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Reagan Press Secretary James Brady Dead at 73

Former White House Press Secretary James Brady, who served under Ronald Reagan, died today at the age of 73.

Really, this is the second time we’re hearing this. Brady was shot in the head during the assassination attempt against Reagan on March 30, 1981. ABC anchor Frank Reynolds, spewing all kinds of misinformation in the aftermath of the shooting, initially reported that Reagan “was not hit,” and that Brady was killed.

Reynolds continued to report that Reagan was not hit even after hearing that Reagan went to the hospital. He thought Reagan wanted to go check on Brady’s condition. In fairness to Reynolds, others also reported Reagan hadn’t been hit, as well as Brady’s supposed demise.

Here is videotape of the coverage that unfolded that terrible day in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. Some of it is graphic. It’s quite gripping.

Here is video of Reynolds nearly coming to pieces when he found out Reagan was indeed shot. That occurs at about 4:20 on the video, after some footage that repeats the previous video. There are other clips included below from the day, including at 13:00 the phrase that gave this website its tagline.

Current White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest paid tribute to Brady during today’s White House briefing.

8 Responses to Reagan Press Secretary James Brady Dead at 73

  1. I’ll pass on the vintage video; it was awful enough back then and it can’t be any better now.
    PresReagan was not ‘my’ President, but it was horrifying all the same. We hadn’t recovered from JFK’s killing, and here is another shooting.

    MrBrady must have been a determined and forceful man to come back at all from his horrible injury. PresReagan was cut from that same cloth, too. Even though MrBrady wasn’t killed, it killed his career and his future. He can R.I.P. now.

  2. Things really don’t change. All these years later…
    On 1/8/11 the 3 Tucson news stations spewed how Giffords was shot dead.
    Shot dead! They said it with a gleam in their eye.
    This is a non news making town, mostly, so when something “exciting” happens they get that sick hunger to report the gory details.
    Then we have sheriff diknik yelling that a crazed right wing radio listening wacko shot Gabby dead.