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Immigration Edict Set for End of Summer

Looks like President Obama doesn’t want any immigration blowback interrupting his August vacation.

White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer Sunday indicated Obama’s expected move to provide legal status to millions of illegal immigrants will occur around Labor Day. Responding to a question from George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week about whether the executive action would be handed down “in September,” Pfeiffer replied, “It’ll be at the end of the summer.”

Pfeiffer pretended there was some kind of formal process exogenous to the White House – where the real power lies – in play, saying Obama would not act until he got “recommendations” from Attorney General Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Johnson, and that those weren’t due until end of summer.

But you and I know Obama simply doesn’t want all the shpitt hitting the fan while he’s on Martha’s Vineyard August 9-24, or ruining a possible three-day Labor Day Weekend golf extravaganza.

Pfeiifer offered up the usual White House drivel about Obama needing to do something because Congress won’t bend to his will.

Because of Congress’ failure to fix the immigration system and to pass the supplemental appropriations will need to deal with the specific crisis on the border, the president has no choice but to act.

Really? No choice?

Where in the Constitution does it say that if Congress fails to act, the president must write his own laws?

Actually, just last November, as Stephanopoulos pointed out, Obama himself couldn’t find such a provision:

If, in fact, I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so. But we’re also a nation of laws. That’s part of our tradition.

I dunno, maybe he went rummaging through the Federalist Papers between tees Saturday.

Or maybe we’re no longer a nation of laws.

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  1. The I comments, and on my own comments, (should have) been blasted all over the MSM. The (should have) been discussing how dare the I and on my own comments. The Congress (should have) all together in front of a camera been fussing about his I and on my own comments. My main concern as I have mentioned is the risk of one deranged, bad person slipping though to cause harm to us.

  2. In the meanwhile he’s hoping public opinion might change. However, the closer to the November election, the better for those Republicans who are running against amnesty.

  3. All the talk about consulting his flunkie at the DOJ and his bro at Homeland Security, is just a stall. He doesn’t have to do anything, say anything, proclaim anything, or issue an EO; our border is a relic of state’s rights, and national sovereignty.
    When a country allows foreigners to walk across their border and demand the rights and privileges held by it’s citizens, it no longer can claim to be a sovereign nation.

      1. Not one newsman has asked the simple question.
        We have our entire nation being watched with cameras, listened to on the phone and computer. Groped at the airports.
        At the same time thousands of people, (not just cute kids) walk over our border like they were invited here for Sundy brunch.
        Why isn’t O putting his foot down, and securing the border?
        If I may add as we are being slapped in the face day by day with the Long List of issues. Another one popped up Federal law banning bake sales at schools. When is it going to stop?

  4. Maybe Congress has not acted because the majority of the members think a different way. Or their constiuents think a different way. Or they have doubts on the money side, the social aspect, the economic. The Congress is sitting there allowed to have a one-third say–not just first dibs on a stand, after which a single man gets to do whatever he wants.

    1. Exactly! It doesn’t matter who the President is. There is NOTHING in the Constitution and our form of government that states:
      “And should the Congress refuse to bend to the will of the President, the Executive branch shall than have authority to do whatever the hell it wants”

      1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. “Let’s wait and see what those recommendations are”.

    Ha-ha-ha…so Pfeiffer’s a comedian too, eh?

    While we’re at it, let’s wait and see if the Cubs win the World Series!

      1. I hope this is the year of the Cubs. I swore I wouldn’t cut off my beard until the Cubs won a World Series, and I’m starting to look like a cast member from Duck Dynasty.

  6. The Founders did their best to put checks against against the power grabs of a despot such as Obama but as brilliant as they were, they were limited by not being able to ever contemplate a Marx or a Lenin, or an Alinsky, or a President willfully wanting to bring their beloved America to her knees.

    Just as ignorant religious zealots flying airliners into buildings was inconceivable to so many pre 9/11 so too was the concept of a President so petulant in temperament and so arrogant of ego ever holding the highest office of the land.

