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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – August 6, 2014

Nothing’s wrong, just the usual Obama lateness. At 5:40 he’s 40 minutes behind schedule.

UPDATE: Started at 6:14 pm ET, an hour and 14 minutes late, without apology.

UPDATE II: The press conference has concluded.

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  1. And magic $$$$$ amount to the African Nation is.

    Because … the children.

    And because all our aid to the African Nation has been so well used, distributed and beneficial to the people. (and not the guys I am hosting or having dinner with)

  2. He shows complete and utter contemporary for everyone when he is late…Oh wait. We already know he hates us for our racism because we don’t agree with him.

  3. The timing of this– the beginning of the dinner hour –cranky children and the nation’s official child is late — really really late.

    Oh well, gives us time to hear how a President of the United States and his thug Jack Lew and others are strong arming US countries (like Walgreens) not to move operations out of the country.Business must serve the state — shareholders, profit, free enterprise– pfft.

      • Noticed that to.
        Now he is going to give us his medical answer on Ebola.
        Not airborne, but if you cough, spit hard it can be airborne.
        Don’t have enough Data!

        • He also doesn’t yet have the data about Benghazi or Fast and Furious. He does know though that there isn’t a smidgen of corruption at the IRS.

  4. I thought it was supposed to be about Africa and Leaders. That’s what the banner says. But in the flash that it took me to mute it — I heard a question about sanctions/Russia/Ukraine. Hmmmm — and genocide by ISIS — Christians?

    Anyway, imho, he looks like hell. And green is not his color. Man looks like he is going to throw up.

    Odd time to have a presser.

  5. As Obama continues to drone on in this “news conference”, I am thinking of Harry Truman authorizing the use of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. And that thought led me to think about FDR and his address to Congress and the nation after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Both of those Presidents stood up and made extremely difficult decisions to save the country from attack and finally end the war against humanity. Powerful men, even if we don’t agree with everything they did during their presidency.

    If Obama had been President in 1941 or 1945, he would have apologized to the Japanese government for “colonizing” Hawaii, and skipped the briefings on the use of the Atomic Bomb to end the war.

    And we know it.

  6. I don’t get this “worst of all time poll” on Obama. Maybe they just mean their own polling because I’ve seen him in the thirties. BTW, Netanyahu is at 82% in Israel.

  7. To me, he hasn’t said on thing that we could not read in the Weekly Reader–for kids. Do they still have that? And he sounds drowsy to me. Oh, well, I never expect anything diff.

  8. OT. I wish Drudge would take down that hazmat pix of fighting Ebola. Everytime I go there to check something my eyes sees a white burqua with weird green trim. Freaky.

  9. My two cents:
    He gave a presser today because he’s leaving for three weeks vacation soon and want “folks” to think he actually does work for a living. Hey Barack, had I been an hour late for a meeting where I was scheduled to speak, I’d be fired. What’s your excuse??? Not even an I’m sorry”. Disgraceful.

    I am disheartened that he announced major US tax dollars are going to fight AIDS in Africa. We have three major foundations with millions upon millions of dollars raised and sent to Africa specifically for AIDS – Bush, Clinton, and Gates. Like their money is no good anymore that you and I have to pay too? Awful.

    Obama was at his worst today, looking bored, frustrated with the questions, and wishing he were the loose bear eatin’ a burger and fries. It took all of me to watch it.

  10. Obama is a day late and many dollars short: the Chinese have been colonizing Africa for years. Henning Mankell, the Swedish novelist, theorized in Kennedy’s Brain that they even are conducting AIDs experiments on the natives.

  11. After all Obama was to address Africans who have no respect for their people’s time, people them selves and their problems.
    Did any African President complain!!