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Krauthammer: Legalization an Impeachable Offense

Columnist Charles Krauthammer said that a unilateral move by President Obama to legalize millions of illegal immigrants would be an impeachable offense, but he cautioned that impeachment proceedings would be “political suicide” for Republicans.

Krauthammer appeared on Fox News with Bret Baier Tuesday night:

If he were to do something like legalize five — let’s say half, which is what’s been talked about — huge numbers of illegal immigrants, to do it by executive order — which would be clearly lawless, and it would be the biggest overreach of a president in memory — it would be an impeachable offense.

I would be 100 percent against impeachment because it’s political suicide. But it really would be the basis for that.

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  1. I rarely disagree w/Charles, and I’m tempted to agree w/him now as I see that as a POLITICAL matter – RIGHT NOW – it’s DEEPLY hazardous. But I FIRMLY believe that the list of Obama’s crimes is so long, and the depravity of them is so clear, that once the House began to debate articles of impeachment, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to defend Obama. Further, I believe that putting these thoroughly corrupt progressive sheep ON THE RECORD before the 2016 election DEFENDING Obama’s lawlessness just may usher in the biggest wave of Republican majorities this country has ever seen.

    1. Annie I agree with the Long List. If this is excused I fear this will be the normal activity in the future.
      Don’t worry no one will stop us, their is another election coming up.

    2. Are you a lawyer? I don’t mean to be cheeky, but high crimes and misdemeanors are closely defined. This impeachment talk is a convenient go-to for the frustrated, but I don’t think it would hold up and would just damage the country more as a diversion.

      1. I think you’re right Star.
        The impeachment of Obama is going to be shouted from the rooftops by the MSM as an attempt to make Obama a ‘victim’.
        Listening to Rush now, he just said that this will be a ploy used by the dems to energize their base prior to the election.
        Boehner has already stated that there is no move to impeach, however, the LIVs will adhere to anything the MSM and Obama tells them.
        Gingrich was there when they impeached Clinton, and lost seats in the next election.
        Boehner was there at that time also,… and it seems that he learned a lesson.
        Too bad the reps don’t have a bigger voice in the media.

  2. Republicans have been put between a rock and a hard place….Whatever are they to do to save our nation from Obama.
    I find this absolutely frightening!

    1. Well, not all Republicans. Those supported by the Chamber of Commerce would be willing to let this cup pass. (sarc)

      BTW, regarding the article taken from The Hill below on some Democrats being afraid of Obama going it alone on amnesty, I read elsewhere yesterday that only 22% of Latinos in the US are in favor of Obama’s plans. I presume the other 78% are here legally or already citizens.

  3. Krauthammer, and all these other “no impeachment, no way” Republicans are insane. By openly stating, “Yeah, this would be an impeachable offense, but we wouldn’t do anything about it,” they’re quite literally telling Obama that he can do whatever damn crazy thing he likes with impunity.

    What in hell are they thinking by openly signaling that Obama is untouchable? Even aside from the obviously now-antiquated argument that maybe the GOP should do the right thing, even if it’s risky politically–why take even the threat of impeachment off the table?

    Serious question: Is there anything–anything at all–Obama can do that would make these spineless weasels agree that something must be done to stop this man from stomping on the Constitution and throwing the concept of “separation of powers” into the garbage can?

    Or are we really this helplessly screwed?

    1. I think you know the answer to your question. No, there is nothing Obama does that will cause the Republicans to gain a backbone and defend us from his criminal activities. Why? Because they know if in the future one of their own was the criminal that Obama is, he/she would face the same possibility of impeachment and we know POLITICS and politician’s careers are all that matters.

  4. Rather than impeach Obama, the House should immediately pass a clean bill over turning the executive order on the grounds that it will kill job opportunities for many unemployed legal minorities, and that it is an illegal move on the part of the Administration.

    The Senate would never get a chance to vote on it, and even if they did, and passed it, Obama would veto it. This would show the disdain the Democrats have for the American people, and set the tone of the debate for the mid-term elections. The GOP and Tea Party candidates could then run a not so much an anti-Obama campaign, but a campaign to bring back the rule of law to the country. It wouldn’t even be an anti-immigrant campaign, that would be suicide, but rather how far this Administration has veered off course from the Constitution.

    Whoever is running Obama is a genius. They continue to set the GOP and the Conservatives up with one “moral” or “humanitarian” problem after the next. The only way to stop this juggernaut is for the MSM to finally get off their collective rears and really start reporting what is going on, but I don’t see that happening.

    1. “Whoever is running Obama is a genius.”

      That would be Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama. A real Chicago, Communist, hate and agitation machine.

    2. Why don’t you pass your good idea along to Jeff Sessions? Yes, I know he is in the Senate, but he is outstanding on this issue and probably working very closely with the House, more so than John Boehner and his cadre.

