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Obama Revives Charge Bush Administration Tortured

President Obama today said the United States tortured people in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, saying that while he understood the emotion that drove the practice, it was nevertheless unequivocally wrong.

Obama spoke today during an impromptu press conference at the White House. “We tortured some folks,” Obama said during a long answer to a question not directly concerning the response to 9/11.

Obama has previously referred to water boarding, which was practiced following 9/11, as torture. And in May 2013 he said that “I believe” that the United States “compromised our basic values — by using torture to interrogate our enemies.”

But it is not clear he has made the charge as directly and unequivocally as he did today. Obama did not this time say specifically which practice he was referring to.

Bush administration officials have acknowledged that the practices were harsh, but say they stopped short of torture.

33 Responses to Obama Revives Charge Bush Administration Tortured

    • At least the Bush administration got some information from these terrorists. How does Obama justify dropping drones on terrorists? How is that any different than what Bush did, in Obama’s mind?

      • Its worse — ITS KILLING PEOPLE with drones? Is that better than interrogation? I am really beginning to think that Obama is just plain dumb with the things that come out of his mouth? He’s criticizing and calling it torture when he just murders people without interrogation, without a trial. Is he better? he’s worse, who the hell is he to just kill people with drones? And gets away with it? One day he won’t get away with it, I hope.

    • Thats why he said that today. That won’t change the subject. But I do want to say that I am sorry that I watched the press conference. I just wanted to hear about Israel, but of course, that was not to be for about 30 minutes while he once again got all miserable and negative and insulting America again and the Repubs again. No patriotism, no loyalty, no shame, no class, nothing. Clint Eastwood said it, — an empty suit. But a dangerous one, he must be stopped!

    • The impromptu presser has more to with Brennan/CIA.

      March 11, 2014
      WASHINGTON — CIA director John Brennan says the spy agency did not hack into computers that Senate staffers were using to investigate Bush-era interrogation programs.

      July 31, 2014
      Via NY Post:
      WASHINGTON — CIA Director John Brennan apologized to Senate intelligence committee leaders after his inspector general found that CIA employees acted improperly when the agency searched Senate computers earlier this year.

  1. Yes we are hitting the bottom blame Bush he’s not had to use that fall back position for awhile. We will be lucky to still have a country after
    this inept putz leaves office.

  2. Yet it’s perfectly fine that OBama kills by drone and picks the targets himself. My thanks to Bush for keeping our country safe. God only knows how many terrorists walk among us here now that Obama encourages illegal immigration.

  3. Those weren’t “folks” Barack, those were terrorists who had just masterminded an attack on the United States that killed over 3000 people.
    The handling of 9/11 was GWB’s best moments as President.

  4. Someone should torture him! folks, not terrorists? In his eyes they are foksey? Well, he is friends with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, to him they are just plain folks with murder in mind He is guilty of treason folks!

  5. Whenever Obama uses the phrase “folks”, “some folks” — I wish some honest member of the media would ask which “folks” specifically.

    In this case, I think the “folks” were “terrorists” or “enemies” — two words that have been banned unless they follow the word “domestic”.