As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Accuses United States of Human Rights Violations

No, this is not satire.

From Wednesday’s press conference:

As is true on a whole range of issues — and I’ve said this in the past — many times we will work with countries even though they’re not perfect on every issue.  

And we find that in some cases engaging a country that generally is a good partner but is not performing optimally when it comes to all of the various categories of human rights, that we can be effective by working with them on certain areas, and criticizing them and trying to elicit improvements in other areas. 

And even among countries that generally have strong human rights records, there are areas where there are problems.  That’s true of the United States, by the way. 

Well, that’s one way to cozy up to the African dictators he invited to his Africa Summit.

Wait, maybe he’s talking about IRS targeting of Tea Party groups. Okay, you have a point, Mr. President.

35 Responses to Obama Accuses United States of Human Rights Violations

  1. A new day, a new low. Please, please, please make him go while we have something left. To compare the US on our human rights records to some of these third world hell holes is either awfully stupid or part of his plan to reduce our stature in the world community.

  2. And all he and Holder do is blame their opposition on racism.

    Earth to Obama, when you hate on America, America’s going to hate you back in spades. (as in card suit hierarchy, as in spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs w/ spades being the suit that trumps all others)

    As in , the spade comment had NOTHING to do with 1/2 of you having a darker skin pigment than the other 1/2, as in even though the comment includes a word phrase about a black card suit, just because it’s black does not make it racist, as in I and tens of millions of Americans despise BOTH your halves, the black AND white.

    Inviting all those African despots and dictators to the White House at taxpayer expense was bad enough, but attacking America while you did it? Is there no depth to your depravity?

      • One of those days. I watched it and live tweeted it and am still fuming over the entire debacle.
        I’ve lived under Presidents of both parties but have never seen one from either party purposely denigrate America at every chance he got.

        • Well, Carter did a lot of the same thing and has stepped it up since leaving office, but Obama seems to like slamming the USA to other leaders especially 3rd world leaders and if possible in other countries while he is doing his “lecturing”.

    • After I heard him make that comment last night I put on mute.
      I appreciate Keith pointing out what guest have done for themselves and not for the Countries.

    • Agree. He was in the company and comfort of his peers and buddies with the despots. Obama and his buddies scorn America and yet live off its largesse.

      There is nothing about him that says an American President. He is third world all the way — with all the glitter, trappings, and arrogance.

    • We need to thank the Democrat Party and all the Democrat voters for this Democrat celebration of the African Dictators’ who engage daily in “crimes against humanity.” If Obama isn’t an enabler of “crimes against humanity,” than no one is.

  3. That so called news conference was embarrassing for Americans to endure.
    Even Ron Fournier on Fox, who bends over to be fair to Obama, was at a loss for a kind word by the end.
    We had two long, long years ahead…if the country stays intact that long.

  4. I was embarrassed just listening to that news conference.
    Even Ron Fournier, who usually bends over backwards to be fair to Dear Leader had a hard time finding anything good to say,
    Pray for our country to survive the next two years.

  5. He’s trying to make the point that the US is engaged in human rights violations due to the way the flood of illegals are currently being treated. They haven’t been welcomed with the open arms he had anticipated, therefore we must be engaged in human rights violations. Had it not been for his asinine policies there would be no crisis at the border.

    It is you Mr. President that is the human rights violator. It is not the American people. We are the most generous, open, and welcoming of people, provided the rule of law is maintained and respect for OUR traditions are adhered to.

    Given that your speech was made before a collection of some of the worst degenerate leaders in the world, one has to wonder if you are just pandering to your audience, seeking their approval, since a majority of Americans do NOT approve of the way you are governing.

    Should we be bracing for greater human rights violations, one directed at the very people you swore an oath to protect?

  6. Just cannot let anyone think that the USA is somehow above other….always leveling the playing field, being fair. Which, in his mind, means lowering our standards, our achievement, our record, our generosity, our benevolence.

    Stick it where the sun don’t shine Mr. President, I for one, is damn proud of our record with human rights.

    What I’m not proud of ….is you.


  7. We would expect no less from a man whose speeches and statements of the last 6 years were inclined to insult, lie to, lie about, ridicule, and denigrate the people he was elected to govern.

  8. Now he just sounds like a moron.
    He is contradicting his immigration policy and all the other policies he wants to put into place to bring the middle class and all the other “folks” up, up, up into the stratosphere where he and all his other leftist pals live (but not really, it is just political talk).
    If we, as a nation are such human rights violators, why is it our borders are being flooded with illegal invaders trying to come to a better life here? Why do we see American people giving to humanitarian causes and working to keep America free from the likes of Barack the Magnificent and his communist policies?
    Barack Obama’s official language is Gibberish.

  9. What shocks me is that with such low ratings and how much of an embarrassment he is to the world, why aren’t there protests against him? Where are the marchers at the WH? Why aren’t more people heckling him at speeches? Where’s HIS Cindy Sheehan? Is it all the fault of the lapdog media that there’s little public show of disdain for the president?

    Had I been waiting an hour yesterday, I would have shouted from the rooftops when he deigned to appear “it’s about freaking time pal. Where ya been?”

    • Well, I can’t speak for everybody else, but I think the reason nobody is protesting or heckling him is because he no longer matters. People don’t care about what he says or does.

      America has tuned him out. I know I certainly have.

  10. Same old Obama, isn’t it? People still talk about his Apology Tour as one of the first events of his presidency, and he’s never figured out how offensive that was to so many Americans.

    He just keeps piling it on. After all, America is just another ordinary nation among those in the world. Nothing exceptional about us at all.

  11. Kind of reminds me of his mentor Jimmuh’s “Malaise” speech.

    Then contrast this with Reagan’s “Shining city on the hill.”

    Night and day.

  12. But, he has been our leader for the past 6ish years. Doesn’t that make him guilty of it as well? I would make a joke about what the Japanese scientist did last week, but I don’t need the FBI/CIA/NSA/NYPD knocking at my door.

  13. I’m so angry about that comment, I’m at a loss for words. How many more brave Americans have to die to secure the human rights of others before he gets it? Rot in H*ll, Obama.

  14. I missed the presser yesterday but he appeared to be in his element with his fellow thugs and dictators judging from the news clips. His actions over the past six years are proof positive that Obama hates America and the Constitution. Instead of upholding out laws, he has spent all of this time trying to subvert the Constitution. He is a man on a mission and he was celebrating his victories with a group of his peers.

    Africa is now being referred to as the “New Africa” – no doubt the handiwork of Michelle and Barack Obama. Nothing ‘new’ about Africa except one of their ‘native sons’ won the ‘affirmative action’ lottery and is now posing as an ‘American’ while he and his corrupt administration pillage and plunder.

    It was indeed a ‘transformational’ moment in history to witness the Kenyan thug in the WH celebating with the largest gathering of thugs and homophobes on the planet. And, as Georgg commented, ‘attacking America’ while he did so.

  15. Well, what could you expect of a muslim from a foreign country but to run down the U.S.? He’s the #1 Domestic Enemy in Chief. His picture should be on the “Most Wanted” bulletin board in every Post Office.

  16. So he is saying he himself is just as flawed, cruel, arbitrary, greedy and dishonest as some African leaders–like say, the late Idi Amin, who used to personally beat prisoners until eyeballs littered the floor? Or would this be us–all of us, who personally gave Indians smallpox-loaded blankets or knocked people over with firehoses and dogs? Or hung people? Why doesn’t he just go to confession–he doesn’t know up from down anymore.

  17. I refuse to call that twerp, Mr. President. He is illegal and does not deserve that title nor the position. To me, he is just Obama the fraud. And Michelle is Michael.