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Would Impeachment Really be so Bad for the GOP?

Let’s talk about impeachment.

I haven’t really brought it up here at White House Dossier because I believe the bar must be set pretty high for dragging the country through the wrenching spectacle of acting to remove a president from office.

President Obama has undoubtedly abused his office. I have not thought to date that his abuse rises to the level at which Republicans should impeach him.

However, if he crowns this abuse by temporarily pardoning five million lawbreakers, as he is reportedly considering – ignoring the will of Congress and failing utterly to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed” –  I would have to reconsider my position.

And so would many other Americans, I believe.

I watch today, sickened, as even the most stalwart conservative leaders cower at the thought of actually impeaching Obama. No! The Democrats will use impeachment against us! They’ll raise a million dollars! Don’t even talk about it! And they vow to continue warning of political danger, no matter how many pieces Obama rips the Constitution into.

Such disingenuousness. Even if it is the manifestly right thing to do, everyone should shut up about impeachment? Since when are conservatives mere poseurs and craven sycophants to the electorate?

Obama Sebelius
Photo by Keith Koffler

Before conservatives finish involuntarily emptying the rest of their bowels, they might want to take a look at some numbers. Because I’m not so sure I agree with wisdom around Washington that impeachment, post-mass legalization, is a political suicide mission.

In a CNN poll released Friday, a full 33 percent of Americans said they support impeaching the president TODAY. Or, well, Friday.

The point is, a third of Americans now want to impeach Obama even before he performs what would be one of the most brazen assertions of presidential power in history, one that is almost certainly unconstitutional.

Support for impeaching Clinton in 1998, the precedent Republicans are so worried about, never rose above 29 percent in CNN polling. And in 1998, while Republicans came up short of their hoped for gains in the midterms, they still didn’t lose the House – five seats went to the Democrats – and they broke even in the Senate.

Unlike Bill Clinton’s crime, which many considered to be borne of his own moral failing; and therefore not grounds for removal, what Obama may do is an act many Americans would consider a threat to the Constitution. And the notion that so many people who came here under false pretenses would suddenly be rewarded with work permits – and the huge welcome mat such amnesty would constitute for future waves illegal immigrants – will be deeply upsetting to Republicans, many independents, and even some Democrats.

Actually, there will be a certain degree of rage.

Impeachment would also stir the Republican base, given that 57 percent of Republicans already support it. That number would increase after a unilaterally imposed amnesty, as would the 35 percent of independents who also want to impeach Obama today.

I’m not yet saying Obama should be impeached. Let’s see what he does. And the reaction of Americans is important, given what a difficult and historic process this is.

But Republicans should wait and see what happens before they take impeachment off the table. It might not strain them as much as they think to maintain their spines in order.

67 thoughts on “Would Impeachment Really be so Bad for the GOP?”

  1. Quite frankly….there is no point to it; I really do not relish listening to two more years of the administration, democrats and the press squealing about impeachment. The GOP are useless and the democrats have lost their collective minds. I don’t think we have any choice but to site through the remaining 2 plus years and pray for the pain to lessen.

      1. I agree… But we have no representation in DC, none at all. I don’t know what the solution or end game is. But with 2 plus years to go…..Obama could overreach in a way that may even wake up democrats. It could happen.

    1. Why are the Republicans so useless? What has happened to our country that they are letting this little creep do so much damage to us. Then the Republicans are just as bad. Thanks a lot Republicans. No one gives a damn, he’s a little creep doing so many dangerous and idiotic things and they are letting him? THIS NATION HAS TWO PARTIES, NOT ONE right now. Thats why Obama will sign that Exec order so that there will always and forever be only one party, the communist party of democrats, they are crazy!

  2. I think they should have the goods on paper or online before they do anything, and they should wait until after November. But they could be lining the ducks up in a row right now. I recommend deviousness, I’m sorry to say, but it’s my realpolitik-y side coming out. There is just a little over three months to go.

    1. Impeachment should never be a political game … but then ignoring and countering the Constitution is serious; and commentators are ignoring the fact that folks at Benghazi fought for 7 hours, when help was available within 2 hours … to never arrive because they were ordered to “Stand Down”. IN addition to that high crime (traitorous act?), the executive office has done everything to hinder any proper investigation and witnesses had become unavailable, despite a few whistleblowers who were afraid to be identified.

      1. agreed…no to impeachment.
        Not that he doesn’t deserve it based on his actions.
        However, the Republican establishment is too cowardly to use the powers they have to reign him in. They won’t use the power of the purse. They won’t pass comprehensive laws that clarify what the president can’t do.

        they’re stupid wasteful lawsuit is not an answer.


