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MSNBC Has Jews on the Brain

Uhh boy. The perils of live TV.

Maybe that’s what I should have named my website.

19 Responses to MSNBC Has Jews on the Brain

  1. Let’s play word association …. Mika the moron reads “crisis” “action” and thinks Jew.

    You hear the words crisis and action and think? ________________

    I’ll begin. Barry is fundraising again.

  2. Mika is tough to take when Joe is by her side but even worse when she’s holding down the fort herself, like these past few weeks. Joe must have a good contract to be gone so much. Mike downright refuses to talk about certain subjects, like guns or soda, so she, like all the other liberal talking heads, are closed-minded to things they hold near and dear. Then they laugh about the GOP.

  3. For the last three nights the BBC has led the news with “O poor Palestinians!” Followed by a brief mention of the Israelis and Israel. I call “anti-Semitic,” too. Same “stuff”, different channel.