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Video || Koffler Discusses Obama’s “Economic Patriotism”

Do people not understand how bad this is?

President Obama’s is insisting on “economic patriotism” from corporations that he claims are “deserters” because they relocate their headquarters overseas to avoid paying the high U.S. corporate tax rate.

And Obama is targeting not just greedy businessman trying to do right by their shareholders. In his speeches. Obama defines “economic patriotism” as not only avoidance of legal tax shelters, but concurrence with his whole economic program.

Nobody seems to care. If conservatives were implying that those who disagreed with them were unpatriotic, the Washington press corps would be staging serious-minded discussions on TV about whether the Tea Party was trying to usurp democracy.

Anyway, I appeared last Friday on One America News Network’s Rick Amato Show to discuss this egregious Obama tactic.

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12 Responses to Video || Koffler Discusses Obama’s “Economic Patriotism”

  1. How much cash has Democrat financier Tom Steyer sheltered over the years?

    the same man who pledged $100,000,000 to Democrats to prevent the vote on the KXL pipeline and made tens of million on coal companies.

  2. Speaking of throwing shade on others:

    Obama speaks of desertion, while being AWOL from the White House on a regular basis to fund-raise, speechfiy, and bash the G.O.P. He rails against “millions of dollars” the G.O.P. stands to waste by suing him for “doing his job”. How many millions are wasted for his ego trips (and what do they accomplish for America, vs. a suit to examine our laws and the limits of government overreach?)

    This isn’t the first time he’s alluded to punishing his enemies. And it’s far from the first (or last) time he’ll construct a straw man in front of a hand-picked crowd supplied with taxpayer-funded matches.

    We should bear in mind that his message is created by the same type of minds that convince Americans that smoking is cool, beer is sexy, and acting like a gangster gives one street cred. (Oh, yes, and that political disagreement equals racism).

    How do you combat carefully calculated sound bites with reason?

  3. Great segment Keith ! Time to pitch OAN a show based on the White House Dossier …. and community? :) The people who comment here are so much more well informed than any White House Press briefing provides !

  4. Can’t remember exactly what she said but I remember cankles going off on being called unpatriotic for disagreeing with President Bush.

  5. Excellent interview.
    I do not get the program on my cable. I will ask my neighbor if they they have it, as well sit down and watch the show with them.

  6. Well said, Keith…as always.

    With Obama it’s capitalism for me but not for thee. He is Jesse Jackson on steroids – shaking down citizens and corporations alike. He has some gall uttering the word ‘patriotic’ anything. Why he isn’t shunned by the business community as a whole is a mystery. He is the enemy within – on every level. As others have mentioned, Obama is the deserter….campaigning day and night to feather his own nest. His accountants undoubtedly use every tax loophole in existence.

    According to reliable sources, Obama has been spending most of his time planning his post-presidency – FOUNDATIONS etc. Even had time to purchase a 4.7M shack in Rancho Mirage. All of this while plunging America into an 8 billion black hole from which we may never recover. Some patriot, that Obama fraud.

  7. Excellent conservative points well delivered. Thanks for posting this for those of us who cannot get it.

    Obama’s Rose Garden announcement and embrace of the Bergdahls speaks to how he determines “deserters”. And his disdain for the
    factual tellings of Bergdahl’s platoon members reflects the disdain he has for honest hard working Americans and their ethic.

    Barack Obama is an agitator dedicated to class and racial warfare and to the destructive transformation of the United States into a weak and defenseless country without borders or sovereignty.

    He seeks to use the system to steal from the wealthy and productive members of society and redistribute it. What makes it even more reprehensible is he seeks to redistribute to people who are illegal and who were invited to come and remain in this country by his policies.

    Barack Obama wants America on its knees serving and paying him.

    • BTW, that Berghdal story has gone away fast. How is the Army ‘investigation’ going? When (if?) is the trial?
      Or have ‘investigators’ been told (by the Obama Pentagon) to slow down/forget about it?