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The Obama Morning News || August 4, 2014

Obamadebt tops $7 Trillion . . . CNS News
By the close of business on July 31, 2014, the federal debt had risen to $17,687,136,723,410.59—up $7,060,259,674,497.51 since Obama first inauguration day.

Contractors vow to fight Obama order . . . The Hill
Business interests are vowing to fight President Obama’s executive order imposing new restrictions on companies who want to do business with the federal government.

Rep. King reignites impeachment debate . . . Fox News
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) suggested that the impeachment issue could be reconsidered if Obama uses his executive powers to delay or defer deportation for more illegal immigrants.

Whole world headed through the border . . . Breitbart
Individuals from a variety of countries, including China and the Middle East, are headed in from Mexico.

Obama: Russia “doesn’t make anything” . . . Reuters
Obama asserted Russia “doesn’t make anything,” adding, “Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old. The population is shrinking.” 

Obama making fools of the media . . . Joe Curl
When disastrous news emerges, Team Obama does two things: refuses comment and charges its foes with playing politics. And then the media move along to the next shiny thing they see.

FBI hires firm to rate coverage . . . Washington Times
The FBI is hiring a contractor to grade news stories about the agency as “positive” “neutral” or “negative,” but the agency won’t say why officials need the information or what they plan to do with it.

Poll: Plurality wants GOP in charge . . . Newsmax
According to those responding, 43 percent want to see Republicans running both houses of Congress, with 41 percent in favor of Democrats running both chambers.

GOP hopes to pry Jews from Dems . . . The Hill
Republicans believe that the deepening crisis in Gaza could ultimately loosen the grip that the Democratic Party has traditionally held upon American Jewish voters.

Perry: Obama lacking on Israel . . . Examiner
Texas Gov. Rick Perry slammed the Obama administration Sunday for creating doubts about the U.S. commitment to Israel, as the Middle East ally remains locked in a bloody conflict with Hamas.

Michelle spurs bake sale bans . . . Wall Street Journal
A federal law that aims to curb childhood obesity means that, in dozens of states, bake sales must adhere to nutrition requirements that could replace cupcakes and brownies with fruit cups and granola bars.

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 4, 2014

    • Thanks for the reminder, Denise. I remember that interview and thinking how awful it would be to have that woman anywhere near the WH….and that it would never happen

      Willie Geist was spot on: She doesn’t consider the fact that black people might like Hillary better’….

  1. Never underestimate the power of Republicans to form a tight defensive circle, all guns securely pointing outward, impregnable to outside attack, and then for no logical reason do a 180, turn into themselves and respond blindly to the “FIRE” order without ever bothering to stop and see where the order came from.

    Yes, Steve King, Obama granting de facto amnesty to millions of additional illegals would most certainly reach the legal definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors. No, Steve King you should NOT have opened your mouth and talked about impeachment on CNN.

    Why can’t you and your colleagues JUST ONCE bother to THINK before letting they mouth supply MORE ammunition to the democrats and the media?

    Did you not bother to notice ANY of the Democrat fundraising and the media obsession with the “I” word? Did you not hear ANY of the party leadership doing everything possible to take impeachment OFF the table because of it?

    And then, just when the fire was getting tamped down you go and pee gasoline all over it.

    I swear, I think the only way the Republicans avoid blowing 2014 as they did 2012 is to keep every one of em away from any televised interview from now until November 4. None of em seem capable of understanding even the basics of what the dems are up to these days.

    • The list gets longer. He keeps over stepping his bounds.
      A toddler gets more punishment for things they do wrong than O. With a toddler you do not discuss punishments that never happen while the toddler is listening to you & misbehaving. In other words a toddler understands he can keep doing the wrong thing, if he gets away with it.

  2. Whole world headed through the Mexican border! 71 from Ebola countries since January.
    We know this! It’s been happening en masse since Obama arrived on the scene. We have no bloody idea who is here and how many have escaped border detection. Drug cartel gangs have switched to human smuggling b/c the $$$ is so good.
    Obama now has phone stations in the desert in Chinese!

    The ones who get caught are never, never, never, ever going to show up for immigration hearings. Do you understand this – all of you dopes in Congress??? Do you??
    Get off your duffs and do something….NOW! The borders are wide open. The border agents are changing diapers for God’s sake!

    Obama has ordered deportations to stop! He has released all of the criminals from US jails! He is treating the invaders like precious cargo!
    IMPEACH THE SOB! He is a traitor! His duty is to uphold our laws and keep us safe from our enemies both domestic and foreign!! What is there not to understand???????
    Agents aren’t even allowed to question suspected illegals! WTH!
    Dammit! DO SOMETHING! It’s a catastrophe and a national emergency!
    The repercussions are so horrific, it’s impossible to think about it for more than five minutes. But it’s happening before our very eyes.