        1. Maybe it’s like the failed attempts to kill Hitler they said he was
          so inept better leave him he did more damage to Germany’s
          loss while running the show. I don’t think impeachment will
          happen the GOP would have to find their cojones those are
          in the lost and found someplace. He’s I think about to take one
          imperial move too far if he does what he’s about to with the
          influx of illegals we can’t afford it no matter how much money
          he prints and throws at this debacle.

          1. I think the GOP are inept. It’s should be easy to make their case to the American people but the Democrats and their ilk run circles around the GOP leadership when it comes to informing the American people. The GOP are just idiots drooling.

  3. The question is: what would it accomplish? Would it die in the Senate? Would it weaken the GOP? Would is strengthen the Democrats? If by some wild miracle it actually succeeded, would that merely set Joe Biden up for the next eight years?

    What’s the worst that could happen? What’s the best?

    Measure twice or more before cutting.

    1. I think that the worst that could happen is that the American people will be pushed to the limit and take things in their own hands–and then be put down, ironically as being “lawless”, the very thing Obama is himself.

  4. Guts, Character, Leadership- hello anyone out there?
    Thank you Keith for taking the helm on this. There is far too much talk about what each side would do in reaction to the other and not nearly enough real action being taken on behalf of the working and law abiding citizens of this nation. Obummer has regularly flaunted the constitution in his efforts to fundamentally transform this nation, a move such as waving the amnesty wand would do just that and you are correct that many “folks” of both parties would find that reprehensible. Not sure about Impeachment, but if Obummer waves that wand he may give conservatives an opportunity to seize the high ground they so woefully have been unable to take, that is if there are any conservatives left with guts, character and leadership.

    1. Exactly….the liberals are masters at whipping up frenzy over imaginary issues because their electorate does not think, analyse or process, they just repeat the talking points.

      1. Here’s the latest email received from them:

        BREAKING: In just minutes — at 5:00PM — the Tea Party House will vote to sue President Obama

        — The White House alerted us that John Boehner’s lawsuit plan “has opened the door to impeachment.”

        We need ALL HANDS ON DECK: This is a battle for the future of Barack Obama’s presidency. This morning, the President called this fight “the most important moment you and I have faced yet.”

        We need 341 more Democrats on board before the vote at 5:00PM EST — will you pitch in right now? Your gift will be TRIPLE-MATCHED.
        This is a make or break moment — we have to show the Tea Party what we’re made of.

        Thanks for your support,
        DSCC Breaking News

          1. I truly believe that if he is left to finish out his presidency, some sharp shooter that has hoarded ammo will take the matter into his/her own hands. Too many good people have hurt for too long. If that person is ever caught, he/she might stand trial but that person would also be revered as a national hero.

          2. It would be Better than having 5 million illegal lawbreakers running all over us with their TB, etc. and taking our money. They can call O anything, Saint, let them burn candles forever, etc. who cares? just as long as he would be gone!

  5. For the first time, ever, I counter something you state:
    ” I have not thought to date that his abuse rises to the level at which Republicans should impeach him.”
    Benghazi and the order to “stand down” when help was two hours away for those who fought seven hours with no relief and died.
    That was definitely and still is definitely a clear case of impeachment – especially since the executive office has hindered any investigation as to why no one went to the rescue of Ambassador Stevens and Navy SEAL that disobeyed the order and went to protect the compound. Of course, much has been added since that time, because as when a child gets away with so much, they have no boundaries as to how far they go. He has ignored the Constitution that he allegedly taught at university; but his ideology is standard with typical lawyers – always searching for loopholes. Eric Holder was never fired or forced to resign for his Fast-N-Furious debacle – and how far up the ladder did the IRS scandal go? How much can a president do before impeachment? I believe that the hindrance is in the fact that the President (Obama) has the Senate in his pocket; which will hopefully change this congressional election year. Other than that one sentence, I have always agreed with what you write and wonder why you wrote that quoted sentence when so much is against this president’s actions?

    1. Wow! Your post is great! I read it twice. How much can we take? With Holder and Obama and Clinton, letting the Ambassador die, and/or at least they could have tried to help? Obama just disappeared that night into his bed probably. No regard for human life these three people. And they still have no regard for the human life of those people to this day, committing crime after crime after crime still!

