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The Website is Still Not Fixed

Ten months after its launch, the Obamacare website is still not working properly.

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini said today his company could not gauge the demographics of those who have signed up but aren’t paying their premiums because the back end of is still not functioning.

Bertolini appeared this morning on CNBC’s Squawk Box:

We’re seeing some attrition, and we’re not quite sure of the demographics of the attrition yet. The back end operating system of the exchanges is still not up and running.

He also noted that the new enrollees signing up as a result of Obamacare are “older” and “sicker” than the general population, and that his company is expecting smaller margins or even no profit at all from their business.

“We expect that they are going to use more health care,” he said.

30 Responses to The Website is Still Not Fixed

  1. Not sure why the back end not being up should be a problem.

    Can’t the insurance companies just make the numbers up, as the Administration does? Seems to work fine for them.

  2. What do they mean, it’s not working yet? We’re not talking about a new concept or product here; it’s a common website meant to handle millions of customers just like Amazon’s website, or any one of a thousand sites.
    There is only one rational answer for the website failure:
    It’s become painfully obvious that the website was never meant to “work”, that the parents of the hated Obamacare really believed that the states would fall in line and take care of that messy part themselves. After it became reality that the states didn’t or wouldn’t take the bait, the WhiteHouse had no choice but to move forward themselves.
    When the WhiteHouse made the sorry decision to roll-out the screwy, unworkable website, they hoped, as a last resort, that massive failure would result in an outcry from the public that their individual states would step up with something.
    All we have now are new classes of victims, starting with the for-profit health insurance companies. Oh, boo hoo, they don’t know who signed up, who paid their premiums, and by the way, they’re going to lose money.
    The for-profits signed on for this disaster because they saw millions more clients signing up for their products and the Feds sending them billions to help pay for the resulting claims.
    Ha. Suck it up Aetna, BlueCross, and every other for-profit. You wanted it, you got it.

    • I always mention the one person to come out and release all their secrets. I can’t believe there is not one computer tech. person that wants to come out with the truth regarding this.
      Does every entire person that works for the government sign a a contract stating they can’t say a word about anything, even if the American Citizens have the right to know?

      • Lee, I only hope the floodgates of whistleblowers will open at some point, but it will be too late by then.

        As far as ACA, seems like when it was all hitting the fan, I remember seeing one person interviewed who said that all the different “sections” of the website were given to different people or groups so that no one really knew what the other was doing. It was designed that way because of the Admin’s fears that too much info would get to the Republicans and give them ammunition against ACA. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Barney Fife could do a better job on that website….

        • Maybe that is how they handle domestic and foreign affairs.
          Everyone one sits at that big table and cannot discuss issues/problems, because each person cannot share the one bit of info they have.
          We all know the one person with common sense, is locked of of the room.

        • I agree with you on the whistleblowers, however, under this regime they could be looking at court cases.
          I think that the timidity is justified to an extent.

          BTW, yes I live in Ohio, and appreciated the link to the airplane
          pics that you submitted the other day.
          I tried to respond to you but this website would not allow me to.

  3. Dude. That is so 10 months ago.

    Another little problem not getting attention…. There has been $300 million spent “fixing/upgrading” Social Security system online, and six years later, still not working. Saw that in the paper a few days ago, but good luck doing an internet search to refresh your memory. It’s like there is a block on finding info about it.

    • From the above referenced article… they hired a consulting firm to see why the website was not working. Seems their findings might apply to all the other problems we’ve been seeing–ACA, VA, etc… very discouraging…

      “McKinsey and Co. consulting firm was tapped by the Social Security leaders to work on the program and help determine the agency’s mistakes in the past. With the investigation, the firm found out no one was in charge of the project. Simply put, no one was tasked to be responsible to manage and complete the project……

      The DCPS project is adrift, the scope of the project is ambiguous, the project has been poorly executed, and the project’s development lacks leadership.”

      • The “no accountability” rule is at the operational core of the entire Obama administration, as we all know. Nobody in the Obama WH gets the blame for anything gone wrong. It’s those awful Republicans again. It was like that when we (Obama) got here.
        The converse rule also applies: when something (by accident) turns out well, Barry gets all the credit. It’s like being in the 6th Grade all over again.

      • This simply describes the entire federal government. No one is responsible or accountable for anything and millions of wasted taxpayer’s dollars are used to investigate why no one does anything!

          • The rule is that if an agency has leftover money at the end of the fiscal year, they will hand out bonuses because if they gave the money back, Congress would reduce their budget for the coming fiscal year.

    • I worked for Social Security and the last job was in a huge, 500+ employee telephone service center. The TWO, yes TWO computer tech people were not graduates of any school of technology but current employees sent to a few training classes.

      Beyond that, Social Security has a huge workload responsible for millions upon millions of applications for two huge programs-Social Security and Supplemental Security Income-as well as Medicare applications and questions from all of those receiving benefits from these programs. In addition, the applications for disability benefits has increased so drastically in the last few years and is one of the more complex programs, that I imagine an entirely new computer system would need to be designed to handle the increasing workload.

      • It is my understanding this related to Just the disability claims. The skyrocketing claims happened the same time they were trying to implement a “better way”.

        Just think if our education system was cranking out computer programmers instead of experts in social issues and diversity… lots of jobs, lots of fixes, seems too logical.

        • I believe you are right. However, Social Security offers more online services which, of course, demands more technological expertise and functioning systems to handle and ever-increasing workload. And yes, it would be nice if the federal bureaucracy had a few people with common sense but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  4. They were counting on the older and sicker signing up as well as those qualified for a taxpayer subsidy so they could tell the American people their premiums and health care costs will rise substantially because the only way to lower costs is if the federal government takes complete control of both.

  5. Do you think the insurers will ever wake up to the fact that this bill was designed to put them out of business? Or maybe they knew and went along because that was designed to happen solely so that the shareholders could not sue them when this happens.

  6. The website won’t be ‘working’ until Obama is long gone – sipping pina coladas on some remote island. The fraud is incalcuable.

  7. Pretty sure it’s working well enough to get those checks out to the navigators and all the sycophants who assisted in this debacle.