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The Obama Morning News || August 5, 2014

Doctors Refusing Obamacare patients . . . NPR
“I cannot accept a plan [in which] potentially commercial-type reimbursement rates were now going to be reimbursed at Medicare rates,” says Dr. Doug Gerard.

Your Obamacare plan could cost you . . . National Journal
Consumers could be hit with major price increases, without even knowing it, if they don’t switch their health care plans.

ACA cuts Medicare hospital payments . . . Bloomberg
The Obama administration has applauded reduced Medicare spending for hospital admissions, a trend encouraged by the Affordable Care Act that has added 13 years to the life of Medicare’s key trust fund.

Obama freed a Taliban “psychopath” . . . Washington Times
An Army colonel advising the National Security Council says one of the Taliban prisoners released in the deal to free Army Sgt. Bowe Berghdal is a “psychopath” who poses a “danger to fellow Afghans.”

U.S. diplomacy ineffectual with Israel . . . New York Times
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has largely dismissed diplomatic efforts by the United States to end the violence in Gaza, leaving American officials to seethe.

U.S. to keep sending ammo to Israel . . . Examiner
The U.S. is not rethinking its supply of munitions to Israel despite a string of recent State Department statements sharply condemning Israeli strikes that have killed civilians.

How Obama’s press relations went south . . . Rolling Stone
The White House distrusts the media, and reporters feel persecuted.

Nixon shows how WH can mislead press . . . National Journal
Nixon used the media to promote a false narratives about himself. And the press was never the wiser.

Draft Mitt group disbands . . . Newsmax
A group sponsoring a “Draft Mitt” for president website is folding its tent, conceding the former Massachusetts governor won’t take a third trot down the presidential campaign trail.

Romney to raise money for Christie . . . Politico
Mitt Romney will attend a birthday fundraiser for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the Garden State next month.

4 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 5, 2014

  1. OT..since we talked about the Great One’s birthday, you might find this funny. Except it is not funny, because every time Jimmy Kimmel does Lie Witness News (where they ask ridiculous questions of people on the street and those people answer them as if the facts are true, even though they are not – like asking about Nancy Pelosi falling off a pony at O’s birthday party… ), well, it just kind of depresses me that these people vote… anyway, have a laugh…

  2. I read some pickup yesterday on how a paper in India is citing Obamacare as a triumph–second only to banking reform, Maybe from the outside it seems to have settled down bec no one can get it now–not until the next enrollment period–or maybe the agitprop is working.