  6. Agree in the abstract that Obama’s power abuses definitely qualify under “high crimes and misdemeanors” for impeachment. (Especially when one researches the meaning of the term at the time the Constitution was written.)
    HOWEVER, the practical problem is that the main stream press is still solidly in the Democrat camp and should articles actually be drawn up in the House, the hate fest that rained down on Republicans during the shutdown last fall would seem like a visit from Mother Theresa compared to the wrath trying to kick out our first black President.
    Throw in the guaranteed parroting of every accusation of racism from every race baiter known to man, the pounding from Jon Stewart, Colbert, Fallon and Letterman, and the PR disaster alone would be enough to swing the mid-terms even worse than it did during the Clinton debacle. (I was fully in favor of impeaching is sorry ass by the way)
    While I certainly see the point of stirring the Republican base, I also am worried about the Republican middle and the democrat base.
    Impeachment would most certainly up the turn out by the Dem base this fall and could quite possibly keep the RHINO’s (I’m not advocating for them, just analyzing the behavior) from voting at all because we all know what drives them more than anything is being “liked” by the media and the dems. A conservative/Tea Party driven impeachment would most certainly bring out the attacks from the likes of McCain, Graham, et al.
    So in the end what we wind up with is an energized base that is numerically inferior to the democrat base and the media and fickle Republicans firing non-stop at how damaging to the country such radical behavior is.
    I sure as hell wish it wasn’t so, but considering the current state of the media and pop culture I just don’t see impeachment as anything but political suicide right now.
    Remember, this nation is still less than two years post letting the Dems frame Mitt Romney, perhaps one of the most honorable men to ever seek the office, as a vile, despicable, hate the poor, evil rich guy and sent Obama right back for another four years.
    The electorate certainly hasn’t gotten any smarter since 2012 and considering the success the dems are having cynically fundraising off the “I” word it very well could have gotten even dumber.
    I hate it as much as any American loving constitutional conservative but the sad truth is we have an apathetic and ignorant public combined with the most cynical and destructive democrat party in history backed up by a national media determined to protect their own ideology over doing their duty.
    OK, I’m off my soap box you are free to move about the cabin.

    1. the hate fest that rained down on Republicans during the shutdown last fall would seem like a visit from Mother Theresa compared to the wrath trying to kick out our first black President.

      Perzackly. A reign of media terrorism.

      I really hate this stupid Captcha–I have had more troubs with various secret codes than any other part of the internet.

    2. What a well-written article. I love reading what I wish I had the talent to create and communicated in a way that we all-too-well understand.

    3. Doesn’t matter, it should be done, but they are not brave enough to do it, so just let us suffer out here with this guy right?

  7. Fine impeachment off table.
    I am just fed up being scared. Never in my life have I felt this way about the future of our Country.
    Now I would like Congress and the whole crew to get busy pretecting us, and our Constitution.

      1. Well written.
        Small note: We have a lot of things to be concerned with.
        The fact that this is what the children are watching.
        In other words, I paid attention during Watergate. Nixon resigned, etc.
        My point as a child. I did not see Nixon smiling, while he got away with it.

  8. Impeachment today would be useless. Reid would never even schedule a Senate trial, so the House would be running around spending political energy on nothing.

    I think a better tack is to focus on the election. Let’s WIN the Senate, be rid of Reid, and be able to talk in more certain terms about whether Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. (I believe he is guilty, of charges that couldn’t be set down on less than 20 pages of single-spaced 10-point Times New Roman.)

    It’s not whether impeachment itself should be off the table, it’s how do we WIN in November, and then WIN the impeachment battle in January, 2015. I think we can do that if we plan it as skillfully as would the Dem leadership if it were their battle.

  9. I’ll just summarize my post from down thread. If the Repubs do NOT impeach Obama, they will be guilty of shirking their duty. Starting with O/care and the ‘ big lie’ about keeping your doctor, the Dreamer de facto amnesty, and now the potential legalization of 5M or more invaders. Obama is guilty of high criimes and misdemeanors: abuse of power/dereliction of duty (Benghazi).

    My hope is that the R’s are quietly preparing the Articles of Impeachment to be used AFTER the mid-term election. We have to win the Senate. The Repubs cannot let Obama escape unscathed. If they do, it sets a bad precedent for future presidencies. Abuse of power is an impeachable offense. My two cents.

    1. One more thing: Even if Obama is not convicted, the “I” word will follow him into the annals of history for the rest of time. His precious ‘legacy’ will be forever stained. His ego will be flattened.

  10. I vote YES to impeachment but for a completely different reason: the targeting of U.S. citizens by the Obama instructed IRS in order to sway an election and it’s subsequent cover up. I think this thing lands at the golf shoes of BHO.

  11. Keith is right on the money. Up to now there is not the political will to impeach. The misdeeds, while apparent to those of us paying attention, are not even in the awareness of the general population and low info voters..

    Granting amnesty without congressional approval is a clear enough violation and hugely unpopular with not only conservatives but independents and many in his base, ie blacks, union members, and any Democrat that still believes in their oath of office to uphold the constitution.

    That critical mass for doing something to stop Obama NOW could be reached and impeachment proceedings then could have some chance for conviction in the Senate after 2014.