    1. Bingo! In all of their wisdom, the Founding Fathers never imagined that someone like Barack Obama could ever be elected president.

      I wish that I could say that we have learned our lesson, but when I see the “buzz” generated by an Elizabeth Warren, I’m more terrified than ever.

    2. Obama seems to think he’s somehow immune form the same laser focus he uses on the faults of others.

      Here are parts of today’s email (to the African Americans for Obama list) from , titled “Ugh”:
      If you want one reason to be outraged about House leaders’ lawsuit against President Obama, here you go:

      It could cost taxpayers MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in wasteful legal fees.

      (Not to mention, this lawsuit opens the door for impeachment.)

      The good news is that people all over the country are fed up and standing up to tell John Boehner and his allies to knock it off already.

      This Speaker has made a habit of wasting Americans’ time and money. Let’s look at the bill he’s run up already:

      Now, think about all of the issues these lawmakers could be working on for the American people, but are simply ignoring so they can run around with lawsuits and talk of impeachment.

      Demand better — add your name right now:
      What happens if the same metrics are used to judge Obama? Isn’t he wasting millions of dollars running around — talking of lawsuits and impeachment? (BTW: Why do THESE PEOPLE keep bringing up impeachment long after Boehner dismissed it?)

      Level playing field? Really?

      1. Really — he just should have said “they be disrespectin’ me” — and they still would have sent their money — after they went to the ATM with the EBT card and withdrew the cash. Or who knows maybe you can charge contributions to the DNC with EBT card. I would not be surprised.

  7. Unfortunately, Obama has a strong incentive to go it alone; by definition if he compromises with congress he gets only part of what he wants and gives part of what republicans want. If he acts alone, he gets just what he wants.

    The media’s role is to hold presidents who do so accountable, not just republican presidents.

    1. Our role as you know ‘We the People’ have a duty to restrict an arrogant president through the congress.
      Every two years we get the chance to make our voices heard at the polls.

      1. Yeah somehow Obama thinks it’s just about him, and the Republicans. He forgets, like Nancy Pelosi did when she called Congressman Merino “insignificant”, that We The People are the force behind every elected official.

  8. No, we are just a nation subject to whatever Obama and the democrats cook up, aided and assisted by the dumb republicans who won’t even put up a decent defence. Why stop there…open up the airports and seaports, do away with ids (as this only affects US citizens), no more cavity searches at the airport. Hell, I should not have to show a driver’s license!

  9. The next time I fly into Atlanta from Europe I wonder what would happen if I refused to show the ICE guys my passport and asked for political asylum from OBummer instead. My guess is that I’d be detained–and not in a good way :(

    1. I thought of all the thousands of people from cuba that would love to take a boat and be welcomed with open arms, even if their boat does not quite make on shore.
      OT: I just wanted to mention the 550 majors who are being let go. What is he doing to our military?

      1. De militarizing it — with the consent the High Command (aka Joint Chiefs and all the military -politicos).

        I was thinking about that the other day — do we really think the Obama military ,flying the rainbow flag over camps, and catering to deserters, and allowing special circumstances to Muslim holidays, rituals etc. are really going to be prepared to go against Islamist terrorists.

        That’s how Nidal got to stay in the military and kill people at the Ft. Hood “work place” incident.

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  11. Mrs. O’Leary — aka Barack Hussein Obama –rumor has it, was home asleep, drunk perhaps. And Mrs.O’Leary’s cow — Valerie The Ferret Jarrett– it is rumored,kicked over a kerosene lamp. Blame cannot be placed with certainty. No one can confirm or deny Mrs.O’Leary or Mrs. O’Leary’s cow’s role in the great Chicago fire.

    Also there were “pre existing conditions”, enabling the great burn. And there is some evidence that enforcement like fire and police did not, shall we say, operate with maximum efficiency. Chicago burned to the ground.

    The militia was called out.

    Chicago was rebuilt. It stands today as a cesspool of political graft and corruption.

    Immigration is the great Chicago Fire. The irony.

    For those who do not know the tale, here is a truly simplistic summary.

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