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Obamas Given Another Command Performance

Well, the Obamas Thursday evening got another awesome musical performance staged just for them, this one justified by the presence of special Olympians who were honored at the White House.

Pretty good camouflage. I mean, who could call them out for celebrating special Olympians?


The Obamas were treated to a private concert, along with special Olympians and other guests, by none other than the tireless Obama advocate Katy Perry. Not sure if anyone else performed. Stevie Wonder was in the house, so maybe they made him sing for them. The press was only invited in to see one Perry song.

From the pool report.

During the performance, POTUS and FLOTUS sat in the front row, alongside Gayle King,co-anchor of CBS This Morning and Oprah’s BFF. It was hard to see them from the back of the room, but FLOTUS was clapping and grooving.

Michelle, of course, just got back from a partially taxpayer-funded excursion to Chicago, where after a fundraiser she caught the other queen of pop culture, Beyonce. She was photographed clapping and grooving there too.

Man, this woman goes to more concerts than I did in college.

During  brief remarks prior to the concert, Obama said of Perry:

I love Katy Perry. She is just a wonderful person. I just met her mom, now I know why she’s such a wonderful person.

Yes, she’s wonderful. Nobility, even.

Key Obama supporter Katy Perry

Anyway, there were indeed many touching moments during the event, which included moving testimony by some of the guests:

Each of the athletes onstage shared stories about how the Special Olympics helped them to thrive, and some told heartbreaking stories about being bullied, being told they were “too stupid to understand” anything and being told they would never amount to anything.

And then there was this irresistible gesture, which is currently going viral, the hug heard ’round the world.

The Special Olympics are of course the brainchild of the Kennedys, who are in part responsible for creating Obama by backing him over Hillary during the  2008 primary. So maybe this is a little bit payback for the help.

Anyway, here are the crumbs the White House offered up for you and me. Why the cameraman chose to spend so much time at a wide angle when Perry looked this good is beyond me.

36 thoughts on “Obamas Given Another Command Performance”

  1. The King and the Queen reign. They even showed up at this special ceremony together.
    As for Katy Perry, let’s now forget she married that screwball Russel Brand and it has HE that divorced her. Not sure what that really says about those two, except tha one is dumb, the other dumber.
    They are all wonderful role models for our kids.

  2. First time KP’s mom, a Republican, was allowed to tag along and bask in the light of the one little dik.

    Human shields are not exclusive to Hamas.

  3. The Obamas using the Special Olympics as a front to get another special concert for themselves in the WH is in my mind par with Hamas using schools as their weapons sites, but then again I also thought the other day that Obama was using “unaccompanied illegal minors” as pawns just as Hamas was using Palestinian children. The man is the most crass and shameful President we have ever had. (Only Clinton comes close.) And remember when he compared himself to a Special Olympics athlete when he bowled terribly in the 2008 campaign?

      1. That doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that Obama is still using children as pawns. What’s more is that TX ranchers have found dead children in the desert so maybe it’s smaller in scale but young people are still dying for Obama trying to make political hay.

  4. Hmm…do you think the athletes are aware of the “joke” 0 made on The Tonight Show years ago about his paltry skills at bowling putting him in the Special Olympics category? Probably not.

    1. That was just another of his “bonehead” remarks, Ellen. He always gets a pass if he calls a faux pas or misstep a bonehead thing. When the Obamas got a special deal on their Chicago house from convicted criminal Tony Rezko, that was also a bonehead thing to do.

        1. Barry has no shame. Offended by his remark? He doesn’t care. He really, really couldn’t care less about anything but himself and his agenda.

    2. Apparently that little faux pas has not precluded the Special Olympics from asking the O and the MO to serve as honorary chairs of the World Games in LA next year.

      Yep, another taxpayer-funded extended-stay golf ‘n’ spa vacay in SoCal for the first family. I expect the frequency of these extravagant concerts and luxurious getaways to accelerate in the next couple years.

