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Video || Illegal Immigrants Outside the White House

If you want to understand what a joke the rule of law has become under President Obama, you might want to take note of why the illegal immigrants outside the White House are there: They want to be included in future White House meetings about immigration.

No more meetings about us without us, they are chanting in the video below.

That’s right, not only are they not afraid of being arrested on the 1600 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, they assume they’ll be just fine within the White House, and that the president would welcome them, or should.

And they’re probably right. If he could get away with it politically, he’d bring them right in.

It used to be kind of a running source of amusement in Washington that one of the biggest prostitution hubs in the city was on 14th street, just a couple of blocks from the White House.

Okay, at least the White House had an excuse. The ladies of the evening were breaking local ordinances. But these people outside the White House are breaking federal law!

And making the point that federal law is what Obama says it is.


Anyway, 14th street has since become gentrified, and the problem is gone. You can now find there lots of twenty- or thirty-something lawyers, lobbyists, congressional staffers, and journalists.

Alright, you have point. There are still plenty of whores on 14th Street.

40 thoughts on “Video || Illegal Immigrants Outside the White House”

  1. Thousands of people invading/ walking right on over our border and no one is putting their foot down. Now we have them protesting outside of the house.
    What happen to the issue of the Natl. guard being placed at the border.
    No one fears the one bad person skipping over the border.
    We had an American Vet. who made a wrong turn being held in a filthy Mexican prison.
    Poor immigrants. Has O stopped by a poor neighborhood here in America to cough down a hamburger.
    Speaking of hamburgers. In this Country for well over a year prices of food have been going up on a weekly basis.
    However has anyone looked at the rise of meat in the last week or so.
    My point the economy, food prices have not been discussed with ALL the other issues.
    Point: He has himself being filmed eating a hamburger, while people are searching/choosing meat at the store a lot more because of the prices.
    Now all of the thousands of immigrants will be fed meat, etc with stamps, etc. while hard working legal, tax paying Americans are
    doing their intense shopping.

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  3. this is no different than taking my family and grabbing a seat in someones Sky Box at a stadium somewhere.

    THEN demanding to be fed and given drinks and displacing the 4 people whose seats we grabbed.

    1. So? Why the H#ll do I have to show an ID to get into an Airport or Courthouse…???!!!


  4. As frustrating as the lack of the rule of law is the lack of solutions on the part of the lawmakers. Pretty much when asked why and what can be done the answer is ” I dunno’

    Of course impeaching removing suing or jailing Eric Holder might help.

    When the law is not enforced and the borders are breached and open and there is no one standing for the Republic there is little recourse to the internal and external forces of destructiion.

    1. Agree.
      The response: I dunno’.
      As it has been stated here once or twice. I have read many things from Keith and my fellow readers that would be a much better response/solution compared to I dunno’.

  5. There is ONLY ONE person not able to get into America. He is held in a Mexican prison for making a wrong turn.

    If he had called for free birth control and someone called him a slut, Obama would have been on the phone to him and calling for his release!

    1. I would like to know if they were all local illegal immigrants, or if they traveled for this protest?
      Point: I am sure their are a lot of American Citizens would like the means of being able to travel their to protest.

  6. I just listened to Emily Somebody from a liberal (Soros group) saying that Obama has given the Republicans two years to do his bidding and now these illegals have the right to protest and “have a seat at the table,” The Republicans, according to her, have lost their rights to object.
    What has this country come to when the progressives can be this bold in their demands.?
    North Korea? China? Russia?

      1. >>Todays “Democrats” (aka Obama & sycophants) = neo-communists, neo-socialists & wannabe facists who want to SHUT DOWN any ‘opposition’ (so-called “Republicans”, Conservatives, Tea Party, free thinkers…)

  7. I remember once back in the day when I almost was not allowed in a WH meeting — actually at the Old Exec–bec I didn’t have a driver’s license. It took top level maneuvering to separate the inability to drive from being a suspect of evil doing. Now–maybe those guys could GET in. Isn’t an illegal working there?

  8. Impeachment proceedings should begin as soon as Congress reconvenes if Obama does issue an EO allowing Illegals to gain lawful status.

