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Obama’s Unsavory Africa Dinner

I get the three-day White House conference hosting leaders from all over Africa. China is building lots of ties to the continent, and we’ve got to get in there too. I can’t imagine it’s a huge business bonanza – though it can’t hurt, probably – but there are lots of national security reasons why we need to have an influence in Africa.

Anyway, a prosperous Africa is good for Africa and good for the United States.

What I don’t get is why President Obama needed to stage a sumptuous, red-carpet banquet for so many corrupt African satraps, some of whom run among the most repressive governments in the world.

Sixteen of the honored leaders represented at what was basically a State Dinner in their honor Tuesday evening are listed by Freedom House as lording over “not free” societies.

Among these was, as announced by the White House, “His Excellency Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.” According to Forbes:

Equatorial Guinea is one of the continent’s largest producers of oil and has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, but this doesn’t necessarily translate into prosperity for its people. The country ranks very poorly in the United Nations human development index; the vast majority of Equatorial Guineans hardly have access to clean drinking water.

The country also has one of the world’s highest under-5 mortality rates: about 20% of its children die before the age of five. Many of the remaining 80% of the children don’t have access to quality educational and healthcare facilities.

Meanwhile, the first son of the president, Teodorin Obiang (who is in line to succeed his father), spends millions of dollars of state funds financing his lavish lifestyle which includes luxurious property in Malibu, a Gulfstream jet, Michael Jackson memorabilia and a car collection that could easily make billionaires go green with envy.

Yes, his excellency has it pretty excellent.

And then there was “His Majesty King Mswati III, Kingdom of Swaziland:”

Sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch presides over a country which has one of the world’s highest HIV prevalence rates: ver 35 percent of adults. Its average life expectancy is the lowest in the world at 33 years; nearly 70 percent of the country’s citizens live on less than $1 a day and 40 percent are unemployed.

But for all the suffering of the Swazi people, King Mswati has barely shown concern or interest. He lives lavishly, using his kingdom’s treasury to fund his expensive tastes in German automobiles first-class leisure trips around the worldand women

Oh, it’s good to be the king.

So glad you, taxpayer, picked up the check last night. Here’s what they ate during dinner on the South Lawn, after being shuttled their via trolleys from the White House, a distance of about 15 feet.

The repast was described as “a largely American-style dinner with hints of Africa sprinkled throughout each of the four courses:”

Chilled spiced tomato soup and socca crisps, which are made of chick peas;

Chopped farm-stand vegetable salad using produce from the first lady’s garden;

Grilled dry-aged Wagyu beef served with chermoula, a marinade used in North African cooking, sweet potatoes and coconut milk.

Cappuccino fudge cake dressed with papaya scented with vanilla from Madagascar.

American wines.

An eager Lionel Richie sang for the assembled tyrants after they’d finished gorging themselves. He complained that his time onstage had been cut back.

Obama of course waxed deeply poetic:

Tonight we are making history, and it’s an honor to have all of you here.

And I stand before you as the President of the United States and a proud American.  I also stand before you as the son of a man from Africa (Applause.)  The blood of Africa runs through our family.  And so for us, the bonds between our countries, our continents, are deeply personal . . . 

And so I propose a toast to the New Africa — the Africa that is rising and so full of promise — and to our shared task to keep on working for thepeace and prosperity and justice that all our people seek and that all our people so richly deserve. 

Sad to see the president bonding with so many corrupt jerks. These people are not the true Africa. These are the people who have clawed their way over the corpses of innocent Africans so they could steal their money.

We need to have relations with these people. But a dinner in their honor is sickening.

Here’s some handheld video of Obama’s appearance. Not sure where it came from.

66 thoughts on “Obama’s Unsavory Africa Dinner”

    1. Speaking of birds…

      Any ideas (from anybody) why Obama again replaced his security blanket POTUS Podium with the eagle-adorned podium?

      Is there a message here?

  1. This “son of a man from Africa” is perhaps envious of his African counter parts, in that so many can rule and govern with the phone, and the pen.

    Perhaps it is a longing, born deep in his DNA to have the power that they have, and yet he will never be able to have (hopefully) here in the US.

    1. “Perhaps it is a longing, born deep in his DNA to have the power that they have, and yet he will never be able to have (hopefully) here in the US.” So true, Shofar!

