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Jarrett Condemns Israeli Gaza Operation as Child Killing

Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s closest advisor, charged that Israel is slaughtering children and that the Gaza operation must halt.

“You . . . can’t condone the killing of all of these innocent children,” Jarrett said on Face the Nation. “This is why the cease-fire is so important. It’s a devastating situation.”

Israel contends that Hamas is ultimately responsible for the killing of civilians because it hides among them and provoked Israel’s attack. But Jarrett’s comment signals that the White House in fact accepts the Hamas narrative that Israel is the guilty party in the deaths of civilians.

Jarrett threw in the usual White House lines about how Israel “has the right to defend itself” and the United States is “Israel’s staunchest ally.” But it’s not clear what these statements mean when placed in the context of a suggestion that Israel’s attempt to defend itself by attacking Hamas amounts to child killing.

Meanwhile, the State Department chimed in as well, unloading vitriol against Israel after the accidental killing of civilians at a UN school in Gaza during an attack that targeted militants.  

Spokeswoman Jen Psaki raged that the United States was “appalled” by the “disgraceful” Israeli missile attack. “We once again stress that Israel must do more to meet its own standards and avoid civilian casualties,” Psaki said.

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  1. Heard on the airwaves yesterday….

    “Sources familiar with conversations between Netanyahu and senior U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, say the Israeli leader advised the Obama administration “not to ever second guess me again” on the matter.”

  2. What about the video clip of Hamas rockets being fired from the grounds of a UN school in Gaza? Was that BS or false info? Just curious if anyone has an update


  3. In further comments Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett said, “Israel can further the peace process by collectively picking itself up and throwing itself into the Mediterranean Sea.”

  4. Amateur Hour at its finest.

    The standard White House talking points of “Israel has the right to defend itself” and “our closest ally” are just meant to placate the American public.

    But those words become meaningless when the administration is so quick and so strong to criticize Israel’s actions…every time. Especially when Obama is so well respected around the world.

    Stand by for the next foreign affairs embarrassment.

  5. Who the f*&#k does she think she is?

    Who gives a rats ass what she thinks about…… ANYTHING?

    Go back to Chicago and rip off some more inner city housing victims you piece of trash.

    1. Comment interloper alert. I couldn’t believe it when I read it. FWIW I added my 2 cents to the Politico site:
      “It is a remarkable transformation,” said Ann Compton,….For crying out loud, it’s nothing but a couple extra buckets of grain for the sheep that report on him while he continues the same schtick he always has:
      “My way is the “reasonable way” and anyone disagreeing with me is a racist.”
      That this latest act in the Obama political play is even elevated to a story shows once again just how far in the tank the Washington media is for this guy.

  6. hasn’t Hamas broken the latest 7 hour cease fire – just 2 hours in, with another rocket attack.
    Either Obama and crew are the most naïve people ever, or they are stupid, or they side with terrorists, or they like to play both sides.

    None of choices are good for Israel or anyone else.

  7. Barack Obama, Valerie Jarret and Jen Psaki…………which of these three don’t belong in government? That is right…….All of them!

    Valjar and Obama backgrounds do not lend to them being pro-Israeli ever. They treated Netanyahu like a dog when he visited a few years back.

    The fact is that the Israeli’s should treat the WH as hostile and realize that the US is being held hostage by this administration. When this administration is over,more than likely, it will return to the strength it once was.

    Pat Buchanan and Rand Paul have been ridiculed by the MSM for isolationist views. The Obama has created their own form isolationism. We used to have strong allies that we could count upon no matter what. Britain, Israel, Canada, Germany, Japan to name a few. This administration has caused a pause in these relationships. The days of picking up the red phone and expecting unconditional support are over. Hell, we can’t even depend on the UN anymore.

    If they are not careful the Israeli Air Force will be dropping leaflets on the WH and various DC Golf Course if it is the Weekend.

  8. truckinjarheadretired

    Nobama, and his minions, epitomize just how glaringly inept this administration really is. We’ve become the laughing stock of the world
    with their ineptitude. It makes my posterior want to take a dip of snuff.

    Semper Fi

  9. It’s clear to me what “Israel deserves to defend itself” and “The United States is Israel’s staunchest ally” are when they come from the mouth of the Obama administration: empty words.

    1. “Empty words” is the height of generosity. In some cases politically correct speech does a disservice. Obama and Jarrett cannot speak without lying; every movement of the mouth is optimized for the purpose of deception. Many in the WH staff are so possessed; for example consider Obama lying protege Brennan. Every utterance from such persons is guaranteed to be a component of human disaster; e.g. The Soviet Union or Cuba. Truth is completely unavailable; the speech itself is of the highest degree of toxicity to the recipient. The words are absolute poison; far from empty.

  10. Who the SamHill does she think the troops MrObama sent to Afganistan were shooting and shelling – uniformed soldiers?
    She must be aware that women, children, and noncombatants are always the innocent victims of warfare.

    Their outrage and concern isn’t for innocents caught in the line of fire, but that Israel will win this conflict and the Islamists will once again know the agony of defeat.