    1. It has been said that the dems are exacerbating the impeachment issue to give Obama ammo to cry ‘poor little me’.
      I think that the house should just defund any EO that he puts up.
      Impeaching the first black president will just make him some kind of a martyr in some people’s eyes.

      1. How many times has the House defunded anything that Obama has over-reached on or or passed? The House leadership does not have the courage to do anything. Meanwhile, Obama is using a jackhammer on the Constitution. Someone has got to stand tall and call this guy out once and for all.

      2. WHO CARES??? WE NEED TO GET RID OF HIM!!! Where is our government? Republicans letting Obama do these things? He’s a maniac to let all these people just walk the hell in here? Do you people want another 9/11? Last time it was 3000 people, this next time it could be a million people. Let everyone feel sorry for the first black President but get rid of him to save ourselves from ebola virus, terrorists and whatever else decides to come here and take our money.

  9. Rome accelerated it’s downfall by opening it’s gates to anybody that wanted to come in.
    It appears that history is repeating itself.

  10. Keith, Were the ladies of the evening near the Verizon Center? In 1995, my wife and I visited DC for a long weekend in December. In fact, it was the weekend between the Clinton/Gingrich Govt shutdowns. We took a night time tour of DC. We hit all the monuments at night. DC is a beautiful town at night. The bus driver was great. He hated that the government spent millions on various ugly sculptures and would point them all out. As we drove by the Verizon Center, he pointed out all the ladies of the evening. Every husband neck stretched trying to catch a glimpse followed their wife planted an elbow squarely in the rib cage. Too funny!

    It was winter time and of course the leaves were off the trees. Kennedy’s grave at Arlington was so ominous as it was seen so easily.

  11. What fools these illegal Latino aliens are to think that anyone in the WhiteHouse or the Dem party actually cares about them as individuals. They don’t realize the “broken” immigrations laws aren’t about their ability to enter the US, but about the difficulty of highly-educated Asians getting visas so that powerhouse employers like Microsoft can employ them easily.
    There might be some dark plan to flood our welfare system or certain states with the care of illegals, or even some far-fetched plan to register voters who will forever be Dems, but the immediate goal is to free the backlog of educated, sophisticated workers for the high end employers.
    While these criminals march and protest, making demands that US citizens find offensive, the Dems are allowing the aliens to write their political epitaph.

    1. I agree with this. These “immigrants” are pawns on the board. Obama does not deeply care about anyone–that I can see. Those tears coming out of the wrong place on his eyes! As for the “friends” of his–those celebrities will drop him like a bad habit when he is no longer pres. Can imagine wanting to hang with him with his lame scripted “quips” and didactic blab?

  12. Yesterday in LA. illegal waiting for a tax payer provided bus, was killed by and out of control truck. Driven by in illegal who has fled the scene.
    Illegal waiting for the bus was a worker who sent his money to his wife in Mexico. Truck driver possibly returning to Mexico to avoid jail. As is the norm in LA the driver will have no license and no car insurance.

    Such is the state of our country. At least this has created one job opening maybe two!

      1. Who do you think did these jobs before the illegals showed and stole them by working for slave wages?

        Or are you being sarc and I misunderstood?

  13. I always have to laugh when I hear Biden et al talking about illegals
    ‘coming out of the shadows’. For pete’s sake they have been hiding in plain sight for YEARS!
    There is a huge, huge colony of them, constantly refreshed by new arrivals, within feet of the West Los Angeles Police Dept. It’s very close to the 405 and it’s a famous pick-up spot for upscale Bev Hills, Westwood, Bel Air, Santa Monica contractors and housewives every morning. Sort of like the rich man’s Home Depot parking lot. They have they’re own facility directly under the freeway overpass. It’s professionally operated. It’s also an area inundated with huge storage facilities b/c the illegals are there to help customers load and unload their storage boxes. The entire W. L.A. area is a boon for illegals – anywhere from $15 bucks an hour to $25 and more in some cases. They’re very spoiled.

    Americans are delusional if they believe anything is going to stop the inevitable. ALL they want is permanent legal status (not citizenship) and all the bennies associated with de facto amnesty. Their kids are already automatic citizens. De facto amnesty! Dreamers already have it – it’s just a mere formality for the rest of the illegals. Viva Mexico! (Sarc)

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