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Annual Obama Birthday Bacchanal Begins

The annual extended Obama birthday bash began this morning with a mass landing on the golf course at Joint Base Andrews, where twelve golfers are participating in a Saturday morning outing.

Actually I imagine the festivities began Friday, since everyone seems to already be in town. I noticed that right after his early Friday afternoon press conference Obama exited the West Wing, apparently knocking off work early. I imagine – though I can’t confirm – he was headed to the residence to begin welcoming his guests.

Among those known to be participating in this morning’s golf bonanza are former Obama aide Reggie Love, current White House aide and Obama golf favorite Marvin Nicholson, and timeless friends Greg More, Bobby Titcomb, and Mike Ramos. The assemblage arrived at Andrews at 8:35 am ET.

After golf, the party will move to Camp David, where Obama and his crew will spend the night. Unclear if more celebrants – and maybe some celebrities – are flying in.

The president is not scheduled to return to the White House until 2:55 pm Sunday, no doubt to begin an extended period of recovery. Obama’s actual birthday is Monday.

Today was, BTW, the 27th time Obama has played this year and the 184th outing of his presidency.

69 thoughts on “Annual Obama Birthday Bacchanal Begins”

  1. Don’t let the world burning get in the way of a birthday bash! He wanted to be POTUS with the perks but none of the responsibilities.

    He just figured he’d let everyone else do the work and he’d just vote “present”.

  2. In O’s world women are only for show, to talk about, to say he’s for their rights, to blather on that we should care about women but the real O comes out when he plays golf and when the bear is loose – never a woman ever.

  3. No sign of the wife or kids to celebrate Dad’s big day, eh?

    Another scam, presenting Obama as “World’s Greatest Husband” and “World’s Greatest Dad”. They’re probably as sick of him as the rest of us.

    No doubt, they’ll go their separate ways on the Vineyard, except for a couple of photo ops.

    1. Hey Michael, isn’t being a great husband and an especially great father why he won the Nobel Peace Priz?. Ooops! My mistake. Nobel PIECE Prize. He’s a “PIECE” alright. POS!

    1. Sleep over with just the guys.
      The grown men I know do their very best to be in bed with their beloved wives (wife?) every night.
      ( it’s nice to have happily married family & friends)
      ….butt just the dudes …what a weird slumber party.

    1. It was–esp the part about “folks” being so-called tortured. FOLKS don’t get tortured–fanatics and killers may be “encouraged” to contribute, tho. And why bring this up–I suppose blasting people with a drone is not tortuous.

  4. Given that Obama’s actual birthday is Monday — this must be the birthday version of the bachelor party weekend. Reggie Love, front and center at all special events. And the fact that Obama has moved it to the woodsy, private environ of Camp David ensurses no prying eyes.

    What a juvenile.

    Expect week birthday celebration to continue through the week. Off to MV when?

  5. This is a little off topic. But take it in the sense of while the cat’s away, the mice will play. So while Obama is off on his bacchanalian lost weekend ,our ” play” is to be well armed for the fight. Here is a good , well articulated reminder of why we fight from a law clerk whose summer internship with the Senate Judiciary Committee just ended. Well done with lots of fortifying links to the issues he mentions.

    Recopied from earlier post

    1. Mod jail — distress call for cookies. (Personally I think Keith keeps us in here until the cookies arrive and then absconds with them before he releases us. Because I for one, have never received, the traditional mod jail cookies. So Keith — logical conclusion).

          1. Whoever used our beloved and original acronym POS should moderated–in my not so humble–so no, I don’t think you should be. We don’t always agree, but you add something besides a boring name for the president.

        1. Thank you. I will be dainty about it … that usually works. Seemingly demure, dainty, using my napkin … ever so polite …

      1. We see you now Grace.
        Infuriating isn’t it.
        Just when you have edited your comment and are ready to enlighten the readers on this site,…. hit submit and BAM !!!!!!

  6. This is becoming a tradition, it seems, guys weekend every year ? Will they all be going to MV in a couple of weeks to hang out too ?

    Not much Family in First Family lately? Last I recall them all being together was at St. Op of the Photo Church Easter Sunday. The girls and grandma have been blacked out since China.

    1. Since Malia is in Hollywood — I would imagine all the remainder of the female firsts are nearby. You think the Obama girls — older, middle aged, or young would pass up that opportunity.

  7. Tiltcomb? Obama’s non-married lifelong friend from Hawaii? I guess he got off on the soliciting a prostitute charge. (I could have worded that better,LOL) They never did report whether it was a male or female prostitute…………….

  8. OT Netanyahu is now speaking. I have Fox on.
    He aplogized for Gaza’s deaths.
    Hamas wants people of Gaza to suffer.
    Hamas did not do what they promised during ceasefire.
    They thanked O and Kerry for support.
    Mentioned the kidnapped soldier.
    We are towards target of dimantilling the tunnels.
    I missed the first couple of mins.
    Part of the mission is rapping up.

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  11. It just occurred to me. Sadly. While Obama and his cronies party away on the taxpayer dime — in the woods — safe, secure, and in private. And our Senators and Representatives prepare for the month of junkets or trips. Our borders have been violated, women, children, criminals, gang members, yet to be identified terrorists are digging in enjoying the openess and hospitality of Americans and America.

    And yet in the same damned country that granted them access across their land to our border, Mexico, harbors in some piss ant jail an American marine who made a wrong turn. His Senator and Representative should be removed from office.

    For the next 30 days while all of these people party and benefit this man who fought for us wastes away in that godforsaken country in a jail. Shame on us.

    1. If only Sgt. Tahmooressi were being treated as well as illegals in this country. Bet he doesn’t have a flat screen tv. I think he has another court appearance soon. And I understand there is a giant new road sign up now where he made his wrong turn.. Hope that helps his case. It’s a tragedy he has had to pay even one red cent on legal fees much less all his savings from two tours.

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