  11. The DIctator Obama regime baring it’s fangs of anti-semitism for all the world to see. No need to hide their true identities any longer – Communists, muslim terrorist sympathizers, America haters.

  12. Excuse me but don’t a lot of people condone the killing of unborn children, in fact millions upon millions right here in the good old USA? Are they not innocent? Are they less human than the children of terrorists who have also killed thousands of civilians?

    1. Excellent, Elaine.

      And as for the children at the borders…. I’ve been hearing about dead bodies found along the way. So why not stop the flow so these children don’t die?

  13. Well, Val, tell your jihadist buddies in the Hamas gang to stop placing their rocket launchers in schools, hospitals and nurseries. And stop forcing these same civilians to stay near these rocket launchers as Israel defends itself after tolerating 10 years of rockets from Gaza landing on their heads. That would be a good beginning to saving these lives.

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  15. And just what foreign affairs expertise does this woman have that she sits at the head of the White House foreign policy table ?? That she lived the first 6 years of her life in Iran?! ValJar is the reason our foreign policy is in shambles. One could argue that we have NO coherent foreign policy.

  16. Hey, Rasputina! Just tell yourself all the young, innocent Palestinian children (most often used as human shields) are still in the womb. Fixed it for you.

  17. Did anyone ask the stealth prez how many secret trips she has made to Iran? These Muslim jhadists in the WH are surreptitiously aiding and abetting the enemy while America slumbers on. And we have no bloody idea who is in this country waiting…waiting for the right moment. Obama, Holder and Jarrett – the enemies within.

    1. And Obama, And Kerry, And the Dems, who in 2012 booed Jerusalem and G-d.

      AND The Hamas Wing of the White House! F..K them ALL!

      I have declared JEWhad ™

  18. One has to ask how Israel is to defend itself without jeopardizing children when Hamas intentionally launches missiles from hospitals in order to use the children as human shields.

    A more important point is that if they Palestinians dissent want their asses kicked, perhaps they shouldn’t have started this fight?

    Of course those of us who actually read the Bible might realize that perhaps Bibi should heed the commandment that God gave to the Israelites in Deuteronomy Chapter 7?

  19. Why don’t we just surrender now and save all the trouble. “Spokesperson Psaki says as much everytime she opens her educated mouth. Us common ppl are too dumb to realize how far beneath we are to this government. If can even call it that anymore.

  20. From Joel Rosenberg’s Flash Traffic – Epicenter Update:

    “• Since July 8th, more than 3,253 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza.
    • On Sunday alone, 119 rockets were fired at Israel.
    • Three civilians in Israel have died.
    • At least 63 Israeli soldiers have died in combat, while hundreds more have been wounded.
    • Palestinian officials say deaths on there side in Gaza top 1,80o (sic) — Israeli officials say at least half of those were terrorists.”

    Now the question remains, if Canada or Mexico were to start firing rockets at US cities, what would Obama do? Oh, that’s right, nothing. The Israelis believe in protecting their own people and country.

  21. Today is the 9th day of Av on the Hebrew calendar, know as Tisha (9th) of Av (father). The Hamas Wing of the White House is now added to the list.
    •The First Temple was destroyed
    •The Second Temple was destroyed
    •Bar Kokhba’s revolt against Rome failed
    •Roman general Turnus Rufus ordered that the Temple area and its surroundings were to be plowed-under. Jerusalem was to be rebuilt as a pagan city – renamed Aelia Capitolina – and
    access was forbidden to Jews.
    •The First Crusade officially commenced. The Crusaders killed 10,000 Jews in its first month and destroying Jewish communities in France and the Rhineland. A grand total of 1.2 million Jews were killed by this crusade
    •The Jews were expelled from France 1306
    •In 1492 the deadline for Jews to leave Spain, Convert or Die
    •The beginning of WWI –which lead directly to the rise of Hitler
    •1941 Hermann Göring ordered SS general Reinhard Heydrich to make all the necessary preparations for the Final Solution.
    •The first transports reached Treblinka and the extermination of the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto began on July 23, 1942, Tisha B’av
    •In 1955 El Al Flight 402 was shot down over Bulgarian airspace on the 8th of Av.
    •The AMIA Bombing (Asociación Mutua Israelita Argentina) by terrorists in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which killed 86 and wounded more than 120, was on July 18, 1994, the 10th of Av.
    •In 2004, Barack Obama Gave the Keynote speech at the Democratic Convention on Tisha B’av and was crowned the heir apparent of the Democratic Party. He has proven to be the most anti-Israel President ever.
    •The Disengagement from Gaza began on the 10th of Av in 2005, leading to years of rocket bombardment from Hamas into Israel and three wars.
    •2009- President Obama sends Robert Gates to Israel in his first of many attempts dissuade the Jewish State from carrying out military strikes against Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities. Fouryears ago as of today, the US preached patience while Iran inches closer to Atomic Weapons.
    •2013-John Kerry returns to the Middle East for another naive attempt to make peace.
    •2014-(8th of Av) The US State Department announces that Israeli soldiers are not allowed to defend themselves when attacked by terrorists using human shields.

