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Obama Preps for Vaca with High-End Dinner

President Obama warmed up for his upcoming Martha’s Vineyard excursion with an outing Wednesday night at Washington’s latest “it” restaurant, Fiola Mare. Michelle and the Obamas’ personal consigliere, Valerie Jarrett, came along too. ValJar never misses anything good.

The place  gets rave reviews, overlooks the Potomac River, and serves entrees for the One Percent generally priced from $30-$50. Yes, just the entrees.

Michelle and ValJar had already scouted the place out in AprilAverage Joe Biden of course has hit the spot too.

Only the best for the commander-in-chief and his minion, who need a rest from time to time from fighting for economic justice:

Fiola Mare

And the place is suitable politically correct, claiming:

Our menus are based on the finest, freshest ingredients available and therefore change daily and seasonally. We are committed to sourcing sustainable seafood that does not jeopardize the vitality and well-being of our oceans.

Ahh yes, Fiola Mare is committed to fishing the oceans, not warming them. And not fishing them too much. Thank you.

The White House pool reporter for the evening noted that “several African leaders” were at the restaurant a couple of nights ago.

Oh, gosh, I hope they expensed it to their people. It’s a business trip, after all, and no good autocrat should have to spend their own money. Although, presumably, ours did, although we picked up the carfare.

18 thoughts on “Obama Preps for Vaca with High-End Dinner”

  1. How nice the dictator found time to dine. Did dinner chat mention that the first general killed since 1970 was being flown back to Dover AFB today. I’ve been scouring the net, but to my un-surprise Obama wasn’t there.

  2. All reporting on the Obamas should be done via the Hollywood Reporter. We don’t have a president – we have a Trillion $$$ lottery winner. It’s a tragedy and a travesty – a plague on America that these Obama parasites are allowed to occupy the WhiteHouse.
    Rome is literally burning while the gluttonous Obamas feast on lobster tails and champagne.

  3. ValJar is downright creepy – she’s like Where’s Waldo, always in very scene, just sometimes harder than other times to find.

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  6. This coward and loser of a president (and I use that word loosely with
    him) knew he was tired of “playing” president before 2012, why didn’t
    he just not run again….and go away and write a book or whatever and
    stop costing us so much to “keep” him…while we pay him/them while
    they sleep on the job.

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