      BUT, he does attempt to emulate them with his lavish vacays and travel on AF1.

    2. Maybe the whole thing had a bigger point. Since he’s only got 2 years left here maybe he’s laying the ground work to become the worlds first Emperor of Africa. A Black Napoleon. Fits his ego and Michelle would no longer have to worry about that damned American flag that ticks her off so much.

    1. I must feel the same way. So… I will make comment about her garden. I really do not think she is going outside sweating up a storm to tend to a garden. I grew two tamatoe plants and tend to the yard work. It is time comsuming, hot, sweaty, and exhausting. Has anyone seen a picture of her in that condition?

      1. White guys. Military — kinda like bumps in the road for Obama.

        But like srdem65 on this 3 day African fest of less than admirable leaders I can’t say what I want,and what should be said, so I withhold.

  2. Tomato soup, socca-to-me croutons, some salad from Whole Foods, some weird-tasting beef and choc cake–big woo. Sounds like a TV dinner from Hell. I guess they compare their Benzes.

  3. For decades now foreign nations have sent financial and other types of aid into that continent only to have it absconded, stolen or squandered. GW himself has done yeomans work there to improve the lives of many, but still these despots and others on the continents butcher each other and steal from their own. What will it take to change the course of those nations? Certainly not a glitz feed and greet with Obummer. He treats them like royalty while calling the successful law abiding capitalists in this nation ” unpatriotic and greedy”

    1. Uncivilized perhaps? The fittest shall survive in Africa? But we all have to face the same ending, even these drunken, rich despots, and that includes our “President”

  4. Actually, I think Grace raised a decent pt yesterday–did they all get their temps taken–or are we to assume they are so far from common sick people it isn’t even funny.

    1. Has anyone counted the silverware yet? Still, no word on the dead General or Ebola.
      Lional Ritchie? What happened to Bey and “J” ? Oh yes…they’re splitting after their tour is finished.

          1. Almost forgot about the 550 majors who wlll be dismissed, Lee.
            That’s huge

            Almost forgot about the 500 majors who will be dismissed, Lee. That’s huge. They’re probably all Republicans.


          2. I don;t get this 500 majors thing on here–over and over and over. They have said they are cutting back the military–passed over twice for promotion, you’re out…is this is not the rule. Is this a shock?

          3. Oh, lovely rule. “We turned you down for promotion twice because you’re not a flaming liberal. Now we can kick you out because we did that.”

  5. I think this is all about domestic politics, just like the visit to the Indians right before the Redskins trade-mark ruling. Here, Obama is appealing to black voters, a group he needs for midterms. The African leaders are just props.

  6. I’m also kinda embarrassed by the menu. Really ? You’re going to serve them food they can get at home? Faux pas by these very unwordly people.

  7. Making hay from The One’s AfAm genetics.

    Also, another example of Obots thinking that just being in the glow of The One may make these meanie old dictators go home and institute some human rights in their countries.

    They will aspire to be as great as The One, having viewed his example, you see.

  8. You don’t get it? Really? Okay, I know that’s probably ironic. The answer is in that “blood of Africa” thing.

    In Obama’s mind, if you have any ancestors from that continent (unless they were Afrikaaners or Brits who settled in the south), you have to stick together and promote “your people’s” interests first and foremost. It also means you can commit all manner of crimes and sins, and nobody can hold you to account, because that would be raaaacist.

    There are some important exceptions, of course. The above rules do not apply to 1) Republicans; or 2) Christians who get in the way of the Islamizing of the continent.

  9. The excerpt from his speech reminds me of something from one of my spy novels I read. All these corrupt leaders together with a sub plot to do something bad that the good guys need to disrupt. Sad thing is fiction tends to become reality.

  10. Completely off topic but here goes anyway.
    On SNL, there was a guy that would scream a message to the hard of hearing, can’t remember his name.

    Caps on,…..





    Caps off,….
    Not yelling now.
    Love the site Keith, and so do many others.
    I would never survive very long in the press corp.
    Do us all a favor and look into it,…OK ?

    1. Maybe you could email Keith as described in the contact section. This is a free site–I know it’s frustrating…apparently add-ons have been clapped on to WordPress, which I also do not love. These rants against the site take up space.

