As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama statement – August 1, 2014

Briefing cancelled. I expect questions.

UPDATE: The press conference has concluded.

20 Responses to Live Stream || Obama statement – August 1, 2014

  1. Why is this jerk interrupting my Friday General Hospital? The best one of the week? Just shut up, can not take anymore of this baloney!

  2. Unmuted my computer for a half second and BOoooo is talking about those mean Republicans again and how much stuff they keep blocking and how hard he is working…. blah, blah, blah, woe is me. Mute back on.

  3. He is whining that Congress cannot agree on the 20% of the immigration/border issue.
    That is the main 20% that has to be fixed.
    Than he tells us I may have to take steps on my own.
    As far as the stupid job growth, we already discussed that on the other thread. Part time jobs don’t cut it.

  4. Israel has a right ot protect itself.
    Did not need him to tell me what I aready know.
    Same time clear innocent civilians have to weigh on our mind.
    Why doesn’t he say anything bad about Hamas?
    The killing is not going to stop unless the terrorist hit the road.
    Still rambling.

    • Yeah, him and Kerry never say anything that Hamas is a terrorist org., never says it. They could make it so much better for Israel if they said that, but apparently, they don’t want to make it better for Israel or they would say the loving words about Israel that they should say. They are full of crap, the two of them. They talked Israel into a cease fire with a terrorist group who immediately had a suicide bomber kill two soldiers and kidnap another? With friends like Obama and Kerry, they don’t need enemies.

  5. What a joke……..the blame Republicans speech once again. He had the audacity to slam them for going on vacation. I guess the WH is built of glass,because, it would glass dust from all the stones.

    Did anyone catch one of his reason to raise the Minimum Wage? So, it will be easier for them to pay off their student loans! Really? They went to college to get minimum wage? He has no clue.

  6. OMG! “I hope Hamas is listening: the Israeli soldier must be released as soon as possible.
    Meanwhile, our own decorated Marine remains in a filthy Mexican jail.

    “No country can or would tolerate tunnels being dug under their land where terrorist could launch attacks! ”
    Meanwhile, there are hundreds of tunnels on our Southern border where terrorists are able to enter and launch attacks, along with millions of foreigners from all over the world.


  7. I walked by my tv. Saw Obama. Turned it off.

    Be back to check all the good comments and will read a headline or two.

    Have to fortify for the BS.

  8. 0MG. Walked by tv again — John McCain — humanitarian crisis — terrible things are happening yada yada yada — amnesty.

    When John and Cindy McCain take on families and children into their 9 houses or whatever the count is, then he might have some credibility. How Arizona can have this man as a Senator is beyond me.

    Star, I acknowledge his service and always will. And also I am thinking of turning my tv into a night light much like you have in your home. I think it an excellent idea.

    • Why are we being invaded? We will get sick from these invaders and we can also have lots more 9/11’s with this border craziness. This is impeachable and dangerous and unbelievable. The guy is off his rocker. He is the devil. Whats the lawsuit going to do? He needs more punishment than that, thats nothing.