not understand. He was not elected to be liked by everyone. He sure doesn’t care what a Rep. may think of him, but he wants to be liked by everyone else, even the bad people of the world.
      He should have thought of those people weeks ago.
      To me he looked like he could not stand reading each word.
      Remember he was going to get us out…….

      • Truly, he seemed like a person wanting to be somewhere else.
        …… like maybe uh…the golf course ? were the fairways on his mind as he & totus were bonding last night?

        He is surely unfit for the office.

  3. What strikes me is the impossibility of the various factions in Iraq ever getting together in reconciliation, and yet Obama expects this to happen? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe him, and I doubt that he believes it himself. Was there an audience in the state dining room? It’s disconcerting to see Obama swiveling his head to read the teleprompter and trying to appear as if he is addressing an audience there. And the big painting of Abraham Lincoln was there to send a message. Probably the dining room was chosen for this purpose.

    • I’ll take it a step further, Julie…it’s downright disturbing to watch ‘swivelhead’. There was no audience – maybe Valjar and Sam Kass plus the janitorial staff.
      When presidents address the nation they traditionally sit at their desk in the Oval Office and look sraight into one camera/teleprompter to give the impression they are speaking directly to every American.
      Obama looks like an idiot savant every time he pulls this stunt..

  4. Is Mooch going to hold up a “#Save Our Mountaineers” sign tomorrow? Is there any truth to the rumor that Nike just received an order of 100,000 “Airborne Jordan’s” for the 101st and 82nd airborne division? That way President Obama will live up to his “no boots on the ground” pledge.

    My hearts go out to every soldier and their family for having such a feckless Commander In Chief.

  5. His speech turned my stomach. We will protect Americans, as CIC it is my job to protect America…really what happened in Bengazi????

  6. “But I do know that the way this is being carried out, it’s not going to end well, for anyone. I’m not sure Obama has thought it through much more carefully than I.”

    exactly, probably less than you Keith

    he withdrew too soon and now our military has to pay the price for his hubris (what else is new?)

    Can we take his unearned nobel peace prize away now?

    Hopefully this won’t upset his Martha’s Vineyard vacation and I bet it won’t

    • But remember, Obama is so brilliant he doesn’t HAVE to THINK about stuff, he just KNOWS the right thing to do. EEECCCHHH. Sorry, I just made myself gag!

    • Same time just this week news of more of our military being let go. 550 majors. Why does he keep letting go experienced fine serviceman?

  7. Why us, why the USA and not the Netherlands, the Koreans, the Aussies? Why are WE sending food and water to these people, why must we drop “strikes” on Iraqi soil while the rest of the world stares at their navels or enjoys another latte?
    Is there no other country in the whole wide world who cares about 40K people dying of hunger and thirst?

    Here we go again, tip-toeing into conflict with no exit strategy, no real plan of action, and sticking our might&right into the affairs of people who hate us.

  8. IMO
    He doesn’t give a crap and he has never given a crap

    There used to be excuses that he is “green” and “naive”

    I never thought that.

    He wants the trappings of being a president with none of the responsibility – and the trappings he wants (golf resort vacations hanging with celebs) are tacky and pathetic

    How about a classical concert or an opera at a white house concert?

    Katy perry and Beyonce? how humiliating

    I am ashamed – and I pay taxes for this

  9. Not to make light of this situation but I had an old friend named Stan that finally had to serve many years in prison for the “3 strikes” law..your out.

  10. He won’t be able to tap dance his way out of this one, or talk and bluff his way out. Fact is 40,000 people, including 25,000 children and trapped on a mountain without basic supplies facing certain death once ISIS reaches them. This is not a faux crisis like the thousands who are breaking into the US at the southern border….these people in Iraq are true refugees in a fight for their lives. If Obama and the democrats don’t do something and these people are slaughtered, the blood of those Iraqis will be on his hands, period.

  11. Typical move by Obama. Reactive instead of proactive! And then go in half assed. If we are going in,we need to go in big or don’t go at all. I’m not saying boots on the ground. Blow the crap out of these people.

  12. Pick a food metaphor–nailing Jell-O to the wall, throwing spaghetti at the wall. The need a decision tree like any manager in a company has–if we do this, then this or this will happen and when it does, then we do… A plan FOR “Stan,” if you will… Winging it is a money and precious lives pit.

    • Also heard on NPR that some of those people on the mountain have escaped with the help of those tough Peshmerga dudes…they need ammo and intel–maybe we could get with that program.

      • Sometimes I feel like a dope parroting back stuff from TV or radio–I am not a general or military expert. I just wish I felt some were masterminding this, tho.

  13. Well, gee whiz, this is what Valari Jerrett told him to do. Does it have to make sense ? He’s following orders like a good little muslim.

  14. What is truly sad is his refusal to even acknowledge that these are the same “Rebels” of the arab spring that he was praising and giving his ever present lecture about how to get “true democracy”. He gave them support, and armed some if not most of them. He helped them take over Libya, He backed them in Egypt, he has helped them in Syria. In fact I got so tired of hearing him talk about the wonderful democrat loving rebels that I wanted to scream. Well to be honest every time I hear him say anything I want to scream now. These are terrorists. They were during the arab spring and they are now. The only difference is that we have trained them and given them weapons now. So we have built a better terrorist. Thank you Obama.

    • Was, still is. He is still surrounded by his muslim bros. Look into his advisers. Gee and a get together of dictators, a few decent guys and gals in the WHut

  15. He is either the most truly clueless of men to have ever taken the Oath of Office, or he is out of his mind crazy. I am going with the bat crap crazy. No other explanation for the bald face lies. Right in your face, I wouldn’t be surprised if he himself ran a clip of him saying the exact opposite of what he says right after and dare anyone to call him a liar.

  16. Enough time has gone by since ISIS captured the Mosul Dam that, any point, they can either rig the dam with explosives…or CLAIM to have done so. And then it is game over. Our hands will be tied. The ISIS terrorist army can begin slaughtering whomever they choose, holding over the world’s head the threat of blowing the dam and killing hundreds of thousands more by unleashing a 60-ft wall of water on everyone down river. Obama made our bed…and now we, the Iraqis and the whole world get to lie in it.

  17. Why isn’t the UN, umm NATO screaming from the roof tops about the slaughter and desecration? Why are THEY not stepping in to stop genocide?
    At the least call for it? Is it because the UN is corruption and hate?
    Where is obozo’s statement to the world to step up and stop this why are we alone?

  18. Are we down to the USA … strike that. “Americans” alone sees death and destruction. This Tyrant could care less about those opposing his sharia nut case comrades. HE has sat on his hands. Any coincidence that after he released the Gitmo 5 All heck broke loose in Iraq?

  19. Obama doesn’t think and has zero military knowledge or strategy. His plan is to make the U.S. part of the African nation, and he could care less about American lives being lost or returning home mentally or physically impaired. He has fired, removed, or forced the resignation of all our leading generals and obviously does not listen to his Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has no allegiance to the American flag, proven time and again, but until and unless he is removed one way or the other, nothing will change.