As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, August 1, 2014

3:45 pm || Signs into law S. 517, the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act

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Live stream of White House briefing at 2:00 pm

20 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, August 1, 2014

    • Yep. You sure did. All that partaying last night obviously has taken a terrible toll on Dictator Obama this morning. Want to bet he is still fast asleep right now (8:00Am), clutching his favorite teddy bear, drooling onto his pillow embossed with the Seal of the Presidency. Dictator Obama is a master at the fine art of dissipation.

    • The White House says Obama will head north on Aug. 9 and stay until Aug. 24, when he returns to Washington. It will be the longest summer vacation of his presidency

  1. OT. Colorado is issuing drivers licenses to illegals, much to the relief of illegals who feel they are being treated like criminals. I kid you not that was a comment in an AP story — god forbid someone who broke the laws and entered the country illegally be treated like a criminal.

    Colorado has changed a lot of the years. I blame California. In addition to closing our southern borders, I propose we close the borders of California. They contaminate every state they move to. And I can think of a few other lib state relocators who have done a fair amount of damage as well. First come the libs, then come the illegals, then come documentation via DLs etc — heck what is all this writing and passing of bills and laws on immigration — you can get your amnesty local.

    • For a modest price, illegals can go down to MacArthur Park in L.A. and get any type of phony documentation they need. One of the biggest sellers is phony rent/work receipts to show that they have been in this country for ‘x’ number of years, even though they just arrived yesterday. Phony SS cards are also big sellers.

      CA now gives legal DL’s to illegals. All of the ins companies raised their rates after the law passed. My ins. went up $300/yr. even though I have a perfect driving record – no tickets or accidents.

    • My blond blue eyed American born son had to provide adequate docs to get HIS license. DMV refused his Cert of Live Birth-
      The doc 0 uses as his birth certificate proof-
      My son needed SS card & valid birth certif.
      Why do these criminals get better treatment than us???
      & they are also working on Gov Brewer to get DL in AZ too.

  2. Doesn’t the Martha’s Vineyard escapade begin soon?

    My husband enjoyed the excuse given by the African Leaders who won’t be coming to the White House for the “Obama Summit” next week because they have to stay home and deal with the Ebola crises.

    Huh. Obama can handle things from anywhere. The golf course. On vacation. AF1. The idea that a leader needs to stay back and lead?