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Hamas: Jews Use Christian Blood to Make Matzah

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan Monday refused to deny that Jews use the blood of Christians – the ancient “blood libel” – to make Passover matzahs.

This is what Israel is dealing with. And this is also, unfortunately, who Secretary of State John Kerry wants to deal with.

Hamdan appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer:

BLITZER: You said, we all remember how the Jews used to slaughter Christians in order to mix their blood with their holy matzohs . . . Is that — is that your belief, Mr. Hamdan?

HAMDAN: Well, Wolf, let me answer that freely. Don’t cut me, because it’s very, very, very important to be clarified . . . I’ve said in the same — in the same occasion, that we don’t have a problem with the Jews as Palestinians and as Muslims, we don’t have problems with Jews. The Jews lives in the Arab region.

BLITZER: I just want to be specific and just answer the question. And maybe I’ll remind you what you said.

HAMDAN: You have — you have to ask that for the church which claims that, you know,” Hamdan responded. “This is the fact. You cut the words — not you, the Israelis. And memory, they cut the facts and they start this propaganda to say that they are innocent. They want to cover the genocide which is happening in Gaza now.

BLITZER: I was hoping to get a flat denial from you that you would utter such a — such, you know, ridiculous words that Jews would kill Christians in order to use their blood—

HAMDAN: Wolf, Wolf, you have — Wolf, you have to be fair. You can’t end that. I must end that, because you asked me and I want to answer. This was said by everyone. I was saying they — they are part of what was being said. He has to deny what he write about the Palestinians, about the genocide against the Palestinians, which he called for, which he suggested to.

H/T to The Blaze.

34 Responses to Hamas: Jews Use Christian Blood to Make Matzah

  1. Looks like he went to the Obama school of PR.
    How many times have we heard our own Dear Leader use “they” and “some” and every other straw man (or woman, don’t want to exclude you ladies,or women or females, or girls, or humanoids with two “x” chromosomes or whatever is the PC word is today) to push his agenda and bash his political opponents.

  2. Sometimes when I am on the site, I get knocked off (my comment as well at times), and a screen comes up: Internet cannot display this page.
    Is anyone dealing with this issue?

  3. I wonder how many members of Dictator Obama’s anti-semitic, communist regime agree with this Hamas savage’s statement? Far fetched notion you say? I wonder given everything else this regime has said and done to date.

    • And also consider the Congolese leader he has invited to a state dinner at the White House. A war lord who has forced young boys to serve in his armed forces and who has condoned rape of women.

  4. OT: Terrorist dressed as Afhan Uniform opened fire at a base western edge of Kabul. One person killed, injuring a dozen Americans.
    This is a couple of days after 555 majors were let go from our military.

  5. I always thought it was the salt and onion that gave the Matzahs the flavor…………wait, I am a Catholic so does that make me a cannibal?

    Great interview by Wolf……… shows how crazy they really are to the CNN liberal audienc who needs to see this. These are the insane ones that place and launch the missile from the schools and hospitals. I keep hearing how the Muslim religion is peaceful. I guess as long as you do what they want they are peaceful. Sounds like President Obama has the same concept. He says he a willing to work with anyone with good ideas. Yet, the next sentence is always followed by how horrible the Congressional Republicans are.

    Dennis Praguer had a great explanation of the problems in the Middle East……..

  6. Great lies about Jews:

    They kill Christians, and use the blood to make matzos
    They control all the money in the world
    They are all rich
    They are all thieves
    They are all liars
    They are part of a secret cabal to control the world
    They are Christ killers
    They seduce Christian women to destroy the “faithful”
    They are all great lovers

    Okay, the last one is true, but the rest, and this is just a list of things I have personally run into over the years, are crap, and just ways for people to excuse violence against the Jewish people.

    Throughout the history of mankind, whenever a government needed a scapegoat for its ineptitude, all the ills a nation faced were blamed on the one minority that was least able to defend itself. Unfortunately Jews in the Diaspora forgot that we come from a warrior stock. It took Hitler to begin to remind us that we are not lambs to the slaughter, and have the right and will to defend our homes, families, lives, and country.

    For a people that make up approx. .2% of the world population it is amazing how much vitriol, lies, and hatred there is against the Jewish people.

    • Also, the lie that the Holocaust never happened, yet the Israelis are now acting just like Hitler and are committing another holocaust on the Palestinians.

    • Maybe I should not say this–or generalize at all–but it seems to me the Jews have stuck to their own enough to be pretty smart overall–and this threatens people.

    • In college I studied & loved “The Crusades” (11-14th Century AD) “…kill them all, let Allah sort them out…” That is what these Muslims know and understand.

      After Sept. 11, 2001 I wish We went all ‘Crusade’ on the Islamic barbarians in the Mid-East…

  7. Jimmy Carter is taking Hamas’s side, says that it is a “legitimate political actor”. Story on Drudge and Weasel Zippers.

    • Says an illegitimate political hack. The fact that he’s still around creates quite the depressive mood.
      I mean if CARTER’s still causing crap I have the joyful news of knowing that for the rest of my days I will also most likely have to listen to Clinton and Obama depart their anally dispensed wisdom to the world.

    • If Carter was black he would be Barack. (working on the haiku — and failing).

      And by the way, isn’t Carter some big deal Christian chap? How does he square Hamas wanting to wipe Israel off the face of the map and Islamic terrorists murdering Christians? It’s a unique logic of the left.

  8. Of all the questions Wolf-ie could have asked the “Hamas spokesman”, that was the most inane, most ridiculous, and inflammatory query that a anti-Israel, pro-Palestine newsie could utter.

    Wolf-ie was frustrated because he was giving the Hamas guy a chance to redeem himself from making such offensive statements about the Jews in Israel and the Hamas guy just dug in deeper.

  9. Hamas has been officially recognized by the US as a terrorist organization. Why we interview them, and give them voice is beyond me. The fact that they are included in this trinity government, should not change that.

    Similarly when illegals laughingly “living in the shadows” protest at the WH, meet with the President, and are interviewed by members of the media etc. and openly identify themselves as “illegal” and are not arrested or contacted for redress — same thing.

    Pretty much if this is how we treat terrorists and illegals because we don’t want to offend, because we have free speech, etc etc — because essentially we are complicit in the failure to uphold our laws then we might just as well hang it up.

  10. Why doesn’t Wolf ask the two-faced Hamdan about the Christians in Iraq and around the world who are being slaughtered for their beliefs. Such a lie to say, “has the right to choose his religion.”

  11. This kind of talk makes Hamas look even more ridiculously evil than they already are. It serves no purpose to solve the problem of the Palestinian /Israeli conflict.
    It was heartening to see Wolf Blitzer try to corner this big blowhard, even if he was ultimately unsuccessful.
    Hamas is so hate filled, so revenge minded, that until the Palestinians get rid of them, there will be no hope of anything remotely resembling peace.