    1. Another command performance (and photo op) for yet another human prop. Staged? Perhaps?

      Once again, Obama’s partying leaves him without the energy for a “normal” work day. Today’s official schedule starts (and ends) with this:

      3:45 pm
      The President holds a bill signing
      Oval Office

      Nice “work” if you can get it (@ $8,000 per week plus bennies)

  5. I laughed at the line about how many concerts Michelle has gone to. I saw the Beatles in concert, so there!! (Actually, from the nosebleeds, they were waaaay down there–but at least someone took off her top in our section.)

  6. I’m so glad in the midst of the world’s misery, The One and The Wife are made joyous by so many entertainments. They are a living symbol of the happiness to which which all those suffering may aspire.

  7. And this is a perfect example of the “WHY” our country is in the shape it is in.
    We have no one to blame but ourselves – and that goes for you, too, Katie Perry’s mom.
    How does it feel to dance for the devil?
    People who believe in nothing will fall for anything.

    1. Aileen – I refuse to take blame for this disaster. WE are not the problem. It is the low information voters and crazy democrat’s that think the dems are for the “little guy”

      People that get their information from the TV and newspapers and accept the propaganda as real, those are the peeps who have caused this to happen.

      1. I have come to the conclusion that the Democratic “Party” is not a political party in the true sense of the term.

        It is, rather, an organized crime racket designed for the acquisition and retention of power, at the expense of the citizenry to whom it gives naught beyond lip service.

        Tell me I’m wrong.

      2. We are to blame because we did not take a stand for the truth.
        Did you take a visible, concrete stand? Did you risk losing your friends and family? Did you voice your opinion in any way – especially to your Congressmen and Senators? Who did you vote for?
        If you did these things, I stand corrected and I apologize to you.
        The future of the United States of America does not belong to the politically correct cowards.

  8. Katy Perry is a good example of why I don’t care for today’s “pop” music. I can’t understand the lyrics. What’s with that “style” of singing anyway?

  9. I blame that organized crime racket which masquerades as the entire state of Illinois for foisting this POS _resident on our country.

    What? That’s POS as in, Partying Over Substance. You thought I meant something else? Get your mind out of the gutter…

  10. Bratty Katy wouldn’t allow her own mother to attend the Inauguration when she performed b/c her mom is an “R” and didn’t vote for Obama.

    Comparing and contrasting the O’s with the Kennedy’s: The Kennedy’s held classical music salons with the likes of Iztak Perlman, Pablo Casals, etc.
    When Yo Yo Ma performed at the first Obama Inauguration, my mouth fell open when trashy Michelle sat through his entire performance and never looked at him. She turned her back to him and gabbed away animatedly with her kids during the entire performance. I never saw anything so rude.

    No class; low-rent. What else can you say about these interlopers?

  11. Every day Obama continues to convince me that he is just the coolest president that we’ve ever had.

    So, why is he such a crappy president?

  12. I guess Malia and Sasha are off at camp? Had they been in town this would have been a good event for them to attend. When I was involved, Special Olympics was a big community event and couldn’t have done it without the help of many wonderful volunteer teens helping the athletes complete their events.

    1. One would think that attending such a worthy event would be the least the Surly Sisters could do. Perhaps they haven’t yet grasped the concept of “public service”. Strange – their parents are such shining examples.

  13. reposted regarding Katy Perry and the Obamas:

    Taking her mother, Mary Hudson, to the event was a big turnaround for Katy – who has performed twice before for the President – as she previously claimed she had banned her pastor parents from watching her sing at the Commander-in-Chief’s second inauguration in 2012 because they didn’t vote for him.

    She said in the past: ‘My parents are Republicans and I’m not. They didn’t vote for Obama, but when I was asked to sing at the inauguration, they were like, ‘We can come.’ And I was like, ‘No, you can’t. I love you so much, but that–on principle.’
    ‘They understood, but I was like, ‘How dare you?’ in a way.’

    Read more:

  14. I will be more impressed when, after they leave the WH, they sign up to be buddies for some special needs kids. It’s easy to be nice to them when they’re all dressed up in your house, but what about when they are hot and sweaty during a competition? Is Obama still going to give him a big hug?

  15. “Pretty good camouflage. I mean, who could call them out for celebrating special Olympians?
    Big fan of you and the blog Keith. I visit everyday!
    In regards to the quote above, you should have used “I”, not me. Think I would, not me would.

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