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Hundreds of Unlawful Voters in One Virginia County

As you know, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder think attempts to ensure honest voting are racist.

The argument is that voter fraud is supposedly rare and therefore checking IDs amounts to voter suppression and an attempt by secretly racist Republicans to revive Jim Crow.

Another unifying message courtesy of the Obama administration.

Well, the election board in Fairfax Country, Virginia, where I live, and vote, has determined that 278 people on the voter rolls have claimed – claimed – that they are not citizens, according to They excused themselves from jury duty in 2010 and 2011 because, they said, they’re not legal.

Of the group, 117 had a history of voting.

Now think about this. That’s the number of people who were caught serendipitously by one method. How many non-citizens who didn’t get called to jury duty – or who went and served on a jury illegally – are also Fairfax voters?

Despite clear evidence, the Fairfax Country prosecutor won’t take the case, however.

You think he wants Eric Holder calling him a racist? From Watchdog:

Catherine Engelbrecht, president of the Texas-based group, True the Vote, said the Obama administration has chilled the atmosphere for warranted prosecutions.

“The kind of selective justice being meted out by the Fairfax County prosecutor, though clearly a violation of voters’ rights, is part of the ‘new normal’ standard supported nationwide by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice,” Engelbrecht told Watchdog.

Engelbrecht noted that in 2009, U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandez “set out clear marching orders to all DOJ attorneys — suppress state efforts to maintain accurate voter rolls.”

That people are being labeled as racist by the federal government and its allies for trying to safeguard elections is another of the grand absurdities of the Obama era. And as is so often the case with the administration’s political agenda, it’s divisive, virulent, and undermines the Constitution.

18 Responses to Hundreds of Unlawful Voters in One Virginia County

  1. The whole voter ID controversy is phony, fake, and a ploy to remind Black voters of racial discrimination of days gone by.
    It’s insulting to Black people; assuming they are so backward, so out of the mainstream that they don’t have acceptable ID to do anything, much less vote.
    They have the same kind of ID that I have, and that I have to show every time I vote, go to the hospital, buy something with a credit card or debit card, etc.
    Shame on the Dems.

  2. Just wondering Keith, are you following the Bob McDonnell case ? Even my out-of-state friends are sighing about he got caught what everybody else does.

    And yes, we Virginians knew he got kicked off the Romney 2012 ticket because of Maureen’s cornering Ann Romney on a vetting trip. The Paul Ryan for VP announcement in Norfolk was a last minute change to the VP slot. It’s how the GOP just keeps losing :(

  3. I can’t give the Republicans a free pass as much as I would like to. Chris McDaniel now claims he has proof of 25,000 fraudulent voters in his run-off with Thad Cochran in the state of Barbour. Also, the establishment has shown a tendency to support a third candidate in primaries to draw votes away from the conservatives and keep their good ole boys in.

    • I agree. But I do think it pales in comparison to the well coordinated and well placed engine that is the progressive ideologues.

      As long as Eric Holder remains for some reason that is beyond me as AG, there will be blatant abuses of the law in the United States.

      • Yup. Democrats uniformly support voting procedures that make cheating easy, while Republicans are (at least somewhat) more inclined to support procedures that make cheating harder.

        The Cochran tactics were certainly sleazy, though one could argue that the illegal voting was an indirect result of sleazy race-baiting. OTOH, the efforts by Republican officials to conceal what happened veer more into intentional fraud.

        • By “Democrats” in the post above, I mean Democrat politicians and activists. Average Dem voters appear to retain some respect for integrity at the ballot box.

  4. This is what scares me coming into the 2014 elections.
    In 2012, there were precincts in Cleveland that reported 110% participation, and not one vote for Romney !
    And yet, they got away with it !
    I am beginning to think that if we are able to take the senate back and keep the house, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

    Great post Keith.

  5. Voter fraud is incalculable. Here in the sanctuary City of the Angels, illegals can now obtain DL’s and serve on juries. Kalifornia doesn’t count – it will be solid Blue for the rest of time.

    Any state with Motor Voter is also impossible to track. Voter registration comes with the DL. Same with Obamacare. Anyone applying on the website exchanges can check the voter registration box and get one in the mail. No ID required. Navigators are working feverishly to sign up illegals in Texas primarily for votes. It’s the absentee ballots we have to worry about. Anyone can get one. We will never have a legitimate election again.

  6. And because of situations like this, as well as the very public IRS targeting and intimidation of conservative, none one with a lick more sense than Nancy Pelosi could think that the re election of Barack Obama was not fraudulent.

    And prosecutors unwilling to prosecute.What is next — illegals protesting and making demands on the streets of Washington,DC in front of the WH. Or perhaps New Black Panther “poll watchers”?

    By allowing this, we do it to ourselves. Rant about Obama all we want, he knows he has been granted special access and so do the rest of the Democrats.

  7. . . . an attempt by secretly racist Republicans to revive Jim Crow.

    Why would Republicans revive a rudimentary Democrat Party policy?

  8. I was just thinking about how we have to be gearing up for the 2016 elections for cleaning these things up….and then like Keith said…through just a random sampling of “citizens” we find out A. they aren’t legal, and B. that they really only want to take and not give back to the place they live; by doing civic duty (though Jury Duty is horrible) as a “citizen”. Do they also think that they don’t need to pay taxes? buy car insurance, pay on the loans the banks give them? what have they got to lose? NOTHING!

  9. I read about a documentary being done on illegal aliens. The filmmakers had illegals telling them that they were given (illegal) voter registration cards for places that didn’t require ID and told they must go vote Democrat or they’d be arrested and deported.

    I fully believe it’s happening, and it’s one reason why Democrats are so hysterically opposed to voter ID. They all know the game plan.

  10. Whenever someone points at how many activities in daily life require the showing of ID, leftists reply that voting is different because it’s a sacred right, yada yada.

    Well, not quite. It isn’t an unconditional natural right; you have to meet certain minimal qualifications.

    And the main way it differs from many of those other ID-requiring activities is its effect on other people. Voting isn’t just a vote for how you want to be governed; it’s a vote that affects the way that many other people may conduct their lives.

    If you want to have a voice in determining how I am going to live, you had darned well better have a legal right to cast a vote, and you had darned well better be who you claim to be, and you had better cast only one vote, as I do.

    Millions of people have lost their affordable, quality health insurance in significant measure because of illegal votes cast in Minnesota. Many physicians have been driven out of practice for the same reason.

    It’s reprehensible that such consequential decisions are being made through fraud.

  11. The demagogues claim concern over disenfranchising even one voter. When illegal votes are cast, I feel disenfranchised. When Obama usurps power, I feel disenfranchised. But I’m an old white guy citizen.