As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || If Only Kerry Could Command Such Respect!

Just thought you’d enjoy this . . .

H/T to The Blaze.

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  1. Big deal.
    This has been done so many times right here in the USA: the Dem organizer calls out “free food, free phones, free everything” and a gaggle of voters run right into the polling place.

    • LOL srdem ! True story :)

      I was just going to add that the spoiled rotten mallards that live on our neighborhood lake will “march” like that whenever they see a bag of (FREE) bread being waved from the shore.

    • Exactly. Seeing that video, I thought he’s probably saying “Dinner time!”

      On a more serious note: I grew up on a farm, and one of my jobs was bringing the cows in from the fields for the evening milking. Many would start walking toward the alleyway as soon as they saw me enter the field they were in. For the more reluctant ones, I just had to get on the other side of them and walk toward them in the direction of the gate. They knew what they were supposed to do, and there were benefits in it for them.

      So the video is cute, but not surprising.

  2. OT. I don’t have a link or source, but apparently over at MSNBC in commenting on the Africa-centric day, the female voice said something to the effect, of course, Obama is from Kenya.

    You might want to go over and see is she is still trying to self correct and atone. It’s only been a few hours since she said this and I am sure the road back is long.

    • Really? OMG. Anyhow, on MoJoe they had that Anita Dunn person on–what a sourpuss–ittle pursy judgy lips, “may I finish please,” the whole niner. She was all talking pts and accused someone else of spouting them. Anita, listen to yourself.

    • Just saw a photo of Mrs Obama and Laura Bush doing an event with African wives/women about education. My guess is that Laura Bush was already on the agenda and the Queen had to drag her rear from whatever spa she was spending the day at to attend and not look bad…

    • That would be Chris Jansing – a veteran MSNBC anchor. I liked her years ago, but haven’t watched anything but MoJo on that channel since Chrissie Matthew’s leg started tingling.

  3. Hey, DO NOT tell Kerry about these ducks!!! Flashback to 2004 – Kerry (see I am a MAN!!) with a gun and a dead goose!!! Poor goose had to have been a cousin to these guys!