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The Obama Morning News || August 6, 2014

WashPost against Obama amnesty . . . Washington Post
Liberal paper editorializes: “Obstinate, hopelessly partisan and incapable of problem-solving, Congress is a mess. But that doesn’t grant the president license to tear up the Constitution.”

Poll: Return illegals “immediately” . . . Breitbart
A New Wall Street Journal-NBC poll found that 51% of respondents want illegal immigrant juveniles, nearly 90% of whom are teenagers, to be deported, while only 43% want them to stay if they meet certain conditions.

Kerry wants to revive peace talks . . . Fox News
Secretary of State Kerry called on Israeli and Palestinian leaders to use the ongoing 72-hour truce that halted fighting in the Gaza Strip as a stepping-stone to restart more far-reaching negotiations. 

HHS has massive Obamacare backlog . . . Fox News
Federal health officials are finding themselves swamped as they fact-check a flood of paperwork from applicants seeking taxpayer subsidies. 

The most popular guy in Washington . . . Politico
Democrats long for David Plouffe to return to the White House

Obama ripped on torture report. . . National Journal
The Senate Intelligence Committee will not make its report on Bush-era “enhanced interrogation” programs available to the public until the Obama administration can explain why it heavily redacted the report.

Feds keep creating new crimes . . . Free Beacon
The federal government has created more than 400 new crimes since 2008, according to a report by the Congressional Research Service.

Obama announces $12B Africa investment . . . Examiner
President Obama announced $12 billion in new commitments to invest in African energy and electricity infrastructure leveraged through a White House initiative.

Obama’s conservative cousin loses . . . Daily Caller
Milton Wolf, the conservative radiologist who boasts of being related to President Barack Obama, lost to to incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts in the Republican primary in Kansas on Tuesday.

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 6, 2014

  1. “Obstinate, hopelessly partisan and incapable of problem-solving,…”

    This isn’t just a description of Congress. It defines the pResident to a T.

  2. A little bit of information. New House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is busy showing his RINO I hate the Tea Party creds by consulting John Feehery on his communications staff hires. As is my habit I called Scalise’s WDC office and told the young woman who drew the short straw and answered the phone of my “disappointment” in his choice of outside counsel. For what it’s worth. Here is the only link I have, but certainly there are others.