    3. Well said Shofar.
      Our focus should be achieving the senate and retaining the house.
      Barry will wet his pants because he will know at that time that his regime has met it’s demise.
      If Barry doesn’t get the money he needs to ruin this Country, he is finished.
      Jeff Sessions has stated that the power of the purse will stop him.
      All we need are the individuals with the spine to use it.

  5. ‘Political suicide’ three months before the Nov election? Yes. Krauthammer has a valid point. However, I do hope the House Repubs are quietly drawing up the Articles of Impeachment to be used immediately after the 2014 election. Now is no time to talk about it publicly – Boehner made a good move by squelching the rumors.

    Obama’s list of impeachable offenses is longer than a country mile. Congress would be shirking their duty to uphold the Constitution if they DIDN’T impeach him. A ‘conviction’ is neither here nor there; impeachment is merely an indictment. Obama must not be allowed to escape unscathed. If he is impeached, his crimes will be laid bare for the world to see, and his precious legacy will be forever stained.

    Obama’s crimes are 1000x worse than Clinton’s ‘lie’ under oath or Nixon’s Watergate cover-up. Obama’s crimes are treasonous. He deserves to pay the ultimate price, but I would be satisfied with the “I” word after his name in every history book til the end of time.

    As far as 2016 is concerned, I wouldn’t worry about it for a second. Hillary will be the nominee and her apron strings will be forever tied to Obama. Impeachment for Obama would lessen her chances of winning. Its the perfect storm!

    1. On the other hand, I think Obama would be committing political suicide, not for himself, but for the Democratic Party should he act unilaterally before the November election.

      Boehner may be doing the right thing but probably for the wrong reasons. We must not forget that all Republicans are not wearing white hats on the amnesty issue.

      Right now there’s a lot of huffing and puffing going on by both sides.

      1. I agree with you that Obama may be committing political suicide before the November election if he goes ahead with this.
        Of course, it is hard for me to be objective living in an anti-Obama state..he is not popular in Arkansas.
        My sons who live in Seattle and NYC still support him…at least the one in Seattle…the other will probably not vote because he does think Obama is a failure but he remains a Democrat.
        My Seattle son was once a conservative Bostonian…he married a leftie from Harvard who attended the same high school, as did her mother, that produced Obama’s left-wing mother Ann Dunham. My grandsons will go to high school there….YIKES!!!!!
        Needless to say, we never discuss politics as I refuse to lose my kids.

  6. Obama is PUSHING his own impeachment as a political tool so he does not have to deal in 2015 with a GOP controlled Senate and House!

    Obama will do ANYTHING to keep Reid as majority leader.


  7. THE NUMBER ONE job of a President of the US is to PROTECT ITS CITIZENS FROM INVASIONS and enemies foreign and domestic and Obama is violating that job.

    For a US President to exploit illegal alien children and put them in danger of their lives, to break up families by the tens of thousands, all for POLITICAL purposes is a crime beyond impeachment.

    Obama should be tried for criminal acts he is doing to these illegal aline children. He should spend his life in prison.

    1. I could not agree more wholeheartedly. Impeachment is too good for Obama, it makes him a political martyr. History must recognize this administration for what it has been: An America-hating, race-baiting, tone-deaf, nightmare of ineptitude and lawlessness. Entirely by design.

  8. The Obama request for $3.7 billion is for the remainder of the fiscal year which ends September 30!

    TWO MONTHS! then what?

  9. Impeachment is not the cure.

    Let him sit where he is, handcuffed by his own inability to manage and lead. Let his legacy of failure be his eternal punishment.

    But in the last two years, get control of Congress and prevent the WH from making any other drastic moves to undermine our society.


    1. Before the last election many were contemplating what this man could be capable of when he no longer had to face the voters and his facade could be eliminated.

      I don’t think many, me included, anticipated he would violate every immigration law and use children as his pawns for political power.

      I wish I were around to see how history treats this man.

  10. At least two governors (Indiana, Tennessee) were not notified that illegals would be dumped on their states. I imagine every Republican governor was not notified. Whatever happened to states rights?

    1. the same thing that happened to OUR rights. We seem to no longer have a government by consent of the governed.

      We seem to have lost our right to petition our government for redress as illegal aliens now get that seat at the table.

  11. While this is an issue, imagine what his pardons are going to look like when he leave’s office. By far, the worst POTUS ever but he is blazing the trail for future DEM POTUS to follow.

  12. So a president can be a dictator now because it would be “political suicide” to forward impeachment proceedings because he clearly has usurped his Constitutional authority?

    Yes folks that is why this country is willingly committing suicide and will be a completely unrecognizable country in just a few years.

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  16. I pray for us that he gets his impeachment that he has been bragging about for days. No one deserves it more than this ugly mutt.

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