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Biden Cheers for “The Nation of Africa”

The nation of Africa?

Remember, just a heartbeat away . . .

38 Responses to Biden Cheers for “The Nation of Africa”

  1. I’d still take Biden any day over Obama. At least he knows how to negotiate. Nothing can be worse than the current administration.

  2. Wouldn’t Buden need to be put under ‘conservatorship’ at this point? That means Pelosi would be ‘it’. A choice between leprosy or cancer.

  3. Biden’s slip up is somewhat Freudian. Americans, in general, view Africa as one nation, one consolidated country, which of course is wrong, but ask the average persona to name 5 countries in Africa and see what you come up with.

    With all the fault and missteps going on, I can give Uncle Joe a pass on this one. Embarrassing? Yes.

    The only real question remaining is this: was the “nation of Africa” line on the teleprompter or just an off the cuff slip up? The latter is acceptable, the former is not.


    • You’re right of course. However, not one person would name Egypt, Iraq, Libya as African.
      Also, the average low-into thinks all, ALL, Africans are Black.

      ot; in all fairness, so many nations have changed their names it’s hard to keep up.

      • unfortunately, you’re right about that, if those Jay Leno/Jesse Watters bits can be believed.

        maybe we’re just asking too much from what has become a low-info country, America?

    • After the UN was formed, the USSR began forming what were once called (probably still are) ‘puppet states’ in Africa with officials and Ambassadors appointed for membership in the UN to make certain that power would be in Russia’s control.

      The maps of the continent of Africa were constantly ‘out-of-date’, and during the 50’s and 60’s etc., Russia & CO were solidly in control of the UN votes and organizations and blocked any UN proposals for a stronger security presence (real Peace Keepers) around the World.

      My comment probably does not fit in this discussion, but Biden is an example of the “Peter’s Principle’ – Eventually a person is promoted to their highest level of incompetency! That’s applies to a vast number of bho ‘underlings’. The ‘top dogs’ have been carrying out the progressive/socialist/communist WH Adm’s Agenda! jb

  4. At this point in Dictator Obama’s time after seeing and experiencing first hand the wrack and ruin visited on this nation, I actually think Slow Joe Biden would be better for this nation as president.

  5. I truly don’t understand the oft-expressed “Fear of Biden.” No one takes him seriously probably including his own wife and family.