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UPDATE: Obama Team Wins Golf Tournament

Obama and his foursome, which included longtime buddies Greg Orme, Bobby Titcomb, and Mike Ramos, beat two other teams in today’s Obama Birthday Open at the Joint Andrews Base golf course.

This means his friends get to chopper on Marine One with the president to Camp David for Phase II of the birthday celebration. Also aboard are aide Marvin Nicholson and Obama trainer Cornell McClellan.

Obama’s team DID NOT win last year, so there may not be cheating or letting-the-birthday-boy win involved.

The losers all have to take vans to Camp David.

37 Responses to UPDATE: Obama Team Wins Golf Tournament

    • He’s still a loser, even if he won his childish games. He does act like he’s in high school with the golf stuff. Maybe one day he’ll get a heart attack on the golf course.

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  1. Well, guess that’s our birthday gift to him ….. a free chopper ride to Camp David !! Might have been cheaper just to get Birthday Boy a stretch limo stocked with champagne and the Kardashian sisters ;)

    • The stretch limo ride to Camp David would simply make a miserable afternoon for the rest of the people who have to travel on the roads in N. Maryland and S. Pennsylvania, unfortunately.

  2. Obama has a trainer? For real? Wouldn’t know it after watching that leaked video of him heft those 2-lb barbells like a dork.

    • Your comment made me curious…. just briefly searching around the internet, seems as though the trainer was Michelle’s trainer first (there was an article about how he is responsible for her lovely arms), but now he is trainer to the whole family, as well as some staff. He is also from Chicago and is on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness (forget if that is the accurate name)… I was curious if the council members get a salary, but could not pin that down without more research. There is a dollar amount listed for the council, but doesn’t break it down. Trainer seems like a decent guy though, so I’m not faulting him if a friend wants to fly him from Chicago and pay him to make them exercise! (Golf not included when I say “exercies”….)

  3. Is ESPN going to run the hi-lights of the, um, President’s Cup Tournament? If so, I’ll be sure to tape it for later enjoyment.
    We can assume that the men are planning a President’s Skeet Shoot for Camp David. Or, a rip-roarin’ Texas Hold-em game.
    How nice.

  4. Am I being ‘unpatriotic’ if I just do NOT care how bho celebrates his birthday…?

    My DC friends tell me that he is perfectly happy with the past two years of his term now that the well orchestrated ‘immigration invasion’ has been spread throughout the USA – with more illegals to come for Fed Gov’t ‘freebies’! bho doesn’t need Congress, and he will continue to make his way ‘around’ the citizens’ elected officials! He has much MORE on his Agenda ahead!

    Plus, our mayor announced yesterday that he is applying for Fed Gov’t grants to ‘house REFUGEES’ – otherwise known as ILLEGALS! bho & company are NOT slowing down and still carrying out plans, as they have over the years, ‘undercover & covertly’! ‘Congress & Citizens Be D_______ED!$%!#’ jb

      • They better stop him — because sooner rather than later, there are going to be riots in this country! Especially after someone gets a disease from these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! What did anyone expect from the New York mayor — he’s an avowed communist who ran Ms. Piggy Clinton’s last campaign for President.

  5. Ahhhh! Ain’t life grand when your a communist Dictator. Dictator Obama is living large on the taxpayers largesse with no thought regarding the illegal use of public funds for his own personal pleasure and of course no thought about violating any other laws and in particular the daily violation of his oath of office. Anyone want to bet on whether any illegal drugs are being consumed over this party weekend by his coterie of fawning degenerates gathered to honor the spawn day of the most deadly enemy this Republic has ever faced, Dictator Obama? I’ll bet Dictator Obama’s butt is kissed so many times over the weekend that it looks like a huge octopus grabbed a hold of it. Sickening.

    Kind of odd though, that he is celebrating his spawn day without the presence of our First Entitlement Queen and his daughters. Yep, our beloved leader is certainly a devoted family man.

    • Ugly but too! I don’t wish him a happy birthday. I wish him pain and suffering like Israel is suffering. The Palestinians are suffering too but they chose to elect terrorists. Hamas stays underground, never on the streets, Hamas lets all the citizens die for them. What a Joke. They want to be free? How can you let a bunch of dirty murderers free to kill you? If they didn’t act like animals, Hamas and the Palestinians, they would have whatever they wanted. But these animals have to be locked because all they want to do is KILL JEWS AND CHRISTIANS AND AMERICANS. THEY SAY SO, EVERY DAY? Obama is too supid to realize that? Hamas spends all their citizens’ money for blood letting weapons and caves, never gives them any money to live like human beings. If they do conquer the Jews, then they will still kill, themselves or some other group, they are barbaric and do not want to change and they won’t change. Kill, kill and kill again, the Jews and Christians and Americans too. This is their life’s work. They are disgusting.

  6. Well, I am so disappointed. I went to White House dot gov in search of a Photo of the Day from the past two days. Not an image to be found. (Just one from Aug 1 in the office with Susan Rice, who apparently was wearing something that looks like she was helping Michelle weed the garden.)

    Then I started thinking of all the historic leaders of the world who have been to Camp David in order to work out agreements with the USA… Then I had to stop thinking.

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