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The Obama Morning News || August 1, 2014

GOP scrambling on border bill . . . The Hill
House Republican leaders today are scrambling to put together 218 votes to pass legislation responding to the border crisis.

Cruz helps stall the bill . . . Washington Post
The beginning of the collapse of House Speaker Boehner’s border bill came Wednesday evening, when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz gathered more than a dozen House Republicans at his office in the Dirksen building on Capitol Hill.

Islamic militants seize Benghazi . . . Washington Times
Fighting in Libya escalated Thursday as Islamic militias claimed to control the country’s second-largest city, Benghazi, while foreigners and U.N. workers continued their exodus.

WH: School shelling indefensible . . . Associated Press
The White House says there is little doubt Israeli artillery hit a United Nations school in Gaza and is casting the shelling as “totally unacceptable and totally indefensible.”

Panel: Military cuts leave U.S. weak . . . Washington Times
An independent panel appointed by the Pentagon and Congress said Thursday that President Obama’s strategy for sizing the armed services is too weak for today’s global threats.

Bored federal workers surfing porn . . . Washington Times
For one Federal Communications Commission worker, his porn habit at work was easy to explain: Things were slow, he told investigators, so he perused it “out of boredom” — for up to eight hours each week.

Stand with Israel . . . Rick Perry
“Those of us who have been to Israel and have seen the effects of these attacks first-hand have a deeper understanding of what the Israeli people are being forced to endure,” Perry writes.

Scarborough turns on Israel . . . Politico
“This continued killing of women and children in a way that appears to be indiscriminate is asinine,” he said, adding the U.S. should disassociate itself from Israel’s actions if they continue.

Cantor to resign from Congress . . . The Hill
Now-former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) will resign from Congress on Aug. 18, nearly two months after his surprise GOP primary defeat.

The Secret George W. Bush book project . . . Politico
Only his family and friends knew about the secret book project. And, of course, he told the star of the book: his father.

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    • I’m on the side of bringing the two Americans from Liberia to Emory. It’s probably the only hope that they get treated well, with a better than average chance of survival. Paris, or Geneva are the other two options, but if I were the family of the two missionaries, I’d want them flown home. Emory has one of only four centers in the US where the patients can be isolated and where doctors are specifically trained for such a rare disease.

        • Denise , New Yorker –I am ‘twixt and ‘tween. That said, if it were my family member I would want them treated here. And I have still a tiny bit of faith left in our system that this can be done without repercussions to public health. It must be frightening. Having worked overseas it is my position that we have a choice to go, full aware of the possibilities. Me, personally, would never sign up for Africa.

          That said, I saw a “funny” comment — Why should we worry about ebola — we’ve survived 5.5 years of obola.

          A little smile amongst all the grimaces of life under little dik.

          • OMG grace, I spewed coffee at the funny obola comment. I’m sitting paying bills with not enough money to go around and just finding out an adult child is moving back home after losing a job. A funny was just the ticket for getting over the Friday Obama blues. Thanks

    • The first report I heard didn’t say they were Americans, so I was really worried about it. Then when I read they were American missionaries I thought it made sense. This way their families can be near them. I’m hoping that they can quarantine the plane they use adequately.

  1. The Prez and Ms Prez had another concert at the WH this week.
    Celebrity Campaigner for Obamacare (and Obama), Katy Perry, was one of the performers.

    Liberals hold such political grudges, even against their parents. Here’s Perry talking about her grudge:

    Taking her mother, Mary Hudson, to the event was a big turnaround for Katy – who has performed twice before for the President – as she previously claimed she had banned her pastor parents from watching her sing at the Commander-in-Chief’s second inauguration in 2012 because they didn’t vote for him.

    She said in the past: ‘My parents are Republicans and I’m not. They didn’t vote for Obama, but when I was asked to sing at the inauguration, they were like, ‘We can come.’ And I was like, ‘No, you can’t. I love you so much, but that–on principle.’
    ‘They understood, but I was like, ‘How dare you?’ in a way.’

    Read more:

  2. Everyone is having a hard time with the vote.
    The issue is there are laws regarding the border.
    Enforce the laws.
    Everyone that skipped on over after feeling their were welcomed here, need to be sent safely back.
    No one is discussing the risk of one bad person skipping over the border. We have grandmothers being touched at airports, the same time this stampede is happening.

    • It seems that ALL the existing immigration laws have been ruled by decree as obsolete and unenforceable.

      When did that debate in Congress take place?

    • I’m very confused about where the bill stands now. They are trying to vote again today on a changed bill which would be acceptable to some conservative House members. But does it meet the criteria Senator Jeff Sessions has been campaigning for, specifically language which would prevent Obama from executive actions?

      • 2 cents. The bill is fraught with danger of lurking Holder judges who would simply in the end effect amnesty. It is a mess. We cannot do anything simple — like send them back — they are illegal and close or secure the borders.

        Why we are so concerned about an existing DACA law is beyond me when little dik and eric the red ignore our immigration laws in the first place.

        If I hear one more lib — do the oh the children — and humanitarian crisis thing –I might just throw up.

  3. Israel monsters are killing innocent children at their school and in their playgrounds. ….. We hear this refrain over and over from every MSM, every pundit, every military “expert”.
    The children; we must save the children.

    Innocent children are escaping violence and poverty in S. American countries and monstrous Repubs want to send them back to their deaths…………Another refrain from every MSM, every pundit, and professional Dem politician.
    The children; we must save the children.

    The Repubs are waging a war on women’s health by making it difficult for them to abort/kill their unborn children…..So says the professional Dem politician and most of the MSM.
    The women; they have the right to kill their own children.

    • I just heard kucinich saying on Fox that we should talk to Hamas even if they are known to be terrorist.
      I believe that would than set a new open door/rule to now negotiate with other terrorist.
      Is it just me, or does anyone else feel we continue to take two steps backwards, or speak in such a way?

      • Talk about what? I believe Hamas’ whole existence is to destroy Israel…..then the rest of us infidels.

        I worry about those taking this misplaced “compassionate” side of the terrorists, including our own MSM……see srdem’s comment above starting with ” Israel monsters……” yep, that’s pretty much what we’re reading from our own media these days. ;)

      • If Obama and Kerry had been in office in ’41 they would have blamed America for Pearl Harbor and asked Congress for money to help alleviate the suffering of the Japanese people that caused them to attack us in the first place.
        Evil is evil and respects only force and succumbs only when defeated by said force.
        The “children” would all be safe tomorrow if Gaza threw out Hamas and ended the terror.
        They voted for em, they now pay the price. It’s not Israel’s responsibility fix the problems the Palestinians keep inflicting upon themselves.
        They will however defend their country and their right to exist and they should be getting full and unwavering support from America rather than the anti-Semite crap coming out of Kerry and Obama.
        I’m as proud to be an American today as I’ve ever been but I’m also as disgusted and ashamed of my government as I’ve ever been as well.
        God speed Israel.

      • Kucinich is a peace-nick through and through. I wouldn’t worry about him: he has his free speech rights but I doubt he has a “smidgeon” of influence on anybody.

  4. On a lighter note from POLITICO, Ron Kessler’s book “First Family Details’ will be on sale Aug. 5. In it, he describes how Biden is a big fan of skinny dipping – much to the chagrin of female agents.who find it ‘offensive’. Eye bleach, please!
    Biden is also described as the second worst SS detail ….Hillary being the worst.

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