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Obama to Interrupt Vacation

President Obama will return to the White House for two days midway through his Martha’s Vineyard vacation to attend unspecified meetings at the White House.

The White House has given no reason for the sudden decision to return Obama to Washington. I can tell you, interrupting his vacation is not something Obama would do lightly. He must feel the need to deal with something important. I would be concerned.

Obama, who leaves for Martha’s Vineyard Saturday, will return to the White House on Sunday, Aug. 17, before resuming his vacation on Aug. 19. His vacation is still scheduled to end the following Sunday, August 24.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today refused to say why Obama was returning. “Check back next week,” he said.

62 thoughts on “Obama to Interrupt Vacation”

    1. First thing that came to mind was something of that nature.
      I do hope he is only annoucing that ahead because his ratings are so low. In other words he has nothing important planned, he is just pretending ahead time that he is always paying attention to his job.

    2. If we raise enough h#ll, would he stay there?

      I think you’ve nailed it, Lee. Security is actually better on MV than it is in the White House. What’s easier to secure than an island?

      He’ll stab us in the back and then go hide out.


      1. i think he is going to do the Immigration thing and then go back into hiding, but he wants to stir the pot. Get everyone agitated and nervous. Now he has an ‘out’ because of the ISIL battle.

    1. DC/VA/MD college tours happen year round, yes, even on his golf Saturdays :) So makes no sense to return, at our great expense, for two days just for that.

      Being in MV, might be a good opportunity to tour the fine northeast’s schools since they’re just a hop from most of them.

      So I ruled out any family-related event would bring him back to DC for two days.

      If it’s official business, didn’t Jay Carney tell us he can be President anywhere, even on vacation?

      This is boggling my mind !

      1. Rent on storage container due?

        Time lock on secret stash of good Hawaiian Herb screwed up and set for 08/17 instead of 08/07.

        Executive order to open all borders on the 6th anniversary of fellow dope smoker, Michael Phelps, win of 8 gold metals?

        Executive order to (make up your own narrative) on the 16th anniversary of Slick Willy admitting that he slipped the willy to Monica.

    1. Holy cow Annie! That’s an incredible find! I bet you are a million percent right and he’ll take pen in hand.

      The day goes to Annie. Brava.

      1. Amen to New Yorker! Kudos to Annie!
        How much longer are we – as a nation – going to put up with this BS?
        Not a threat or intent to harm…just a question…

    2. So why not go to Ellis Island, which isn’t too far, a quick chopper ride?

      I’m guessing now a fundraiser in the DC area. DNC will have to pay for those expenses, unless he speechifys somewhere close by?

      Does he have to be at the WH to sign an executive order ?

          1. Lol – So now I’m the answer lady! I’m flattered :)

            I actually have no idea but my first instinct is to say “no” he does not have to be at the WH to to sign an EO since he clearly has signed LAW outside the WH and even AUTO-PENNED law from a remote location so since an EO is a much lower threshold item, I would regard it as a safe bet he can issue his dictates from any luxe location he chooms at.

          2. Thanks. I just read dates, rules, etc. regarding the Rule. However it did not mention where he had to be.
            I really think he is now playing with us and enjoying himself.
            Why doesn’t he do something with himself like state, yes we spending trillions of dollars. Yes we owe the world trillions of dollar, but “I” want to fix all the bridges. Yes we would fuss about this not being financially a good time, However the arguement would be for the better good and safety of “OUR” citizens. Than he could tell all his buddies that he had over for brunch, this is what you can do for your Countries, instead of buying a car for yourself.

    3. Earnest said he would act before the end of the summer. Summer ends about September 21. So, still a month’s leeway, but makes perfect sense.

    4. Great sleuthing, Anne! Why else would the coyote-in-chief interrupt his sacred vacation unless it had something to do with his sole objective – the unconstitutional legalization of millions of invaders.

    5. Annie, your theory is getting legs. Am seeing tweets out there suggesting same. I hope they give you credit. Says a lot of people read White House Dossier.

    6. Great find! Kudos.

      And we all know that Obama enjoys the “historic”, the trappings, the symbolism of the Grand Gesture.

      Makes sense.

        1. I’d say Annie is a p*ssed-off housewife who happens to be a genius! Thanks for doing the research and sharing it with us!

  1. Since all of Washington is on vacation during August, who could he be meeting with? He could easily have anyone come visit him. I assume his staff will be with him?

    Yea, this is immigration bs.

    1. I remember when Bush/Congress took vacations, Senator Webb (who lives in Northern Virginia) went in to bang the gavel or something to keep Congress in session so Bush wouldn’t be able to sign EO’s.

      Perhaps the GOP wants Obama to sign the Amnesty bill ?

  2. interrupting your vacation with your family is irresponsible.
    Placing missile batteries in civilian neighborhoods is “irresponsible”.

    Which fits better?

  3. It must gonna be one helluva fundraiser for Obola to interrupt
    the royal vacation. Seriously though, I have to concur with many
    here and add that it will involve grandstanding of epic proportions no matter what the trip is for. Maybe the executive dog walker’s last
    day is Sunday. Didn’t he once say at a fundraiser (imagine that)
    he had to go home and pick up poop? What an ass…..

  4. He must be feeling neglected. Now he has a lot of people speculating about him. That’s all this is. “Look at me!” And with those approval ratings, no surprise.

    1. Me too. I’ve got this gnawing in the pit of mi estomago that tells me something REALLY bad is going to happen. The immigration thing sure seem like a perfect fit!!

  5. Well thank the gods you guys in the “WH press corps” have no NERVE or GUTS to ever ask Obama a REAL QUESTION, such as why The Dear Leader wants to fly back on AF1 (Millions of $ wasted there) so he can make some self-centered Remarks/read a tele-prompter…and continue to lead the “USA” down a path a ruin until 2016

  6. Maybe our Pres is going to have his own little private party like JFK and Slick Willy Bill did while the First Lady and the girls are having fun on vacation. Must really take some planning to get this all arranged. Have fun Pres.

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