      1. I have e-mailed Keith in the past, and the contact section does not work if the site doesn’t come up.
        This is the only site in my bookmarks that exhibits this error.

        Sorry about taking up space Star.
        ( Are you serious ?)

        1. I am serious–the constant complaints…I have emailed Keith myself saying people are complaining. This is his site–it’s free–it’s not like an entitlement to us. Sometimes, I think, he puts it on mod bec he thinks the abusive Drudgies may be attracted–sometimes it malfunctions–it seems to not like some firewalls, etc. I don’t know–I am not a bithead. But I can only get mad if I am paying.

          1. Honestly, we could all simply scroll past posts that we’re not interested in or that annoy us. That’s what I usually do – with this one exception because I’m so very tired of the posts complaining about what other people have posted (yes, I realize that I am now committing the same offense) but it’s the one and only time I’ll do this, unlike some who do it on a regular basis).

      1. Thanks for replying Keith..
        I do think Garrett Morris could provide a service in the pressers when the inability to answer a question definitively by the press secretary presents itself.
        Perhaps Morris would represent the voice of the people.

  11. “Sad to see the president bonding with so many corrupt jerks.”
    Keith, Keith, Keith I’m sure the above was just a slip of the keyboard. There were far less jerks at that dinner than the number Obama meets in any given week meeting w/ Pelosi, Reid et al and those oh so ever must attend no matter what fundraisers.

        1. Where ever there is income inequality… He’ll be there…
          Wherever a woman cries out for the pill… You’ll find…

          BARACK OBAMA!

    1. 1. The Founders wouldn’t even recognize today’s America
      2. Said Founders would be hanging their heads in shame that what they fought so hard to give us was so easily given away with nothing more than the bribery of a government check and the promise of “for the better good”.

  12. This man is not American!!!! He hates our country and our people. He supports the Muslim brotherhood. My God what is it going to take for us to get him out of our house?!?!?

    1. Right? What will it take — Not only Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood, Hillary Clinton does too! Her assistant is spawn from that filthy terrorist group! And the assistant will be in the White House too every day if the pig wins. What will it take? Will it be another stolen election for another America hater, who has committed treason? Another nightmare for us? WHAT WILL IT TAKE?

  13. Saw photos showing Jimmy Carter was there, but none of Lauran and George Bush who participated in the spouses event on Wednesday. Wonder if they had dinner with their daughter instead?

  14. Deep breaths, count to 10 or maybe 10,000, envision the day we no longer have to listen to this low life spew b.s. or live under his un-American policies; save that special bottle of wine or champagne to celebrate the day he and his large caboosed bride walk out of the WH for good, find your Zen place, believe in Karma.
    The absurdity that is Barack Obama will end eventually.

    1. I believe in Karma…she is taking her sweet time escorting this Obama absurdity& his lemmings off the ‘cliff’.
      Deep breaths and a lovely Pinot Noir helps.
      Thank You ..veritaseequitas

  15. You’re right Keith…these are the same Africans who let their people reproduce in the muddy streets, spreading disease, starving…all because the leaders are greedy dictators…sound familiar…whether people will acknowledge that or not…Obama thinks he is some sort of royalty…he is a total disgrace to represent our country. This is not Africa, this is the United States of America. He is a Muslim from Kenya and has done nothing but harm our country…I do not understand why he is still around…he still believes these Africans and Arabs will be on his side…the reality is they will turn around and laugh in his face…

  16. All his life Obama has associated with, praised, supported and as president, honored, praised, and support the scum of the earth. This is simply another example of how comfortable he is around people like him.

    1. He’s so proud to have all these rich folks from Africa come to our White House! Loves the glitz, doesn’t care where they get their money from. He is doing the same thing to us. A new report today says that 6 billion dollars? of taxpayer money is missing from the Obama administration. He’s no different, birds of a feather flock together. And he calls the American people greedy.

  17. It would be very interesting to know the reasoning of entertaining these thugs, murderers, thieves in such grand style. One guess is that it was an ego thing for Obama…”see, I’m just as powerful as you are.” Another is that he and Michelle feel quite comfortable among thugs, murderers, and thieves.


    1 (16 oz.) Dry-Aged Wagyu Boneless Strip Steak $121.98

  19. White mother, white grandparents who raised him,,,,is that correct?
    Guess he forgot that part? Guess black trumps white always.

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