  12. Presidential line of succession: Be careful what you wish for.
    Vice President of the United States Joe Biden (D)
    Speaker of the House John Boehner (R)
    President pro tempore of the Senate Patrick Leahy (D)
    Secretary of State John Kerry (D)
    Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew (D)
    Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (R)
    Attorney General Eric Holder (D)

  13. 1. Who says the Republicans can’t change their minds? “What the President did in granting amnesty to millions of unknown illegals crosses the line ….”

    2. If The One does this, can it be reversed or will these illegals be legal forever?

  14. Below the comment box are 4 different pictures. Than a bigger one to the right. It states to choose the right picture.
    I ignored it several times, but kept getting knocked off the WHD.
    Let me know if anyone else now have the silly pictures as well.

  15. Nope……not that it isn’t deserved. The fact is that the Firewall n the Senate makes it impossible.

    I do believe you impeach some of his Current and Forner Cabinet Members. Eric Holder, the current and past director of IRS and depending on what comes out in the Benghazi investigation possibly Hillary Clinton. Remember, it can be voted that a person who has been impeached can be stopped from holding another office! I bet some Democrats would vote agains HRC.

  16. It takes a 2/3 vote in the senate to impeach. That means you need 17 democrats to vote in favor of impeachment. What are the chances?

  17. Charles Krauthammer recently remarked that he used a “reverse tint” when reading the liberal media…an interesting exercise with this talk of impeachment. Does the Democrat-media complex really want impeachment — since fellow Democrats, by extension, would also be on trial with the same guy that they haven’t been wanting to be seen next to? Also the integrity of the media complex would be on full display. The entire Democrat complex has been complicit in every impeachable offense.

    Andrew McCarthy noted that even with a thousand impeachable offenses, it would never happen without “political will” that cuts across party lines. Isn’t it interesting that the latest AP poll on immigration shows that 68% disapprove of Obama’s handling of the issue?

    My conclusion from my post at American Thinker —
    Until conservatives can successfully convince the people that the office of the presidency is more special than the person who occupies it, and that our Constitution is more important than party politics – every single American, not just Republicans in the upcoming elections, will lose. And what is lost, should Obama continue on this destructive path of fundamental transformation, may never be regained.

    At some point, a red line in that transformation exists – from which there is no turning back. A future Congress controlled by a majority that proclaims its unwillingness, in advance, even to consider impeachment may find itself unable to deter a president who dares to cross it.

    It seems to me that Obama’s threat of amnesty to millions of illegals crosses that line. Could the damage that such a move would produce ever be reversed, even with a GOP majority?

    1. The entire media would be on display! That is what we need, that would be fantastic!!!! I do hope impeachment comes to pass so that all these people who are lying to the people get whats coming to them. I’m afraid it won’t happen because of the low I.Q. voters and the Republicans who are scared ninnies– I cannot understand why the Republicans have become almost as untruthful as Obama

      1. Another similar conclusion from Roger Kimball on PJ Media:

        “Krauthammer warns that it would be ‘political suicide’ to impeach Obama, even if he engages in flagrantly impeachable behavior. ‘Political suicide,’ i.e., it would be bad for Republicans. But what if not impeaching him amounted to national suicide? What then?”

  18. The surest path to a Republican Senate is for Barack Obama to grant amnesty. With a Republican Senate and a popular consensus to impeach I have no problems with it. The Amnesty is cause, but the path along the way of Barack Obama’s rule is littered with cause.

    There might be a big fight, but it won’t be in the streets. And the Republic will survive it.

    Pretty much bad actors like Barack Obama are the reason we have the power to impeach. A peaceful solution.

    We could start by impeaching Eric Holder any time, any day, anywhere.

    Now we need some leaders.

  19. First of all, how can our country accept the fact that Obama likes, works with, does business with, agrees with and gives money to terrorist groups, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Quatar, etc. How can we accept the fact that his true colors of being a Muslim has come out now and that he LIED when he said as a candidate that he would support Israel completely. Now that he doesn’t have to run again he has changed completely about Israel. Today, he sent it out to the media and the world that he condemns Israel for bombing sites when Hamas, as usual, put children and Palestinians in the line of fire and Israel returned their fire, and who knows, if Israel really killed those people when it could have been Hamas? Obama doesn’t know for sure what happened. Israel dissed him and that jerk Kerry and thats why Obama put it out there that the U.S. condemns Israel. Obama does that everyone who challenges him, he thinks he’s a king and he’s not, he’s a coward.

    He should be impeached now before he does that crazyl executive order. He will be doing that executive order solely because he thinks that will solidify the country never to have a Republican President again! Thats the reason he will do it for all those votes and Now if that isn’t grounds for impeachment I don’t know what is! It will all be for the votes. How can our country accept that a President will do something so selfie, so hateful, so unfair, so sneaky, Go ahead America, let him do that Exec. order and we are finished, we will be a nazi state with them telling us to do this and do that FOREVER!

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