    1. I was wondering (and worrying) what would happen on this particular Tisha b’Av. now we know!

      I can’t expect much more from Valerie Jarrett, considering she’s Iranian and as much as part of the Muzzie Brotherhood as Mohamed Morsi.

  22. When Japanese Psaki is “raging”, she may also want to include the Christian children in Iraq, the children being killed in Syria, the girls being abducted in Nigeria and on and on. This administration is nothing short of ridiculous, run by a bunch of 6th graders (I would not insult high schoolers as I work with them and they are way more mature than this bunch).

  23. Anyone calling for a ceasefire is taking the side of the terrorists Hamas.

    What or who wants to stop when you are wiping the filth form the planet?

    Too bad Hamas is creating so many child martyrs by using them as human shields.

    ““To all of our people who have evacuated their homes – return to them immediately and do not leave the house,” said a statement titled “Urgent call to the residents of the Gaza Strip” released by the Hamas Interior Ministry, Ynet reported. “You must follow the directives of the Interior Ministry. This is psychological warfare, random messages to instill panic in people.”

    The statement came after the Israel Defense Forces on Sunday morning dropped leaflets above areas in the northern Gaza Strip warning Palestinian civilians to evacuate their homes in advance of a military campaign to destroy rocket launchers.”

  24. Obvious to me, Ms Jarrett is the Obama White House “Puppeteer”.
    Yes, without Ms Jarrett loading up the teleprompters, the USofA would not have a President. In fact, the USofA actually has a faux President making appearances (with teleprompters in tow). Good thing Mr Obama learned to read, otherwise he would have little more to say than whatever “stutters” & “mumbles” he could muster up. Am I the only one who notices just how young and inexperienced the Obama staffers are? Throughout each & every Federal Agency, the Obama Administration has appointed the most inexperienced, unqualified people as Directors and Spokespersons. Its like Children at play during recess every single day of the year. Never have I seen such incompetence, such ineptitude and such complete utter absence of proactive thought processes in our Nation’s Government. Thank God, the Constitution was drafted in such a way that our Nation could recover from this sort of failed management. I have confidence in my fellow Americans to show up in record numbers this coming Fall (November 2014) and again in the 2016 Presidential election to right this egregious wrong. I’m calling on every person of voting age who has at least a modicum of common sense along with a slightly elevated intellect to show up and vote. Do not allow anything to interfere with your duty to vote. Every vote is so critically important, when there are so many individuals who lack the minimal intellect to know that skin color alone does not qualify a person to perform as the Chief Executive of such a glorious Nation as these United States of America. Our Country has suffered dearly due to the overwhelming number of people who ran out and registered to vote for the first time in their life – simply because they wanted to vote for a person of color so they could see the day when a person with some African American genes could be elected President of the United States of America.

    This entire exercise has demonstrated how critical it is for everyone with a moderate to advanced intellect to register their vote based upon sound, sensible and rational reasons including experience and qualifications. The debacle of this Obama Administration and those selected Appointees managing the Federal Agencies who have failed to perform for the American people in so many ways, has provided clear evidence that who we put in the White House does make a difference, even though we can & will recover from the damage done. What I am sincerely concerned about though, is what kind of damage Mr Obama has done to those people of color who will run for President in the future. I do hope that voters of the future can put a person’s character, qualifications and experience ahead of their skin color and vote for the best person regardless of Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Creed or Culture. Time for “US” all to move beyond the foolishness of classifying a person on anything other than his/her being Human.

    Live free from being defined by the shade of your skin, the look of your hair, or any other physical characteristics. “Live Human”

    Just A. Human

    1. I agree that voting this election is critical.
      I consider myself an Independent, and no way in hell would I vote for a Democrat. Warren or Hillary? Frightening.
      Whoever the Republican candidates are, they have my vote.
      Some may be a SOB, but they’ll be my SOB.

      1. I will vote out every idiot, long-overdue incumbent no matter what party…then, I will vote Republican for president, no matter who the candidate is.

    2. No, anyone with half a brain knows how young and inexperienced in the real world Obama’s staff is and anyone with a half a brain can see now, if they couldn’t see in 2008 and 2012, that they believed so much in Hope and Change that they were blindsided and idealistic, thinking that this imposter would bring the country together and make it a better place. All those, but his staunchest supporters are disappointed and ringing their hands, wondering how they could have been so STUPID. November 2014 and 2016 will prove that.

  25. “You . . . can’t condone the killing of all of these innocent children,” Jarrett said, “whereas you CAN condone the killing of 160,000 innocent civilians in Syria because that wasn’t done by the Jews, so who cares, right? same with those Boko Haram folks: they’re not Jewish either so #bring back our girls or not, meh, we don’t really care anymore.”
    note from our attorneys: this is not a real quote…but I think I have the sentiment about right.

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  27. Doubt I can reply or that it is relevant at this point, but I think Jarrett has presidential aspirations other than being the puppet master behind Obama. Read an article from her trying to further the war on women.

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