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Economy Grows at Four Percent Rate

The U.S. economy bounced back nicely in the second quarter, growing at an annual rate of 4 percent, while the previous month’s contraction was revised upward from decline of 2.9 percent to 2.1 percent.

The growth, along with a string of monthly job gains ranging over 200,000, suggests the possibility of sustained growth. But the Obama Recovery has been marked repeatedly by signs of real growth followed by bitter disappointment.

We’ll see. You can’t keep the U.S. economy down forever, no matter how bad a president’s policies are.

I hope.

26 Responses to Economy Grows at Four Percent Rate

    • And most likely, it will continue “growing”. Soon, the streets will be paved with gold and the workers will be whistling while they work.

    • I don’t believe any statistics that come out of this government and their enablers. This is all election propaganda…all. People know the truth, they love it everyday.

  1. Keith,

    I’m pretty sure your headline should be encapsulated by quotation marks. Might want to add one of those little “winking smiley face” emoticons at the end, too.

  2. One issue of note regarding the jobs data is that when you peel the onion a bit, you quickly realize that the job growth is for part-time jobs. Full time jobs have actually contracted significantly.

    • He still has not made comment regarding the people who were let go from their jobs due to O Crud.

      As well I would have loved to seen a picture above with the sky rocketing prices of meat, as well as everything else at the store.

      While I make comment on the Food. Has anyone else been bothered regarding items getting smaller? Potatoe chip bag hardly have any in the bag to begin with (to protect the chips). Now the bags are smaller.
      That goes for a lot of items.

      • The size of the roll of that vital household item toilet paper has shrunk over the past several years. The cardboard tube has gotten bigger, but the rolls are smaller, as is the width of the actual paper.

        As toilet paper goes, so goes the economy.

      • Yep! I have definitely notices boxes of food at the store have
        been downsized for sure. The price stays the same or a penny
        more, but the package is definitely narrower.

  3. Wow. That is great news.
    In other great news, I have received a message from outer space beings on my microwave oven, proving we are not alone.

  4. Fool the low information voter once shame on the President …………Fool the low information voter twice shame on our Education System and. Mainstream Media.

    I guess the Obama’s flying across the nation and golfing has been a boost to the economy. Those self sacrificing Obama’s!

    I don’t believe anything from this administration………….

    • I only believe things that come from credible sources. And even then, I triple-verify.

      This administration is filled with amoral thieves and liars.

  5. I’ll believe in the administration’s reports about as much as I believe in Russell’s teapot or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    If the figures are true, then let them prove them. “Show me the money” as it were. The onus is on the administration to back up its figures, not on the rest of us to disprove them. Unfortunately, like those that ascribe to Pastafarianism, those that ascribe to the 1st Church (or Mosque) of the Holy Order and Brotherhood of the Greater Good, and What About the Children Flock to the Obama Congregation only have fantasy and fiction to fall back on.

  6. Don’t forget that the O – lair changed the way GDP is calculated. That gives a +3 to every GDP release.

    So that means it is really +1 and soon to be adjusted down!

  7. Who issued these numbers? If it is a government Agency controlled by Dictator Obama’s communist regime it is a bogus number.

    Which Agency issued this number?

    • The Bureau of Economic Analysis, division of the Department of Commerce. Run by Penny Pritzker, an Obama Chicago crony and billionaire heiress.