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Obama Must Speak Out on the Oppression of Christians

Today, Christians around the world are increasingly being persecuted for their faith, with the number killed because of their religion doubling in 2013 to 2,123, according to a new report by Open Doors, a non-denominational group supporting persecuted Christians worldwide. Other groups put the figure as high as 8,000, Reuters reports.

In Iraq and Syria, ISIS is forcibly converting members of ancient Christian civilizations and destroying biblical sites as it establishes a modern-day Caliphate.

President Obama is the leader of a nation that is still predominantly Christian. He is quite good at advertising his own Christian faith. It is time for him to make a serious statement on behalf all Americans about the plight of Christians overseas. And he should describe exactly what he is doing – if he’s doing anything serious at all – to employ American influence to combat the persecution.

And yet what do we have from him? This, from a March press conference in Rome following a meeting with the Pope:

And then we spent a lot of time talking about the challenges of conflict and how elusive peace is around the world.  There was some specific focus on the Middle East where His Holiness has a deep interest in the Israeli-Palestinian issue, but also what’s happening in Syria, what’s happening in Lebanon, and the potential persecution of Christians.  And I reaffirmed that it is central to U.S. foreign policy that we protect the interests of religious minorities around the world.

The potential persecution of Christians? That’s pathetic.

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) sought Tuesday to raise the alarm:

The silence in this town – in Washington – is deafening. Does Washington even care? Where is the Obama administration? The president has failed. Where is the Congress? The congress had failed.

In his speech, Wolf highlighted the important place Iraq holds in the origins of Judeo-Christianity, noting that, after Israel, the Bible contains more references to places in Iraq than any other country, according to CNS News.

Presidential attention to this matter would not only put the killers of Christians on notice, it would draw attention to the issue within the United States and throughout the world. The president’s policies and his failure to keep troops in Iraq and act against ISIS have led directly to a portion of this tragedy. He owes those suffering at least this.

Easter greetings, prayer breakfasts, and visits with the Pope are great. But it is unacceptable to ignore the plight of a people with whom so many Americans – both Christian and non-Christian alike – feel such a strong sense of kinship.

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33 Responses to Obama Must Speak Out on the Oppression of Christians

  1. Why would Obama care about the persecution and murders of Christian’s in the Middle East and elsewhere when he persecutes American Christian’s by trying to force them to subsidize the murder of defenseless human babies and was the only senator who did NOT vote to ban the horrific practice of partial-birth abortion where human babies are stabbed in their skulls after being pulled out of their mother’s wombs, sometimes moments before they were to be born?

  2. Actions, so they say speak louder than words. Dictator Obama was and always has been on the side of the islamic savages terrorists. Just look at his actions against Israel who is battling the Hamas vermin.

    He will do nothing beyond meaningless lip service until he is absolutely forced to make one of his patented nonsensical “statements”. Why do people continously expect Dictator Obama to act like an American President.

  3. “He is quite good at advertising his own Christian faith.”

    Yes, he’s a phony baloney holy roller. A man who nearly chokes on his own spit when he sees the word “God” on the teleprompter at the prayer breakfast. And yet breaks into a spontaneous grin when he hears the praise of Allah on the lips of Bergdahl’s daddy. Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to stand up against the persecution of Christians.

    • Being born to a Muslim father, makes the son a Muslim. No where can i find Obama renounced his Muslim faith and converted to Christianity.

      What good Christian would ever spend 20 years in Rev Wright’s church?

    • Attending a left-leaning church once a year doesn’t make Barry a Christian in any sense. Even this old atheist has never, ever doubted he is a dyed-in-the-wool muslim.

  4. Obama has been silent on the cleansing of Christians by his Muslim friends. The Muslims chant “Saturday worshipers today, Sunday worshipers tomorrow!”

    Christians to Obama the Muslim are nothing but cannon fodder.

  5. Yet another of the many topics where Obama’s words don’t match his actions. He claims (when it’s convenient) to be a Christian, yet he does nothing to protect the faithful from persecution in this country or abroad. Contrast that with his worshipful reverence for Islam, including the ludicrous (and demonstrably false) statements he’s made repeatedly about the “huge” contributions Muslims supposedly made to the founding and growth of this country.

    Obama cares nothing for Christians nor Jews. He’s enamored of all things Islamic. He’s fluent in the Koran and the ways of Islam, much less so in what the Bible actually has to say as opposed to what he claims it to say. Add all that up in your head and see what you get.

    • Obama lived and was schooled in Muslim Indonesia ages 5-10. Those are the years kids learn their Sunday School lessons or their catechism, and remember those teachings all their lives. Obama still remembers his. and if not an outright Muslim had a very soft spot for the religion.

  6. Potentially dead Christians…they are dead! Dead dead dead. Not potentially lacking in life force. tNow that you mentioned this, he will never do it.

    • Star,

      I saw an article today in the NY Times which noted all of the Religious structures being destroyed by ISIS including the shrine of Jonah. But nowhere in the article did it mention the destruction of the Christian faithful. As if it weren’t happening. It didn’t even mention the mass assassinations of the Muslims who weren’t siding with ISIS. As if it that wasn’t happening.

      The NY Times, Obama, the Democrats and probably most of the GOP establishment act as none of this is happening. They fear it may hurt their convictions.

  7. Even if Obama does not have the stomach to stand up for Christian religious minorities, the rest of the government should act.

    This is a terrible tragedy , and Washington is silent. Does this silence mean that they are not perturbed at all?

  8. Unfortunately for those persecuted Christians this president is unlikely to stand up for them in any meaningful way. He hasn’t stood up for those here, just the opposite in fact, so he certainly won’t is some faraway land. The media, short of Mr Koffler and Fox News, has been way too quiet on this as well.

  9. Even Putin addressed the persecution of Christians last year in an address to Moscow’s orthodox Christian leaders. Not a ‘potential’ problem – a ‘pressing problem’:

    “This pressing problem should be a subject of close attention for the entire international community. It is especially important today to make efforts to prevent intercultural and interreligious conflicts, which are fraught with the most serious upheavals.”

    Obama remains silent.

  10. I cringe whenever Obama refers to his ‘Christian’ faith after spending 20 yrs worshiping at the altar of Rev. Wright. His purpose there was not to
    ‘get religion’ – it was to widen his base of racist, America haters.

    IMO, Obama has no religious beliefs other than standing with Muslims. He’s lazy and doesn’t even bother raising his daughters with some/any form of religious worship. They’re only used for photo ops occasionally. They haven’t even been taught to be ‘charitable’. It’s all about Beyonce concerts and working in Hollywood. All about ‘me’!

  11. ‘Speak out’ on the oppression of Christians? This is a man who once toasted Rhashid Khalidi at his deportation dinner. Don’t hold your breath.

    And to affirm what “Girly1” wrote earlier, the first family has attended mass together, by my count, in years. These people have no (openly practiced) religion other than their worship of themselves and their circle of false idols.

  12. It is the Christian tradition to suffer persecution silently. It’s only the Jews, Muslims, Feminists, and Evangelicals (those ‘structuralist’ folks who believe it’s more important who you are than what you do – the very source of all terrorism) who politicize their claims of persecution, and make the loudest noise possible.

  13. Obama’s not with the Saturday people or the Sunday people. He’s with the Friday people, or the five-times-a-day fundament-in-the-air people.

  14. Yehhhh his silence is deafening! He is not FOR Christians, not one bit…his Non VERBAL communication speaks for him. This is the time of fullfillment.