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Obama: I’ll “Act Alone” on Border Bill

With House Republicans still scrambling Friday afternoon to pass a border security funding bill – and President Obama set to veto it even if it could pass the Senate, which it can’t – Obama today said he would take some kind of unilateral action to provide resources to deal with the immigrant surge.

Obama spoke during a hastily called news conference at the White House:

I’m going to have to act alone because we don’t have enough resources. Without additional resources and help from Congress were just not going to have the resources to fully solve the problem . . . While they’re out on vacation, I’m going to have to make some tough choices to meet the challenge.

Obama neglected to mention that many lawmakers perform constituent service during August, and that he too will be on vacation for just over two weeks.

Obama sought to paint the House GOP as isolated and said their bill was “extreme:”

The argument isn’t between me and House Republicans. It’s between House Republicans and Senate Republicans. House Republicans and the business community. House Republicans and the evangelical community.

He also suggested that Republicans were acting out of spite and political motives, opposing legislation simply because he supported it. He suggested this approach will be a rationale for future executive action:

In circumstances where even basic, commonsense, plain-vanilla legislation can’t pass because House Republicans consider it somehow a compromise of their principles or giving Obama a victory, then we’ve got a to take action, otherwise we won’t be making progress on the things the American people care about.

Obama did not provide any hint what he would do with respect to the border.

73 Responses to Obama: I’ll “Act Alone” on Border Bill

  1. Yeah, the Congressional Repubs don’t want to spend billions of dollars on illegal aliens because they’re hatin’ you, MrPreezy. It’s all about you, DearLeader, you, your, yours, and thou.

    • If, somehow conservative RTVF majors invaded the media by pretending to be liberal…then collectively began to report the truth:
      That would be a sight to behold.

  2. OT: kinda
    I just read a report of the gummit sending illegal “minors” to ALASKA!
    Alaska, OMG. Whose brilliant idea was this; sending chidlren from steamy South America to ALASKA?
    They’ve never seen snow, not ever, never, and
    I can’t go on. We have slipped down the gummit rabbit (or rabid) hole.

  3. Vintage Obama leadership approach.

    Bash the opposition for not agreeing with you, and then expect that they can’t wait to sit down with you for “compromise” talks.

    The Republicans fell for it a couple of times, and then came out with nothing.

    And Obama can’t figure out why no one trusts him.

  4. Why does he not go on vacation with his family and waste our money
    that way instead. It sickens me to see our hard earned money thrown
    away on these law breakers. No sane nation would even consider
    such a move.

  5. I give the establishment GOP a hard time, but they are anything but “isolated” on this one. This is the number one hot issue in the country right now–more than Obamacare, the IRS, or Benghazi–and the country is overwhelmingly against amnesty.

  6. Say what you will about the hapless Republicans (and I have and then some) — they at least write and propose legislation that sits and gathers dust in Hairy Reed’s old underwear and sock drawer.

    It is clear that Barack Obama and the Democrat Party of the United States is for amnesty. They are willing for political reasons to violate the constitution and the country and the will of the majority of the people.

    No matter what happens, this cannot be disputed. They now need to own it. If this country goes down — it will go down in history on their shoulders and in their names.

    But then again, by the time they are done, no one will read or if they do not in English, and there will be no history that is not rewritten.

    • Ew…hairy Reid’s old underwear…mind bleach! By the way, that’s where the stimulus was when they dusted it off. Remember back then–the legislative pocket lint?

      • Thats what I’m afraid of and I think about it all the time. Axelrod and the rest of the corrupters, And they will do it for Clinton too — thats why she’s so nice to Obama now, she needs to make sure she will win or she won’t run, if you know what I mean.

      • I have no confidence that the re election of Obama was not “fiddled with”. The IRS intimidation of conservatives alone is an argument against the legality of his re election.

    • I hope he does it on his own, let him bury the democrats/ communists/nazis. No one cares what he says any more. We are just shocked when he says these things because its so dumb!I thought he looked drunk or high at the press conference something looked not right with him, but then again, he never looks healthy anymore. He gives these same spiteful lectures against the Republicans. He’s so jealous of them because he knows they are smarter than he is.

  7. I think that he is daring us to impeach him.
    He is testing our resolve.
    He needs a huge revolt in the Country before the 2014 election.

  8. It was planned moths ago. Going from one scandal to another to throw everyone off balance.
    The worst president in my lifetime and I am in my 80’s. I worry about my kids and grandkids. I guess the democrats don’t.

  9. Instead of “I’ll act alone” the correct statement from Obama is “I acted alone and this is why we are in this position”.

    The Republicans continue to lose the war. Every time the Presdent blames the House Republicans the Republcans should remind the country that their are 350 bills waiting to be voted upon in the Senate and their is one person who has made 99 Senators meaningless by not allowing debate or votes. The MSM will not report these facts but 30 second ads on their stations will. What a shame that Truth is so Irrelavant in DC.

  10. He is just disgusting.
    What a lying phony a$$!
    Once again msm needs to call this bs out. Butt, alas they just kiss his skinny a$$.

    • He just had to diss the country and the Republicans. Now his day is complete! He got it off his chest, all the hate that HE feels.

  11. Talk, talk, talk, without saying anything meaningful. Threatening and blaming. Lying and blaming. Smearing and blaming. That’s just the Communist way and the hallmark of the Barry Obama administration.
    BTW. Plain vanilla? Sounds racist to me.

  12. Will Dictator Obama issue his law breaking degree before or after his lavish vacation at taxpayer expense? Oh how he hates this Country and its citizens! Dictator Obama truly is the worst enemy this country has ever faced in its history.

  13. Exactly where in the US Counstitution does it State that if the House of Representatives and Senate are controlled by different parties, and if the Senate which is controlled by the President’s party habitually refuses to even consider legislation passed by the House, the President has the power to act unilaterally?

    The actions of the Republican lead house are precisely the type of check and balance that the framers envisioned.

    Obama is the most lawless President since Abraham Lincoln.

  14. The word compromise isn’t in his vocabulary. He never mentions the fact that there are two houses in Congress, only the GOP controlled House side. Somehow the Dem controlled Senate doesn’t seem to count to him. He is so mindless and divisive. It’s his way or no way. I wonder if he ever has nightmares about his legacy?

  15. Mod jail — distress call for cookies. (Personally I think Keith keeps us in here until the cookies arrive and then absconds with them before he releases us. Because I for one, have never received, the traditional mod jail cookies. So Keith — logical conclusion).

  16. Oh, how much damage can we expect of this man! I’m just aghast at the damage he’s done in his presidency. And it keeps on coming…

  17. Sending them to Alaska and Hawaii. FREE flights, come on in. This is insane. Alaska and Hawaii have enough poor people of their own, they need to take care of. They don’t need foreign “children” to spend money on. Charity begins at home. And only about 20% are really children, the others are juveniles and adolescent from 15- 26 years of age, unskilled, uneducated, illiterate. Some don’t speak Spanish or English but their own dialect. Some have diseases like TB, small pox, scabies, lice and bedbugs. Its a mess, but somewhere there is a plan.