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Obama: Dreamer Order was a Stretch

President Obama said as recently as March 2014 that his executive order allowing certain illegal immigrants who came as children to stay in the United States was already a stretch, begging the question of how the president could possibly be considering welcoming to legal status SEVERAL MILLION MORE illegals.

Obama spoke during a “town hall” with Hispanic TV networks Univision and Telemundo:

“That already stretched my administrative capacity very far,” Obama said. “At a certain point, the reason that the deportations are taking place is Congress said you have to enforce these laws.”

That's what I'm going to do to Congress.
That's what I'm going to do to Congress.

At the time, the president, who was trying to justify to his Latino audience his lack of unilateral action, still had hope that Congress might pass a bill. And so he sounded like the rule of law might mean something.

“I cannot ignore those laws anymore than I can ignore any of the other laws on the books,” Obama said of the deportations he was allowing.

Well, circumstances have changed. There’s not going to be any immigration reform this year, and maybe not next year or the one after. And so it’s time to throw the old principles out the window and get some new ones better suited to the prevailing political climate.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that Obama is set to circumvent another law he doesn’t like, changing things around so that companies can no longer evade high U.S. corporate taxes by “inverting” – moving their headquarters overseas.

Obama’s political fixer over at Treasury, Jack Lew, who also runs the place, said “time is of the essence” because the United States is going to lose tax revenue. Can’t wait for legislation. As the Michelle would say, Let’s move!

From the Times piece:

“Time is of the essence,” Mr. Lew said in an interview. “We are looking at a very long list of possible ways to address the issue.”

While Mr. Lew said he believed legislation was the “best solution” for addressing the issue, the recent flood of inversions has persuaded Mr. Obama’s team that quicker action may be necessary.

“If we have to wait for what is the likely period of time before business tax reform can be enacted,” he said, “I think we’re all going to regret the number of inversions that have occurred in the interim.”

Lew had previously believe he didn’t have the power to act unilaterally. Previously, as in last month.

30 Responses to Obama: Dreamer Order was a Stretch

  1. I mean, really, Keith, it’s been almost five months since he said he didn’t have that authority. A lot of things change in that amount of time.

    • Three months from now, if we take the senate, I feel that Obama will be up against it.
      We will then see what kind of authority he has.

  2. “I cannot ignore those laws anymore than I can ignore any of the other laws on the books,” Obama said of the deportations he was allowing.

    So maybe I’ll just ignore them all equally. Wouldn’t want to be accused of playing favorites.

  3. Obama on corporate inversions: “I don’t care if it’s legal, it’s wrong”.

    Mind boggling.

    Couldn’t we say the same thing about abortion and same sex marriage?

  4. It’s a new world, MrO. We can’t reach out to other nations to help them build their economy when the economy here in the US is constricted, regulated and taxed until becoming ex-pats sounds financially attractive..

  5. Did it ever occur to Obama and Lew that just maybe the business climate created by this regime’s policies might be the reason businesses are “inverting”? Of course not, their policies are always correct and businesses need to be punished further.

  6. Give a rascal an inch and he will take a foot and with Obama, the whole body politic until someone…Five of Nine Sitting Someone’s stop him.

  7. OT: There’s an ad for “Russia Senior Dating” with a photo of a very nice youngish blonde woman that keeps popping up here for me. hmmm.
    anyone else?

  8. If this Administration spent as much time leading and governing in the interests of all the American people as it does looking for and using loopholes to effect some dumbass fundamental change that people don’t want and that is destroying the fabric of this nation we’d all be better off. But we know that.

    What we didn’t know is how many corrupt and compromised individuals serve this man rather than this nation. That includes Jack Lew.

  9. Deomocrats are engaged in demographic engineering…period. For some reason, they have decided that based soley upon availability of numbers and birth rate, Hispanics are it. I am a minority immigrant who came here the legal way and I find democrat race preference disgusting. I would never vote for democrats, they are the real rascists and they know it.